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  1. -Support If anything you should’ve been warned for cop bait You pulled a gun out when he also had one out, then proceeded to run. Seems like the whole purpose was to distract cops and provoke some sort of situation. Hence copbait
  2. th3

    Kade's Resignation

    its the exact opposite, I still have a whitelist but not a rank xD
  3. +Support Congrats on Admin by the way
  4. I believe October had something in mind but you will have to talk to him because I made code for something similar to what you are suggesting for him.
  5. th3

    Thanks th3!

    Messed up a fair amount lol but it helped keep some people on!
  6. +Support Well Organized!~Is able to effectively manage spending time on multiple positions. Dedicated~wants to help the server Finds really neat things with SCP so would be a resource to include
  7. +Support At least, move it above the AnimeRP section so new players can find it more easily.
  8. Name: th3 What is your ULX Rank?: Moderator How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 7 Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past (If so, explain l): Negative this would be my first time actually participating in organizing and running an event. How Active are you?: I am on every day from 4:00 pm Central Standard time to 11:00 pm Central Standard time, and this is by no means saying every day I can be on that long but most of the time I am on between these times. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: You should allow me to be an Event Team member for several reasons. I love playing on SCP RP. Every time I have been able to, I’ve been on SCP RP helping as a staff member and as NTF Commander. I really enjoy every moment of it and want to contribute to the overall popularity of the server. As an event team member, I really feel I can help give some more of my time to helping keep people entertained when they join our server. You can trust that I will not abuse this position for the same reasons stated above. Also, previously when I was a staff member, I was trusted with the rank of Admin, Support Staff member, and Forum Diplomat. I feel like I am an ideal person to have on the SCP RP event team because of my dedication to the wellbeing of the server, and the overall trust the community has given me in the past. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): Event Timeline: 8:00(Random time): An anomaly was detected by Security Personnel at Site-05. This is designated SCP-066. The anomaly appears harmless and interacts well with researchers under armed Security Personnel Supervision. 9:00(Random time): Multiple pings are detected around the area where Site-05 is located. This is regarded as harmless until SCP-066 emits a strange sound that reverbs around the Site. 11:00(Random time): Containment Systems in SCP-173’s door starts to malfunction along with SCP-049-1 breaking out of containment in the Heavy Containment Zone. 11:15(Random time): Class D personnel begin to riot and disobey foundation staff orders to halt. 11:30(Random time): SCP-173 breaks out of containment and neutralizes Security Personnel monitoring it and proceeds to wander around the facility. 11:45(Random Time): SCP-049-1 manages to infect several Foundation Staff and Class D personnel and begins to “cure” anyone moving through HCZ. 12:00(Random Time): SCP-049-2’s eliminates any Containment Personnel in the HCZ near either SCP-682’s Containment Cell, or SCP-106’s Containment Cell. 12:30(Random Time): MTF onsite are requested to handle multiple outbreaks of SCP-049-2’s, and locate the whereabouts of SCP-173 who dropped off of surveillance systems in the Heavy Containment Zone entrance to Light containment Zone. 1:00(Random Time): MTF successfully/unsuccessfully contain SCP-049-2 efforts to release Keter class SCP’s. Based on the results, NTF/Security/MTF attempt to recontain the Keter Class SCP/SCP’s that escaped containment. 1:30(Random Time): If Security/MTF/NTF fail to contain the Keter Class SCP/SCP’s to the Heavy Containment Zone, a full site lockdown is initiated. 1:30(Random Time): If Security/MTF/NTF succeed then a mass casualty Class D personnel riot erupts while containing SCP-173. 2:00(Random time): From 2:00a.m. until 8:00 a.m. either a class D riot or Keter Class Containment procedures go into effect with incursions from Chaos insurgency Agents and other random events until the Class D riot is contained or the Keter class SCP’s/SCP break out and then an Omega warhead/Alpha Warhead is authorized, and everyone attempts to evacuate. What is your favorite SCP? Why? I would say my favorite SCP is 049-1. I like him because he is really overlooked when talking about different SCP's. He tries his best to cure people but doesnt really understand that his definition of curing someone is different from ours. The best thing is when he enlightens people that didnt have the wisdom he had before he would liberate their feeble minds from their feeble bodies.
  9. th3

    Guardian's ET App

    -Support -Atrocious ingame attitude -Rude and disrespectful to SMT and other players -Immature -Wouldn't be a good fit in my opinion. -Violated server rules -player poaching.
  10. Staff discretion on punishment Jailbreak adverts are for breaking someone out of jail, not out of the back of a cop car. Staff do not need to be called in order to respond to a situation. You May feel like it only was worth a verbal warning but Cheeto made a call in game faced with logs and seeing what happened when you adverted jailbreak despite not doing a jailbreak. I trust he made the right one.
  11. +Support -Active -Friendly -Knows lore -Can engage with playerbase to form events that work well
  12. th3


    -Support Ugly BodygroupR is being added in, so like Krimson said, calming down would be nice.
  13. Why should you be a part of command? I dont get an answer when I read it. -/+ Support -friendly -knows the rules -active on sm and enjoys training -really represents the police department well in rp
  14. +Support Respects others ingame and in teamspeak Active Friendly Knows lore
  15. It doesn’t matter if he is ok with it, rules are there for a reason. They don’t get changed if you are friends with the person. If staff see a rule being broken they can respond even if there isn’t a ticket.