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  1. Title says it all, It happens on several occasions where people are using the quote button to bump very old posts that no longer need to be bumped for additional information or exposure. I am fairly certain there is an option to disable it to certain users eg anyone with Trial-Moderator+ may use the quote feature. Secondly enforcement of forum rules, If said suggestion of disabling the quote button was denied, can we get some enforcement on the people who do quote ancient posts to gain a higher post count or people who quote a post and provide 0 additional feedback? You MUST NOT Quote/Reply to players in your application, Once you have posted your application Do NOT reply to anyone on that Application. If you do your Application can be DENIED - This rule gets broken too many times, I am unsure if the forum rules are to be updated. That's all the suggestions I have, thanks for reading!
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    Where is EMS?

    LMFAO Sums it up just right
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    I literally only said it will not fit with RP calm yourself and stop trying to start a flame war.
  4. You do understand that breaking server rules shows a negative impact towards the staff team correct. If staff can minge and not RP (which is why people get stressed and annoyed on a daily basis) then why can't other players. I'd say the only thing that needs to happen in this case is you getting a stern talking to and a slap on the wrist by a manager. You do have a history of being a minge and if you are ever caught bringing your previous tendencies back then I can almost guarantee you will lose your staff rank. That being said, get your shit together and help make things fun so people don't have to call staff every RP situation. +support
  5. -Support You have no respect & take no responsibility for your actions.
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    ARU Suggestion

    +Support Reasons why due to the overwhelming +Supports 100% would fit into RP. The fact that it is a British department really does not make a difference, It could easily be called ESU or ARU. Its really up to SMT to decide what role it would have in RP or an entirely made up branch could be made with the exact way to fit into RP as effectively as possible. It doesnt matter if it was Valkyrie running it, he made a branch that was an absolute top notch prestige branch. No other branch on this server demonstrated that LEVEL of quality and prestige. ARU could essentially replace the dead branches on the server CERT & NSA. Ultimately there is no interaction between SWAT & SRT - No communication and no joint SOP's which really does throw off RP. The TAC units that exists on the server at this point in time do not display the true quality of an effective branch. There is no RP with people running into the bank with no formations and ultimately pure mingery. Quite frankly only SWAT & ARU are the only branches that should exist with joint SOP for specific things that must be taken care of by each department. There is a HUGE lack of RP, it is static and boring. Things need to be changed to revive the aspects of fun but serious RP.
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    ARU Suggestion

    +Support I would return for ARU
  8. Your In-game: Sassi Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:76982139 The player's name in-game: Jacob Kami The player's steam name (If you know it): STEAM_0:0:85606839 What did the player do: Racism - Cop Bait - Lying to staff - LTAP Evidence (REQUIRED): Go to 1:20 - Ask the admin Tom Brown who took the sit to validate the claim for Lying to staff & LTAP. Video shows only Racism & Cop Bait What do you believe should happen to the player: Permanent ban.
  9. What Zeeptin said, he starts taking off stuff people complain Not really anything that can be changed you just need a beefy pc
  10. -SUPPORT HUGE MINGE NITRP SCAMMER LOL JK +Support he's a swat commander he deserves this!
  11. Time to drop some knowledge
  12. Man why cant I ever get in swat
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    Destructable Doors

    What you want to see? - Adding the ability for doors to be flung off it's hinges with a blast of a shotgun Why should we add it? - Enhances RP, the battering ram is kind of plain! What are the advantages of having this? - Realistic RP! Who is it mainly for? - SWAT, SRT, CERT Links to any content -
  14. Probably was an accidental warn, please use the right format!
  15. Why'd u shave the beard tho @Snarlaxi am thoroughly disappointed
  16. Well known minge RIP LMAOOO 10/10 would get striked on SWAT again