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  1. I am too, Conneticut (Lakeville)
  2. Where are you two guys? Congrats on SA Rhenic
  3. Tim, Facism was started in Italy by a philosopher named Giovani Gentile, so you could claim you’re Italian fascists.
  4. So, I have a forced event outside when it’s 13° out. We’ve all been assigned Shakespeare monologues and we have to compete against others to say it the best. The losers get stoned (with snowballs). The organizers of the event named it this: Billy Wiggly Stick’s White Dream I personally don’t think this was the best name... 56401702586__879D9801-3DB7-46D4-B1FB-F6AFCB283801.MOV PS the video doesn’t do justice to our beautiful high school campus.
  5. Forgive me if I’m factually incorrect, but it was the NSDAP before Hitler rose to power in the party, and after taking over he changed it to the NAZI party. And the NSDAP was created before fascism was created, therefore you can’t call them primarily facist.
  6. @Timmemes@Medical Chief Kade@Igneous
  7. Hallo Kamrade is written in German, but the Germans did not say kamrade, they said (look it up don’t want to get in trouble but it’s two words first being heil).
  8. That’s factually impossible because fascism was founded on the idea that the Weimar Republic was terrible and must be stopped, but also socialism is evil. They weren’t a Democratic Party. Secondly, Hallo Kamrade is communist and the Germans hated communists
  9. Well the only people online were me and a guy named sang. We were messing around as D-Class and someone opened the doors to the facilities (the ones into heavy containment). I’m not sure what you do, it’s random, but D-Class can put their thing into the scanner and spam E and it opens the door.
  10. He said not to comment below the line. I’m scarier than John Kill so you don’t want to risk commenting below me.
  11. Oof what will they do about marvel or all of Stan Lee’s camero’s
  12. +support, Ziege you and I have never officially met, but I think you’d be a great T-Mod as you are a great AD
  13. Enjoy FBI, I should prob find a way to come back.
  14. October

    Defcon levels

    But Kade 5 down to 1 is how defcons work IRL