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    The Box of Wonder

    Login Detected Welcome, User: (redacted) --- Current Statistics Shields: 23% Fuel: 58% Power: 100% --- Current Trajectory: Mustafar Geonosis Will Arrive: 6:00 EST (Eastern Space-Time) -- OUTGOING TRANSMISSION TO (REDACTED) User: Course set for Geonosis, should be arriving soon, but soon enough they will notice that we are off course. What's your plan for then? User 2: Do not Worry about that. All I need you to do is deliver the (REDACTED). The pay will be delivered to you almost immediately. User: Alright, whatever you say. I'll be expecting... extra... due to our unexpected visit. User 2: If money is what you want, money is what you get. User: Very good, what even is this stupid thing, if I might ask? User 2: You may not. Good day, my friend. --- LOGOUT
  2. Name: Hoovy Rank: Gamemaster SteamID: STEAM_0:1:91255427 In-Game Name: 187th BCO Strode 5433 / GM Hoovy
  3. Please reply with the format below, or face removal/strike. FULL IN GAME Name Training (ATRT & Nightfall) Are you in the Battalion Discord?: Do You still Wish to be in 187th? ------------- Failure to reply before 11/17/18 will result in a removal from the battalion, Battalion Discord: http://discord.gg/nMQYpeg please do reply if you are a reserve.
  4. +Support -Quite Active -Good Man -Good at his Job -Very good leader -Egg
  5. +Support -Support Small Skybox +Support Gigantic Map- i need it
  6. Hoovy

    The Box of Wonder

    November 16th - November 25th 9 day long storyline event. Continue the Story EVERY DAY. Join us in the Fight! - This Forums post will be updated DAILY starting 11/16/18 with information regarding the lore and story for this event, in case you miss a day. SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD, TROOPS!
  7. Bravo, you've done so much for me and been such a good friend. Even before this server, you've been a friend. I'll miss you like hell, and your damn dog too. stay in contact with me or ill eat your dog
  8. I've heard nothing but good things about you, I'd like to see you on the team!
  9. MAJORMAJORMAJORMAJOR +Support I could sit here writing down all the reasons Igneous would be an amazing grand admiral, but just go into the server yourself, and just watch him, you won't be disappointed.
  10. +Support -Scarily Active -Needs to go drink some water -Has a Voice-Amp fetish -Good Roleplayer - Would be a great administration officer.
  11. What's your IN GAME NAME AND RANK
  12. Hoovy

    Alphas Tmod app

    You are a good guy, but just not ready for staff.
  13. From what I know, you have to talk to the Battalion commander if you wish to transfer from their battalion, and also talk to the battalion commander or highest ranking officer of the other battalion, in 5th fleets case. And, you should 100% talk to the commander BEFORE you transfer. So yeah, I say its voided if you don't talk to me BEFORE you transfer.
  14. +Support Jinx is one of the nicer people I've met, and I know that he meant no harm to the server and its players. Plus when I mentioned to him that people were player poaching, he was pissed. He is also no longer a member of server 'x' and does not intend on being one ever again, from what I've witnessed. I feel like he should get another chance. Also really, really, good appeal.
  15. I will miss you, and your presence on the server. You were always one of my favorites and it's incredibly sad to see you go. I'll also miss pking you -John Good (is now John Sad) (cough, inactive, cough)