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  1. With speed and bunny hopping shotgunner troopers. BSI super speedy nova shotgun rusher, All PD with P90 speedy. SRT& SWAT combine. IDK how they are all super easy to kill.
  2. So what about 30+ police force and gas grenade?
  3. -Support Realism isn't GamingLight specialty, especially while other servers have far more realism than you can ever suggest. Like for me, I came on this server for semi-serious not seriousRP. Now would you as criminal enjoy waiting for EMS for approx 1.5min to 2min to be revived then get jail. Then having to pull you out of the base for good 3 mins. Then have you send to jail for 10mins? I'm going say no for all. No one enjoys it. Police don't enjoy it and I can tell you why they don't. Because NONE OF THEM RP EITHER. Yes that is right no one RP arrest either. They just throw criminals in jail and guess what nothing improve. As matter of fact, it actually decreases police force because it causes fewer actions for police. As for BSI they interrogated some criminals. IDK why they complaining now. Reason why none of this works because one missing element that should be CENTER of PoliceRP COURT RP/ JUDGE RP NO JUDGE/ COURT RP then there isn't any point of this rule removed. I suggest gaminglight rework the judge nad make the judge a serious thing for this server. If NOT then DONT even bother adding this rule back. Because police don't RP much if this rule gets added back. Nothing will improve. It just makes everything worst. Less action = less in need of police force. Less police force = more criminals. Don't you guys remember what happened 3 months ago? On 80 people you guys barely get 10 police LOL
  4. Kim Yo Suk

    Respect issues

    Most likely SNR and OFC won't read this. And there always a few memesters. Gotta deal with it and report them.
  5. PD don't care and they want action as much as you do.
  6. -support I have no lag issues with this amount of people.
  7. Why not just make a rule that it is failRP and when admin tp they can see they type /invholster
  8. I think you would make a great staff member because you are great sports most of the time. +support
  9. No worries. Just simply defending a member's printers that is inside the base.
  10. I don't know what Scout were doing after that situation that only between you two. And no, we didn't defend the non family member we simply defend our member with his property can you stop lying????? And SWAT started this mess.
  11. Thank you, that is what I did like anyone would do.