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  1. PENDING Awaiting for my community response. Also do you have any proof of him telling you to "F** Off"?
  2. Hello Everyone! As you may have known! AnimeRP has finally launched backup again. Since AnimeRP has finally launched there were some new things that were added in like! A new Map, We now have cars, I think some new guns and much more! We would like to see each and everyone of yous on. Fame and Zeeptin have been working hard to get AnimeRP and now the wait is finally over! You guys can now get on AnimeRP! AnimeRP Reset: When AnimeRP Launched! Everyone had to be reset and will need to start fresh again, You will start off with $25,000 and will need to work your way up the levels again! Your inventory has also been reset! So you will need to buy all your guns again! Hope to see you guys leveling up and making money again! AnimeRP Player Base: Since AnimeRP has launched! We would like to see you guys start advertising a bit more like inviting your friends to come play! We would love to see new people on the server, we would like to make them feel welcome and would be great to communicate with them a bit more! So, If they have any interested in joining please tell them to hop on! AnimeRP High Command Spots: As you guys may have known by now, Fame has posted a topic regarding high command spots that need to be filled! We have lost some players that were in high command and we needs those spots filled up! So, If you're looking into becoming high command please check out that post! Make sure you put a lot of effort and time into your application! AnimeRP Suggestions: If you guys have any Suggestions for AnimeRP! We would love to get some more suggestions on how we can improve AnimeRP and how we can make it better for you guys! So, If you have any ideas that you would like to suggestions please suggestion it! Just make sure its AnimeRP related and that would benefit the server etc! AnimeRP Fixing: As you guys may have known AnimeRP just launched, which means there are stuff that needs working on! We will try out best to fix everything as possible and look for any bugs! If you didn't know you cannot repair cars, Some stuff might not been in you tabbar (Administration) and etc! Fame, Will try his best to fix everything as possible. AnimeRP Staff Applications: If you're looking to be apart of the AnimeRP Staff Team! Please make sure you go and apply, would be great to see you guys on the staff team and of course helping AnimeRP etc! Make sure you're well known among the community and that you have followed all the requirements! Also, being on the Staff Team is a great opportunity for you guys to get experience! and interact with others. Also make sure you put a lot of time and effort in your application! it will show dedication. AnimeRP Bug Reports: Since AnimeRP launched! There may be some problems or some bugs if you see anything wrong with anything, Please make sure you're reporting it in the bug report section! This will help us a bit more on finding any problems with the server! Would also make SMT's job a bit easier and would give them time to work on things instead of rushing etc! AnimeRP Overall: Again! AnimeRP Has finally launched! Today we hit 20ppl insane right! We would love to keep seeing you guys on AnimeRP and having fun, with everyone! AnimeRP is all about connecting with people, Doing all the AnimeRP stuff and most important just having fun and relaxing with your friends! Hopefully we can fix any problems in the server. Again if you have any friends that would love to play on AnimeRP! Please make sure you invite them, Would be great to see more people on and communicating with everyone! We hope everyone, has been enjoying their time on AnimeRP! We hope you guys enjoy the new map and any new updates we got! The wait is now over so, now you guys can come on and enjoy the server once again! P.S I know I'm not SMT just would like to write a post about whats going on with AnimeRP! Also sorry for any grammar mistakes.
  3. +Support Activity in-game is decent. Activity in TS is decent. Application is very good. Mature and professional Respectful and friendly. Assists officers in need. Enough time to apply for Captain. Deserves a chance. Overall, Tim is fit for the Captain rank. I see that he is doing very well as a Lieutenant and I can safely say that he would make a good Captain. Best of luck, Tim. -Colonel Munchies
  4. -Support Activity in-game needs improvements. Activity in TS needs improvements. Application could use a bit more work. I don't see you assisting officers that much. I don't see you training cadets that much too. Overall, I don't think you are ready for the Lieutenant rank yet. I want to see more activity from you on Sergeant Major, I see you on a lot before but your activity just dropped drastically over the past few weeks/months. I could be wrong about your activity, as I am in a different timezone. Also, your application could use a bit more work. Put a lot of effort and time in it if you think that you deserve the rank and that you want to become part of PD Low Command! Show command members that you are worthy of it and help more officers who are in need, as well as training cadets. That's all from me, good luck! Colonel Munchies
  5. Closeman came up with the idea with the Price Family so he made it and then Vinny did the 2-5 custom class for the Price Family
  6. -Support Have never seen you on AnimeRP Pretty immature & Rude on the forums Question 15 is kinda incorrect instead of giving a ban get a higher up to give a 10,000 minge Application could use a bit more effort Replying to own application Also your poll is incorrect you need to have "Yes" "No" Good Luck!
  7. Munchies1

    Where am I?

    I will save you a ANZAC Biscuit
  9. 400th 400th 400th 400th 400th 400th 400th 400th 400th 400th
  10. 名声は素晴らしいマネージャーです
  11. Good to see you back! Just remember not to Tag SMT!
  12. Gonna miss you bro! Love you x Hope you can come back sometime next year! xoxo From your Beloved Granddad Munchies x