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  1. The commander needs to make a suggestion for what classes he thinks should have what in detail but cannot be overpowered weapons.
  2. [´╗┐´╗┐Added] Added Cross Arms for all general jobs StarWars DetPack Added DC17m BR and DC17m Shotgun to 104th officer Added DC17m BR and DC17m Shotgun to all ARC jobs Regimental Combat Medics Added to 41st, 501st, 212th, 5th fleet 501st Lore Character Models Added to 501st Jobs Buyable Bacta Grenades for combat medics New F4 Menu [Removed] 74th Medical Battalion 187th Legion 327th Starcorps Bomb Squad Officer Bomb Squad Trooper Engineer Officer Engineer Trooper [Fixed] 5th Fleet Security Riot Control Job Fixed Combat Engineer Commander Fixed Combat Engineer Executive Officer Fixed 41st Heavy And Light Vehicle Operator Fixed Battle Stations Fixed Lightsaber Length Fixed Whitelist Are Fixed
  3. OUTDATED If you are still trying to fix this issue even if you uninstall gmod it won't uninstall addons unless you do it yourself