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  1. I don't believe you are on the roster, Anonymous.
  2. Name: Shadow Rank: Advanced Assault, Jet Trooper, Pilot, First Sergeant When are you Active?: Most of the time, I can only be on for the weekends ingame, following that I will be active the entire week on both the forums and on Discord. During the winter break, I will be taking an LOA from the 23rd of December to the First of December due to family reasons. Would you like to stay in our battalion the (104th Wolfpack Battalion)?: Yes, I would like to stay in this Battalion.
  3. ^^^ To add to this I believe some interesting servers could follow as MethRp, SchoolRp, HaloRp, PurgeRp, WasteLandRp, 1944Rp, WW1 or WW2RP, or Zombie SurvivalRp.
  4. Yet my time was limited for 327th, all in all, it was a valuable experience, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you all for your dedication and evaluation of our beloved Batallion, 327th. 327th Jet Trooper AA Pilot First Sergeant Shadow 9800 Signing Out...
  5. Hello everyone, as my second life on CWRP, I am currently apart of the new Scout Batallion and I was wondering on the command, and current leaders of this faction. My current rank in-game is Shadow Scout Operative/Agent A239 Sergeant First Class Shadow 9800/ Emile 0004/ Ajax 6361. By command, I was curious on leaders like Captain - Commander Zurg. Thank you for reading this and have a great day. Shadow
  6. Big +Support As a member of the 327th that has all of the "Special Forces" Such as Jet Trooper, AA, and Pilot: I'd like to see JT Getting added not only for the experience but for the others who had it once before.