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  1. Hope you enjoyed your time playing Gaminglight
  2. -Support Not active on the forums Ive never seen you on New to gaminglight
  3. sad to see you go. Good luck and come back soon
  4. Felix

    tcoops birthday

    Happy birthday tcoops!!!!!
  5. Nooo Logan. I’m going to miss you
  6. The motd doesn’t need to specify every single thing. It says you can’t cop bait, and hopping in the back of a police car saying I have a gun falls under the category of cop bait. And you really shouldn’t be so demanding on your report.
  7. Great work! Keep it up
  8. -Support Video doesnt have any really good evidence Getting into a cop car and doing what you did is cop bait
  9. Felix

    Where is EMS?

    I never said you dissed EMS
  10. Felix

    Border pator

    -Support Call the police for prisoner transport and Rockford isn’t near a border. There is already enough departments and in my opinion we don’t need more