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  1. People in the base: I’m calling staff that was improper use of gas ARU: Not on my screen... Seems pretty legit
  2. Silly ArmyGuy... love em to death
  3. I applied for SWAT twice and did a SWAT tryout. All of which were denied so I’m sorta just done with tac it’s just not for me.
  4. Hi guys, Im Haley aka the mythical, legendary SnowKitten. I have been in the community for quite a while now and have gotten to know some of y’all pretty well. I have indeed had lots of rumors about me joining other servers as staff, my coming and going every couple of months, etc and I just wanted to say half those rumors are either not true or so old that they are irrelevant. I would love to talk to you guys, get to know yall, and ultimately make new friends. If you ever need help or just wanna talk about your problems I’m always here , feel free to hop in my discord and come to my office I’m always down to talk. https://discord.gg/Kdn5QDm See y’all in game, Haley
  5. I would probably say new police models and vehicle skins just to have a change for once.
  6. Denied... I give up tbh. Tac divisions just aren’t for me I guess. I’m gonna focus on crim stuff and just enjoy what I currently do.
  7. -Support -Definite minge -Mass Rdm from you has occurred several times throughout the time I have been here -Was trying to get people to +Support on the WM Family Discord and advertised it. sorry Yeet but you don’t get banned for no reason so it had a purpose. I will say though a permanent ban is a bit much.
  8. Haley

    Delta Family

    LZ is coming on the rise and we will destroy you.
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    Omg dude it’s me, Mika. We need to talk some time
  10. Haley


    Is this the Jonny Yuki
  11. Accepted List 12/4 If your name is not on this list you were denied and may reapply. -Razonix Congrats and Welcome.
  12. Haley


    That’s stupid if they didn’t gag you I’m pretty sure you can speak. Comms stripped is referring to cell phones, smart watches etc. If they wanted you to not speak they would either gag you or rip your tongue out of your throat. Anyways I disagree with the ARU about the FailRP accusations.