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    AnimeRP Is actually really fun
  2. This sounds really fun mike! Good job on manager!
  3. Hey, I'm pretty sure if you speak to a Head Admin + They can reset your skill points for you, that's if it is a bug.
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    SWRP Memes!

    These are all so brilliant hahaha
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    Oh, I thought you were saying that you were happy I was gone, its all good brother!
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    JvS High Rank Apps

    Hey Guar, am I excluded from this?
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    Oh. Thats cool to know..
  8. Okay, please please please hear me out before reading this appeal. So, after I got removed from my Yoda spot in Clone Wars, my mind went to a dark place when it comes to the server. I lost track of where I have been and where I could have gone. I have spent hours, days, weeks on this server, and my dumbass threw it away for staff on some stupid fucking server. This appeal is anything but a joke, I sincerely would like to come back and play on the server. Thank you for reading. Steam Name: Jinx Ingame Name: Jinx SteamID: STEAM_0:1:30124307 Ban Length: Permanent Ban Admin that Banned you: Gaur, I believe. Reason for Ban: "Player Poaching" Dispute: Okay. Where do I even begin? Like I said before, this is a 100% honest appeal. The reason I am appealing this ban is that it was - and when I'm saying this I'm being completely dead ass - false. I'm not sure who it was that was poaching, but it has come to my attention that someone did player poach, but it was not me. I never really did get a 100% answer on who it was that was poaching, I think I heard that it was from the owner, or the manager (not saying names because I don't want to start any more shit than I am already in). I can understand how it could have been confused that I player poached, but I really hope you can take my word for it. Another reason that I am making this is so that I could possibly have a chance to try out the new Jedi vs Sith server (I also have the top donator rank on there) seeing as I never really did have a chance besides the beta. If this appeal did get accepted I would completely understand if I was on a thin thread because at the end of the day, false or not, I did get blacklisted, and with that being said I would most certainly have to be watched. By making this I agree that I will not minge around, I will not fuck with players, or staff, and I will maintain my roleplay at all times. The last thing I want to do is cause you more trouble by appealing then fucking around to get banned again, I would never do that. I am running out of things to say, I just really hope that I am able to get the message across, and to let you guys know that I did not player poach, and I really would just love to come on and play. Like I said before, thank you so much for reading, I hope you understand what I am trying to say. EDIT: I would also like to apologize to Fame, because what I did was a really shitty move, and I really am sorry for it. I hope he can understand that I am sincerely sorry.