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  1. I will be attending, good luck to all! - Jinx
  2. Knuckles

    Core Rolecall

    If you actually read the concerns it would explain
  3. Knuckles

    Core Rolecall

    Name: Jinx Rank: Trial VCMDR Activity: I'd say I'm doing okay these past days. Any Concerns: Temp VCMDR with permission from Reborn / Scoot
  4. Copy that, Message me concerning this ^^
  5. Due to having excessive amounts of inactive players in MP, we will be doing a rolecall for all MP, people on LOA are scrictly not excused. Format to reply with Name: Rank: Concerns: Ending on the 23rd
  6. What Is Your In-game Name: ARC 187th NF SPC M Nadie 2004 What Rank Are You Applying For: Whatever you see fit. Why Do You Want To Be Officer (70 Words Min): I would like to be an officer because, and I'm not trying to boost my ego, but I think that I am fit for high positions, and that I have all the experience that would be needed. I know how to run troopers, and I know when to be strict and when to have a bit of fun. Recently I have learned that I must be a more serious player and I have been trying my best, and personally I think I have done quite a good job with that. So with all this being said, I feel I am a safe candidate for the role. Why Should We Trust You With Officer?(100 Words Min): You should trust me with officer because I have held high ranks, for example I was a Jedi High Council, and now I'm a Jedi Master, so I can obviously be trusted with higher positions. You can also trust me with officer because I am active, I will never fail to be active, and like said previously, I have all the experience in the world. On the Gaminglight Military RP server, I hold a VCMDR spot, so that also adds to the trust aspect of things, and also helps you understand how well I can lead troopers and that I am active enough for the role. Also, if anyone feels as though I am not serious enough, I would LOVE for you to tell me so. I will take the constructive feedback and figure out ways on how to improve my methods. Another reason I am trustworthy, is because obvously, Nightfall is an ARC job, and I made it into ARC after doing the strict training, and seeing as ARC is such a serious branch, that just adds to it. Have You Donated To The Server?: Yes, I have bought many things on both Clone Wars and MilRP What Is Your Rank On The Server?: I am a Gamemaster in-game. What Is Your Timezone?: GMT, so British, but if you know me atall... You know I stay up till 2 am on school days xd.. How Often Can You Be On?: I can be on everyday for about 6 hours cos I have no life aha.  Have you ever been an officer before?: Yes, as said previously, I am currently a Jedi Master and hold a VCMDR position on Gaminglights MilRP Server.
  7. +SUPPORT Lol scared ya Active Knows Rules Staffs for like 10 hours a day (no life) Serious but knows when to joke around and be friendly
  8. Name: M Nadie 2004 Rank: CPL Questions (if none put N/A): N/A
  9. Hey, I really loved venator crew whilst it lasted, but recently I have been inactive on the job trying to focus on Jedi. Due to this, I will be resigning from VC thanks to everyone who welcomed me in it was a blast -Ensign Jinx
  10. Welcome back - VCMDR Jinx