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  1. I would like every active member to attend the next meeting on Saturday. TROOPERS ONLY! We will be talking about the State Dept. as a whole and going over who is actually an active trooper. We will be holding training as normal so please attend! this next meeting is very important and will require everyone's attention! Any state trooper make sure you are in our discord to receive updates and available info on trainings and promotions. ~ LT Pull 1T30
  2. Why not would add more RP all he would need are fists and thats it nothing special just another crim class
  3. Would need the full story to make a decision
  4. Name: Pull Rank: 2LT Callsign: 1T35 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:86510650
  5. Im not sure flock I will look into this for you
  6. What rank are you in the support team division, and what is your staff rank? Support, Senior Mod What is your name? Pull SteamID: [STEAM_0:1:86510650] Why do you wish to continue to be apart of support (Minimum Of 50 Words) I wish to Stay a part of the support team as I enjoy my work and helping other players out a lot. I find the job very interesting and it is very useful when a player has an issue ingame where i can help them in TS. I love to think I will be their introduction to our server and i feel that i am very honored to be a part of this team. Do you promise to uphold all the support team rules? (Saying no will result in an immediate removal) Yes i promise to uphold the rules!
  7. -Support If it was handled ingame no futher action is needed
  8. No thats Zeeptin legend has it he was born on the first day the world was MADE
  9. +Support Adds more RP But doesn't really need a cap in reality
  10. @Cole Phelps@Tattood Granny@snookiebear FOR STATE and THE RP