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  1. Why don't you start training PD how to burst with P90 instead full out shooting from far distance lol I would +support on MP5 if they really want to change it but I think that making them weaker than people with P90
  2. I would say no longer than by #x12 length
  3. Now becomes a staff issue because why does walrus believe you don't deserve the warn then? What have you told him that made him think you don't deserve it at all. If I heard this from you, I would bring both of you and give an apology and hope by gone be bygones. But if the person insists on still warning you then I would have to talk to SA+ to get permission to warn you. Walrus did none of that...
  4. RDM a person...laughs it off then to top it all off he made up a story about him "harassing" all done by admin BTW....I see
  5. Are we talking about a trial mod or admin?
  6. +support The admin should be demoted down to senior moderator and that isn't harsh let me explain why. -He lied in a sit to cover his rear -He lied to the staff -He did not admit to RDM So if we have a staff (ADMN RANK) doing all of this. How can we trust him anymore?
  7. Honestly, it looks like those type of people aren't even on the forum lol
  8. The whole point is my report is supposed to be anonymous and be judged by only who have access to it so I don't have to have an argument with you on the forum. And not give it away like that. But your comment is pretty insulting one and violate this policy of this forum.
  9. Nice of you to discourage people with ideas even it bad ones. And not nice of you to insult people like that. BTW since you probably know I reported you. I like to know who inform my anonymous report or I'm going have to force you by SMT.
  10. +support IDK why it even a good idea with all this lag in this server
  11. Kim Yo Suk

    Map Edit?

    the map really need optimization for boost performance
  12. Kim Yo Suk


    It gonna be very hard for you to get any RP done in court TBH