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  1. Thank you for the honesty that takes guts. But, and its a big but. I have to stand by my previous statement (strike/removal from staff) as you did and fully admit to protesting, Department diss and taking things out on people. As staff this makes not only you but all of us staff look bad. This is why it is in place that one of these happens (STRIKE/REMOVAL). The fact that you took IRL emotions and pressed them on other players is un-needed and not professional as staff should be. I really dont know what to say as i didnt expect this of anyone, nether the less you.
  2. Why aint you already???!?!?!?!??!
  3. Lets make his dream come true then xD
  4. I would even go as far to say, remove/strike this staff member. If thats how they act then thats giving staff a bad name! This is shocking!


    Could not agree more!
  6. -support. -never seen you in game -Q16 needs work. -Dont even know who you are or new you where staff. Suggestions. I suggest that you get to know the community and current staff more. Maybe ask to do some sits with staff (i did this when i was T-mod, was truly helpful). I didnt know who you where, maybe try be more active. Trial-mod is still a very, very big responsibility! Maybe just try be seen more! Best of luck!!!