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  1. he didn't put the fact that he stole several staff members for his own server minged a LOT had 30+ warns has two Perma Bans one or two temp and was extremely disrespectful of other players
  2. rip he didn't put all the facts in his appeal
  3. -support stole staff members for own community disrespected staff a lot including Valk and myself when I was staff had almost 40 warns broke a lot of rules just generally disrespectful ALSO you have two perma bans (Mass staff/player diss) Two you have been minged 6 times (One Perma) Three you have been warned 30 times (Mainly LTAP's) Take a LOOK http://www.gaminglight.com/bans/profile.php?profileid=76561198114499172
  4. well if you think about it all the stuff used it in is legal soo.... lol jk