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  1. I say you should wait before transferring I mean you haven't been active so once you bring that up I'll think about you transferring.
  2. This application is now open to supports Good Luck.
  3. First of all, you did not follow instructions for your application it stated that you should have a poll and there is no poll on this application and on the roster it shows you are an SMSGT so unless you can tell me or find the officer that promoted you this application is: ON HOLD until further notice
  4. Fix the text it is barely readable.
  5. In-game Name: Major General Brandon TS Name: Brandon Faction: United States Airforce (USAF) Rank: Major General (2 Silver stars) (MG) Introduction: Hello there and welcome my name is Brandon and I am the branch general for USAF or some will call it "Chairforce" not cool. But anyways I began playing on the community back in July of 2017 when the server was on the map called Ghanzi. When I joined I didn't know what branch I wanted to join so I stayed in Army Core till I saw there was USMC tryouts that was the first branch I joined back when I believe if anyone remembers Katie who was the commander of USMC and Aloha. So once I attended the tryouts and finally qualified to be a Marine I got promoted to PFC and from there I had went inactive for a few days and I came back and started to be more active from there I ranked all the way up to SGTMAJ the highest enlisted rank in the Marine Corps even though I was SGTMAJ I was on weekends which meant I couldn't get promoted to Second Lieutenant (2LT) and of USMC having barely any active officers at that time. So I was thinking of if I should stay or should I join a different branch and that is when Marsgaming the Commander of USN asked me if I wanted to join USN and I said sure since I was in NJROTC and since I knew the rank structure so I joined USMC and my rank from USMC transferred over and I was given the rank Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) from there I tried applying for SEALS since I was able to but sadly my application got denied by Vice Commander Mike or I should say NavyMike even though I remember him he didn't remember me but whatever so I had to wait a week to reapply but instead I decided I would wait till I got promoted more so I can apply again. So I stayed in the Navy and I got the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) from there I decided to apply for Second Lieutenant (2LT) which back in the Navy it was Captain (CPT) so I applied for it and got accepted once I got accepted I got trained by Lieutenant Commander(LTCMDR) Ruby if anyone remembers him from there I decided to apply for SEALS and once I applied and got Accepted I went on as a SEAL until I got told I would have to join a SEAL Team or I would be kicked out of SEALS so I decided to join a team called SEAL Team One this was when now there were three SEAL Teams which were One, Two , and Three, I joined SEAL Team One because their mission was to protect the Generals at all cost which was like Secret Service protecting the President. So I joined SEAL Team One and for a few weeks the Team Leader who was Tundra got promoted to Vice Commander and the USN High Command decided to give me Team Leader of the Team and also I got promoted to LTCMDR from there once I was LTCMDR for quite some time I got news that the Navy was being removed and we had to join a different branch within the few weeks so I decided to join USAF while my other Navy buds decided to join Army Core who was Syth and Chief. When I joined USAF my rank transferred over as Colonel and the reason I joined USAF was that I met my friend Star before he resigned and came back in June of this year but anyways I joined USAF and was Colonel set to weekends and to be honest I was a little inactive because of the server was getting boring and MAJCOM had got removed before due to some reason so that's why I was inactive. But when I came back on hopped on the server I saw that MAJCOM had came back but we were still on the same map which was Ghanzi still so I went back being inactive and a few weeks later I saw that we were going to get a quote on quote new map but that didn't happen so I played for 5 days or so and one day I hopped on and saw we were on a totally different map which was CS Desert from there I began to be a little more active than I was in the past so I started to be more active and at this point the Commander of USAF was Danny who is now Lieutenant General (LTG) and this was when Reborn was the branch general of USAF so I became more active and within a few weeks the decision to find two new Vice Commanders came and that's when me and Star got promoted to Vice Commander and from there I worked really hard because me and Star had to compete to see who will get Commander since Danny also got promoted to (BG) so between me and Star I was the one that was working really hard with the help of Danny because Star was some what inactive due to football and other things in life so within the next month I got promoted to CMDR and from there I worked with Star and I had to find my other Vice Commander so I worked hard and figured my next Vice Commander would be Ace so this is when Ace got promoted to VCMDR from there I worked with Ace and Star till a few US Officer Meetings later it was time to find another branch general for USAF since Danny got LTG and Senior got MG so the next branch general of USAF was me as BG I worked real close with Danny since he knew a little more about USAF than I did and as I worked with him he asked who will be my next Commander I said to him between the which was Star and Ace I told him Ace would be better fit for it since he was more active and did more work than Star so a few officer meetings later I told the Generals who my promotions were and USAF got a new Commander which was Ace from there I worked hard with USAF to try to bring back officers because during the past months we were losing officers due to inactivity or they were resigning so once that issue was fixed we brought USAF back alive and the time had came that me Ace and Star both agreeded that we need to find another Vice Commander so we all agreeded on Mario being the next Vice Commander of USAF so the next officer meeting Mario got promoted and within the next week or so he sadly resigned due to being tired of the server this is when we were on a different map I forgot the name but it was when US had Russia's base and Russia had US Base. So I had to find my next Vice Commander and I decided to promote North who is the current Vice Commander so when the next officer meeting came the generals decided that it was time to find the next Major General and that is when I got promoted to Major General of USAF and currently is.
  6. ATTENTION ALL USAF OFFICERS USAF Officer Meeting will be on Saturday 11/17/18 at 5:30 EST/ 4:30 CTZ. If you cannot attend this meeting please use this format: Name: Rank: Reason (If its personal just put personal): If you can't attend, please put a reason why you can't attend so you don't get striked. This meeting is mandatory for all USAF Officers 2LT+ to attend.
  7. I remember the UN Room both sides barely used it and the only time we used it was for events and not for peace talks also same thing Hudson said it was a battleground cause of both sides trying to sneak into bases.
  8. Which branch is better on RU? SZ, RUAF, or RU Core
  10. ATTENTION ALL USAF OFFICERS I have seen a few officers here and there who have been active but I wanna also see who is paying attention to forums and who is active so there will be a rolecall starting from today until Saturday 11/17/18. Failure to respond will result in a strike/possible demotion all officers from 2LT-CMDR must respond to it. To answer the rolecall click on the link below and once you are done reply back "Done" on the forums. If you are caught replying back saying done and you did not respond to the rolecall you will be striked and possibly demoted.
  11. ATTENTION ALL USAF OFFICERS USAF Officer Meeting will be on Saturday 11/10/18 at 5:30 EST/ 4:30 CTZ. If you cannot attend this meeting please use this format: Name: Rank: Reason (If its personal just put personal): If you can't attend, please put a reason why you can't attend so you don't get striked. This meeting is mandatory for all USAF Officers 2LT+ to attend.
  12. I have decided and I have changed my mind I don't Approve of this transfer because you already transferred before in the past month so - support for Approval.
  13. Brandon0623

    I may resign

    Well first of all Congrats on the baby that is coming and if you do resign what can I say you were a good soldier when you were on the US and in USAF and I hope to see you again.
  14. Ah yes finally more secure radio channels Thank you, John, Keep up with updates
  15. Yes that is me but my RU name should be Brads don't know why Tagoon did my US Name.