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  1. National Security Agency Field Training Officer Information S.O.P - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wPpQG-ZUgn7c2qwKDJYFEen9Y3s7q5DfFwI_A655sqI/edit?usp=sharing FTO roster can be found attached to the normal roster. In order to become an FTO, you may simply speak to a FTO supervisor and above. Agents and above may become an FTO.
  2. National Security Agency Important Announcement All NSA members are required to join the official discord. We will be posting very important information there. You will also be able to hang out and chill, along with being able to play around with a few of our bots! https://discord.gg/hUkSFUD Approved by High Command.
  3. Sad to see you go, good luck with your command duties, Thank you for your service!
  4. it's Deputy sir.
  5. What if we implemented a priority cooldown just like how FiveM has and how the mugging and kidnapping cooldowns are, maybe not as strict but like a pursuit cooldown where someone can only start a pursuit or "run" once every 15-20 minutes if they do it under that they can be warned.
  6. I miss when you could get on, find a group of friends go rp, base, run around, etc and just actually talk with cops and play situations out. Instead of people running around mugging/murdering/cop baiting people, not even on with the intent to RP, People used to be warned heavily for no intent to rp and if they minged excessively they were taught a lesson or unfortunately banned but you never had mass rdm as much as now a days
  7. Someone removed my post ew, This should fr be in the PoliceRP general section instead of Global Discussion brother!
  8. +/- Support The warn should stick since you admitted to player dissing (" i had shit all to say to them so i said "stop minging fucktards") This could also be a different staff report based on the apparent "free pass" for rdming gonna need to wait for a response from @King Omega till I can reach a verdict for my imput
  9. Join our TS @ ts.gaminglight.com and come into "Requesting website support" and we can get an SMT member to help you delete this post
  10. -Support We used to have this briefly but it was removed for lag and confliction issues with one of our other add-ons
  11. I agree, but I don't think they mean SeriousRP I think he means MatureRP, not mingey shootouts and run EVERY FRICKING TIME criminals see the sight of those flashing lights EVEN IF ITS TO MOVE FOR PD TO PASS YOU CODE 3 FOR GEN STORE know what I mean .
  12. +Support - Active - Friendly - Mature - Professional - Educated in rules and guidelines - 525+ Posts!!! Good Luck, buddy!
  13. +Support - Active - Friendly - Mature - Educated in rules and guidelines Good Luck!
  14. +Support - Active - Friendly - Mature - Professional - Qualified Good Luck, buddy!