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  1. + Support - Is active on the forums, teamspeak and ingame -Has never been warned or reported - Has a very well done staff application
  2. F I was in class when he passed RIP, He will not be forgotten as his spirit will stay alive threw the great books which he was written.
  3. @Lee Carter @deathstriker124 @v0idz Lets get this bread ^Let me get this bread^ please
  4. + Support Decent Activity. Shows great leadership and responsibility. I believe he is great for this rank/promotion because I have seen him on many times. He also handles PD very responsibly by enforcing rules such as the partner system and making sure cadets get trained. I believe Mjay is fit for this rank/promotion because of his activity and leadership.
  5. Lets get this bread ^ Let Me
  6. Human Centipede ^ Sniper Tower^
  7. @Lee Carter Arent you having this problem also ?
  8. Munchies got the bread
  9. -Support - No Evidence - Staff report seems badly written ( Did not fill in the staffs name, The what did they do is only 2 sentences, ) - Overall it seems like he really did not care about writing it due to its pour grammar and capitalization.
  10. + Support -We have switched back to Rockford twice -Actual shops and buildings on Evo -Map does not cause lag
  11. + Support >Has a working microphone >Also has helped a lot of staff in game >Is very active on the ( Forums/In game/ Team speak)