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  1. William, being Grand General is a lot of responsibility even more then a normal General that you are now, but the thing i wonder is can you deal with the responsibility as well as being the only Head GM now and i mean this position you are Applying for in my eyes shouldn't be done by a App more done by earning and proving that you deserves the rank, even being the Grand General your activity will have to be High course of the role that it is (That's why i quoted the thing above).
  2. +Support -Great Leader -Mature -Great at RP Good Luck Bravo
  3. -Support I think the Regimental Medics should stay because of the fact that people who want to be Medics can also be in there favorite battalion as well as just being a medic.
  4. Mickens not trying to piss you off or anything but the amount of swear words are little to much cause thats how you start alot more of problem with ^ (Just saying i aint stopping you but just warning you)
  5. Everyone makes mistakes, learn from them and you never know you might get some stuff from learning from your mistakes. I've made many mistakes before while being a Manager on Mil and being a SA on Police and ive learned from then and using them to some what help other people but Overall Nimo there is evidence what supports the claim
  6. I'm just saying my side, doesn't matter if its a argument i believe my rank is work arguing for
  7. Not doing anything wrong
  8. Not really, just defending my self
  9. Oh Look, i can do what the Communications Officer can (I do know my SOPS, This is why i am defending my self) Last of all learn how to write my name correctly
  10. I dont care about the rule as other Naval do and im here to play my RP job what is Naval Commander and i will do it even if it brakes a Guideline since that is my MAIN RP Character But overall this is a Stupid Report as its based on a RP situation. You never told me it was a "GM Sit" you said "we needed to talk" (Or something like that) so i agreed so i could walk away at any moment I dont really have to listen to you as it was more of a "RP" situation what you have no authority over me. There should be nothing wrong with me being my Event Character on Mission as the Venator Crew will know the risk of being down there. It was based off that event i said that as i said it above This is a Staff Report not a RP Report As an Ex Manager my self i see this being fully Stupid and not needed for a "Staff Report" as i was standing up for my self and defending in what i personally believe and the fact that you removed me for Standing up to you is abusive and the most punishment i could get out of this is a Strike for nocliping off duty.
  11. This is Nice to watch a Staff Report practically about a RP situation, 10/10 As well, the Generals are great at there work but at that mission no one practically had control everyone was running around like headless chickens, So i would look more into it before you call it "disrespect" There is nothing wrong with being AFK in a Wall. The Orange practically says Command Fleet can be on land I mean i had those weapons for a reason..... To kill droids with the Troopers I didnt say "Mike gave me the Green Light" is FALSE, i said Mike has seen me on Missions before when im playing my Fleet Job and havnt been told anything of it You TPed me a Roof and that was one of the ways to get down That was based on the Mission, everyone was running around like they didnt know what to do Removal for defending my self is a bit Stupid but 10/10 There is nothing wrong with ME BEING MY FUCKING RP JOB during events.
  12. Its okay Campbell, ill make sure that 91st is sorted out and have no problems
  13. Tell me about your self:Not a lot you need to know TBH Do you have a working Mic( MUST HAVE ONE):Yes Do you agree to uphold all server rules:Indeed Are you capable of learning:Indeed Will you agree to stay mature over radio:Indeed Do you have any past experience on Dispatch on other FiveM server:Yes, was a Dispatcher / Head of Sheriffs on another Server Why do you want to join Dispatch: (200 words): One of the reason i want to be a dispatcher is to assist the people of Los Santos and make sure that on duty Law Enforcement Officers get to caller within a matter of time, as well as make sure that the Officers know what they are doing and how to make proper Radio Calls into Dispatch (within a Serious RP manner) and not going out of character while transmitting what they need to transmit. I would also like to make sure that none of the Officers get injured or miss out the perfect opportunity to arrest to detain anyone because of a false radio call or one that doesn't make sense. I also would like to make sure that there is a Radio Etiquette and to make sure that it will get followed as it is very important for communications to the Dispatcher and fellow Officers. One the the last reason i want to become a Dispatcher is because I've been trying to find the right GTA 5 RP server to play on as everyone i go on doesn't end well for the server or isn't what i am looking for within a Serious RP server and how far the role play goes. Who invited you to Dispatch(leave blank if no one did):God Post all applications in this section!
  14. I guess he really wants to help out
  15. Being desperate for Staff isnt a bad thing it suggests that he is determined to help out the community the way that he wants and i guess the way he wants to help the community is by being staff. If you look on the Format it says "Can be any Length" But i am going to say -Support because of your last question and how similar it is to the other guys app