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  1. Name:Warwinner In Game Name:Warinner Rank:Maj
  2. I might be able to make it and i might not be able to becaus ei dont know what time im leaving to go to my grandmas place
  3. if poll is not added HC will intantly deny it
  4. We has some good times. I still remeber when you psted me in ranks. Have fun in the future USMC FORECON SFO COLMP MAJ Warwinner
  5. Warwinner

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    XD SOOO DAMN TURE Imma kiss your eyeball- andro 2k18
  6. Warwinner

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    --_-- BOI HOW DO YOU GET ME AND MARS MIXED UP XD and did you play milrp
  7. Warwinner

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    ive been back wym
  8. Warwinner

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    Is that an ostrich
  9. i mean like the names. i dont know any pistol names