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  1. I. Gameplay & Experiences Describe your experiences on Military in a single short sentence (not a paragraph.) It's been a fairly pleasant experience. What do you dislike about the Gameplay aspect of the server (More in the lines of gunplay or other game mechanics.) There's a bit of unbalance between some classes. This is mainly seen with aircraft vs everyone else, when helicopters go up it shouldn't be instantly shot down within two clips of any assault rifles especially when we are charging people 30$ to get in a vehicle that will last 1 minute on the battlefield. What do you like about the gameplay aspect of the server? How do you think we can add to this or make it better? I like how we've expanded the number of objectives in the map from 3 to 5 and this lightens the number of people on objectives. What I do think we need is more game modes to freshen things up. IDK if it's possible but maybe we could have capture the flag or hardpoints were there's only one objectives and it will swap every 2 minutes between the 5 current objectives. What do you dislike about the role-play on the server? How can we change or fix this? I don't dislike RP, as a matter of fact I have been trying to bring in some RP to USAF by creating ATC and some new rp rules. What do you like about the gameplay on theserver? How can we improve this? It can become repetitive after a while with only two gamemodes What do you like most about the server? It's not as serious as other other servers like royalty servers which you have to ask permission to spawn almost everything. What do you hate most about the server? It almost feels like mil is neglected when it comes to updates, and we pitch ideas but rn there's 3 pages of updates which have been up for months but haven't been responded to and for some when you wait 3 months just to get your suggestion denied it sorta pisses you off. How do you think we can retain more player on the server? I guess try and roll out more updates so that it's not just repetitive ( maybe like an update once every three weeks ) If you could have one major addition to the server, what would it be? Gredwitch aircraft If you could remove anything from the server, what would it be? Nothing II. Staff What do you like about the staff team? How can add to this to make it better? No opinion What do you dislike about the staff team? How can we fix this? No opinion Do you believe more or less staff should be on at a time? Why? More on weekends less during the week day Do you believe staff sits are handled correctly? How so and how can we change this? No opinion Do you think the staff team is friendly enough? In what ways and how can we improve this? No opinion III. Community Do you feel like other members in the community are friendly? How do you think we can change this? I have somewhat mixed opinions occasionally we'll get minges from prp and swrp, and sometimes we'll have good players from other severs and there okay. The community is a bit of a mixed bowl and it doesn't seem fixable other than coordinating with other severs about who's been making issues on their servers and striking or demoting them. Do you believe other members in the community are helpful to newer players? How can we improve this? No opinion IV. Events Describe the current events in a brief statement. They take up time. What do you enjoy about events? How can we improve this aspect? No opinion What do you hate about events? How can we change this? How they take people away from the battlefield and have them doing pointless things like talent show or non war related things. I suggest we do events only during peace time. Would you like events to happen more often or less frequently? less frequently Should events be role-play related or non role-play related? Related because people get on this server for a military experience not some random gmod sandbox events. Should events happen on certain dates, randomly, or both? They should happen on weekends when we have a lot of players on V. Senior Management Do you feel as if management is trying to improve the server? Why? I feel like they try but not by a whole lot. The suggestion page is sort of an example, There's three pages of suggestions which most haven't been responded to and some stay there for months only to be responded with denied when they've got 15 or 20 plus supports. As for bug report I do see that SMT deals with that a bit more often than suggestions. Do you feel like management engages with the community sufficiently? How can we improve this? No Opinion Do updates come to the server frequentlyenough? No it usually comes out every three months like mainstreamed games like OW,BF,a and COD it would be nice if we could have an update every three or four weeks.
  2. Accepted Speak to LTC+ for training
  3. I remember seeing this suggested a while back and it was denied last I saw
  4. + H U G E Support - adds a bit of realism to wac because in reality two magazines of an assault rifle shouldn't take down a medium/light armored aircraft - allows pilots to get more involved in the battlefield with the use of a co pilot turret - brings tanks and aircraft to an even field with a buffed missile system (according to the mod it takes two hellfire missiles to take down a tank) -it doesn't make sense that a T2 donator class could easily counter a T3 class and also make almost completely useless - automatic deletion allows staff to a bit more on other matters instead of searching for downed aircraft - the only issue i see with this mod is the repair station and almost no way to take them down (although we could give usmc/sz explosives specialist a stinger or make a high ranked special force class with a stinger)
  5. This guide is meant for all branches, not just for air force. Upon these ranks NCOs will be granted the ability to request aircraft assistance out on the battlefield directly: USMC: Master Sergeant [E-7] US Core: MSG [E-7] USAF: Technical Sergeant [E-5] How will this system work? The AFSOC ATCT (Air Traffic Control Team) will be required to designate a channel for air chatter (Callouts, Commands, Landing and Take off requests, ETC.) While out on the battlefield MSGT or TSGT+ Will be allowed in the channel to request back up or air support to their location Requests/Orders Requests are to be directed towards Air Traffic Control which will direct aircraft to your location. If a ATC is not online then you may request assistance directly. Under no circumstances you are allowed to command air traffic while not in the AFSOC program or BG+ (please see ATC guide for more information on how to perform ATC) Requests: Drop Off: ATC this is <Rank> <Name> requesting pickup at <Codename/Metro> to move to <Codename/Metro> Bombing Run(E-8+): ATC this is <Rank><Name> requesting attack run on <Codename> from <180° direction meaning either East to West or North to South> Strafing Run: (for when we get a map with a air strip): ATC this is <Rank><Name> requesting strafing run on <Codename/Area> from <180° direction meaning either East to West or North to South> Recon (events and special ops only): ATC this is <Rank> <Name> requesting a scouting run to the <Compass direction> of <Codename> please move scout to <Radio Channel name> Escort (events and VIPs only): ATC this is <Rank> <Name> a HVT in the area needs and escort. Requesting a heli at <codename>. Custom Class won't be ordered as much but are expected to obey the rules of the helipad and some ATC rules Out of branch assistance other branches are allowed to use vip air force jobs such as the T3 transport pilot but are expected to follow ATC if not this may result in KOS/AOS. They will be required to ask for PTL in radio but do not require a callsign EX: This is SGM Dale flying <Aircraft Name> requesting PTL. This was created to increase RP within afsoc and will be experimented on for a while. If this does not work than it will simply be removed. If you have any questions please read the ATC guide before speaking to me, north, or ace
  6. You either start a vote to kick them off the job for being AFK or you report it to the DI commanders and have them strike which could prevent them from joining special forces or CPT for a month. I'd say 2 pay cycle after that they'd receive a punishment. But that's just me I believe the commanders of DI should choose a time under 15 minutes. Other than this the only incentive I see is that di experience is good on a app
  7. What you want to see? - The income to Drill Instructors be increased. Why should we add it? - Drill instructors are our firewall to deal with minges (sometimes a few will slip in) if someone is show no intention to rp then they're usually the ones to bring this to an staff or general's attention. But over time Drill instructors lose their will to continue mainly due to either minges or lack of insentive. If we increase drill instructor pay I think we could keep and increase the number of DI and help encourage them to be on duty. What are the advantages of having this? - Increased DI activity and count. Also allows players to earn more money Who is it mainly for? - RU and US Drill Instructors Links to any content - (Ik that some people may abuse this but the simple solution is to start a vote to remove them from the job and report this to their commander or general so they can be striked)
  8. This isn't the first resignation done like this. When funkey went to RU all we got from him was just "I'm done with us". We quoted him down in USAF for the reason he was removed.
  9. +Support -active -excellent soldier -follows protocols -is a good commanding officer
  10. We told you this before. You don't have to be on every day just every 3 days
  11. 9/6/18

    As of today I'm no Longer the branch general for USAF

    If you have anything regarding USAF Please bring it up to Brigadier General Brandon

  12. THIS IS NOT A RESIGNATION but more of a goodbye So if some of you may have noticed I'm now A LTG and with this promotion I'm no long your branch general. This is just a Farewell address to the members of USAF. In the time I've been your general we've all been through a lot together such as map changes, new Commanders, new jobs and hardships with the branch. In all honesty when I was a lonely commander I kept thinking to myself "once I get BG I'm just going to resign and try and get SCOL." but as you can see that never happened, I never left because being your guy's general was never really a painful or bad experience. Sure we had some bad times but in the end we all pushed through it and all tried to make this the branch the best we could. We all were able to laugh and joke around, and occasionally we would mess around with each other and this made the job more interesting. Anyway enough of the sappy stuff. I'd like to mention a couple of people I'd like to thank. Lego: If it wasn't for you I'd never really join USAF. Back then you were my only true friend who I could depend on (Also thanks for getting me out of USMC when it was inactive) Reborn: You weren't that bad of a branch general and you helped quite a bit. Also thanks to you I was able to the help I needed in running this branch. (I don't know why I didn't go that well in USMC but thanks anyways). Brandon: I'm making this farewell address early so assuming everything went well and you're now the Brigadier General of the Air Force. It amazed me that in my time in USAF you were never promoted up to Vice Commander till I was Commander. In my time leading the branch It never felt like I needed to be there at all because you always had things under control, if you could keep that up I'd think you'd be an excellent General. Ace: You are in my eyes what a AirForce highcommand officer should be. You're a damn good pilot and a good leader compared to your colleagues and I'd always be able to trust you in training our MSGTs to be the best pilots they could be. Star: Didn't know the man as he was always at football practice Just kidding bud Even though we never talked until I was a vice commander I looked up to you when you were leading AirForce when I was SMSGT. Boy was I wrong xD jk bud I hope the rest of your time in airforce goes well. Closeman, Flinders, Husk, Donut, North: You guys were some of my best officers and some were my best friends I wish you well on your journey through USAF Bobby: ˙ǝʇɐɯ sǝɯᴉʇ ǝɯos uʍop looɔ ɐʇʇoƃ ǝʌ,noʎ ʇnq ʇǝɯ ɹǝʌǝ ǝʌ,I suɐılɐɹʇsnɐ ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝuO All USAF enlisted: was crackin buds I hope the time you guys were under my leadership were the best. Tumz: You left me in a situation were I was alone and didn't have anyone else ( Lemon was hella inactive ) but I'm glad you did. If it wasn't for you leaving me in that position I wouldn't be able to experiment with the branch and find the best way to lead it, and thanks to you airforce is now what it is today. I will be working with brandon for a while but as of now I'm no long your guy's branch general. So I wish you guys the best of luck in leading USAF to greatness.
  13. Time to rebuild Navy with custom classes.