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  1. Carpenter John


    It's a great server, plenty of fun and a lot of actual Anime RP.
  2. f An amazing writer who has inspired thousands. Overall an amazing individual.
  3. + Support If there was a way to properly do it, why not. Could benefit RP.
  4. Not a bad idea, could really help with forums activity. If this were to happen I would recommend keeping a version for google chrome so some people don't have to go through the hassle of downloading it.
  5. Very nice work John, I am excited to sit down and have a bloxxy coffee!
  6. - Support No clear evidence showing he took his own sit. He had the right to physgun you as you were interrupting him.
  7. ACCEPTED Clear breach of the MOTD rules. DURAMAX failed to put his hands up and comply while a gun was pointed at him. DURAMAX will be spoken to.
  8. - Support There is almost no effort put into this appeal.
  9. I don't see you on staff much. Overall I think an increase in activity could help. +/- Support
  10. I would recommend making a LOA, and just playing some other games or chilling with friends.
  11. ACCEPTED Go into the ban panel (at the top it says ban) sign in, go to your profile, go to your warn and click appeal. Fill the information out and in the description. Put the link to this in it.
  12. ACCEPTED Member will be spoken too, and a 21,600 second minge will be issued.