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  1. "You FearRP this does not mean you are not going to do this later down the line to some one who you don't know.Its steal FearRP"
  2. Munchies

    PD report

    CLOSED For now. Please contact Command if you have any evidence or names!
  3. good RP omg so funny hahahahahaha lol yolo
  4. Munchies

    PD report

    Can you answer Dane's question please? Like who are you reporting Do you have any evidence
  5. Cheeto, You still haven't answered my question though. Why did you take the sit when Danny is a Senior-Admin and can deal with any situation Was there any reason why you were calling me a minge when you brought me to a roof Was it necessary to lie in this false warn report saying "I was on duty flying around and watching him" which clearly you were afk and just got on staff to warn me for killing Danny when he wasn't even afk and I was in the same channel with him. Was there any reason why you didn't take Danny's side of the story because from what I saw you just warned me. Danny didn't even call for a sit or anything you just got a little be salty Also, you shouldn't be putting or Minge in the warnings this was said in the meeting 1-2 months ago but you told me you didn't care. Was there any reason for you minging me for 500 seconds? I mean you checked my warns but I only had 5 and 4 of those were old like 10 months old probably and the other one was a Test one... If you could please answer this questions that would be great (No lying)
  6. -Support You were removed off Staff on AnimeRP for inactivity.. and I don't see you much on PoliceRP Application could use more work Forums account is inactive You're not ready for staff on PoliceRP Also add a Poll Good Luck
  7. Is it just me or did I just spend 10 minutes trying to think on what you just said.. I mean this doesn't even make sense and if you did read you would know what I'm talking about. I mean if you read everyone else opinion then you would understand but from what it looks like you're on the wrong topic here buddy.
  8. Actually lets not lie here buddy! You were actually afk as citizen you only got on staff to warn me because I killed Danny like twice.
  9. +Support Richard hasn't commented
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  11. -Support Wait +Support Wait Neutral I don't know Wait yes i now know now +Support