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  1. 911dog1

    PD meeting 11/12/18

    Lmao I though it said 11/13/18 but than I reread it and than I saw I was a day ahead xd
  2. + Support reasons above ^^^^^^
  3. + support reasons above ^^^^^^
  4. Cheeto how come when your staff your name is Cheeto but when your pd your James?
  5. - Support i have never seen you has a sm ever
  6. +/- support good app but you need to get a little bit more mature
  7. 911dog1

    PD meeting 11/12/18

    Well what time was the meeting bc a lot of the younger players (like myself) had school
  8. Ok guys Andrew already got DAD congrates so we don’t need to add anything else after this post plz don’t respond below this line ———————————————————
  9. feel better the flu always gets every one
  10. -support thats why we have the tac units
  11. 911dog1

    New Guns For PD!!!

    I had a sneak or lcpl ask me if they can use a shotgun lmao