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  1. We do have one I’ll give it to you
  2. WTF Barvo as your mom I want you do delete this rn and get back in jk I’ll miss you dont eat your dog
  3. Mom I just nutted all over my pants
  4. Damn it should’ve pulled out william jk gratz man I’ll miss you
  5. Thank you I’m trying to go on duty then 8 gms are on and I can’t do my job and it really annoying because some GMS don’t need to be on the job
  6. Everyone we have a new commander. Daton will be a really good leader only up from here boys
  7. Daton don’t replay on this
  8. Hey man good luck in life we will miss you Hope you come back some time and say hey in TS or in game
  9. Cody good luck in life sad to see you go
  10. +SUPPORT - active _ really good leader - trustworthy to the 187th GOOD LUCK
  11. Can I get a grapple hook bby
  13. CampbellSoup


    Maybe add senators that you can apply for maybe and they do laws and money transfers and deal forgein trade and stuff lol