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  1. Sad to see you leave injoker, best wishes with your mental health. It was an honor having you with us in FBI command you were truly a great member for fbi. We will miss you. Stop by and say hello sometime!
  2. Denied: You were blacklisted by IA for corruption. You will not be whitelisted.
  3. gamikzone

    Voxis' Ban Appeal

    +Support -Voxiis was a great member of the staff team he was very active and helpful towards the community. - Yes it was not the best idea to do what he did but I think lesson was learned here.
  4. +Support -Clearly a mistake - It happens to the best of us
  5. -SUPPORT - I Don't think we need staff ratio back due to the fact that it caused more issues than it solved. - We had staff team members leaving the staff team because every time they connected to the server they had to jump on staff due to being under ratio. - When there is a influx of staff calls I usually step in and help out or let other staff members know to get on for 10 minutes or so. - Our staff members should be trusted enough to get on staff when needed or when they are requested to. - Some days there will be 40-50 people on the server with maybe one call every 15 minutes. - We need to focus on staff members activity first before we can decide on what we should do next.
  6. Good quality update. Thanks for putting in the time and work to make this update happen SMT.
  7. +Support -Massive Disrespect towards SRT and some players. -Seems to be causing unneeded jssues.
  8. October what this guy is trying to say is he misses when me and you used to go undercover all the time and bust people.