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  1. Yea lag is already such a big issue but personally I think the good out weighs the bad
  2. Can someone provide evidence of when his last warn was please so everyone knows for sure.
  3. Major +Support This stuff is so fun and I need something to blow my millions on. President lotteries ain’t enough
  4. I know that your not supposed to respond to your own application post or face immediate denial but it’s already gonna get denied so I thought I would throw that explanation out there. Firstly after being a Senior Moderator on Police Rp for about 3 months I transferred to Imperial Rp. I shouldn’t face scrutiny for helping the community when it needed staff for an area that I had experience in. Recieving the rank of superadmin due to my hard work and dedication for Clonewars Rp and I remained active in there for majority of the summer. Secondly I left starwars rp on good terms with no restrictions etc. I then found out I was able to come back and be active I attempted to return to clone wars rp failing. So in the end I decided to come to police rp to work my ass off. Due to being a past superadmin and not a lot of time had passed in between barely a month. I was able to return as an admin. Now some may count this as unfair but we have all respectfully worked for everything we have gotten and some have worked harder than others it’s not something I can control. I have been back for a little over 3 months as an admin again and I thought the police rp community would like to see me as superadmin I was wrong. I plan to work harder then ever before however I really don’t understand the reason majority of you minus supported besides the fact that a head admin did. Have a mind of your own. No disrespect to anyone thank you all for the feedback this application can be denied I have no desire to pursue a Superadmin position any longer at this time. With Love, ~Mervin
  5. OvERwAtCh cAmE fiRsT
  6. Tho next time don’t warn for LTAP warn for LTARP
  7. Anyone that has it and want to play drop a comment