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  1. there is an endless possible way that minges can do no matter what. But it easier catches against minges if they do prop spam.
  2. I have provided a screenshot above
  3. +support He has been receiving warns since Aug 1st
  4. I saw other CC have 5 slots this CC only have 4(Including myself) and 1 spot available.
  5. Why my CC (HUNK) is considered full when it only 4 players including myself on it? My friend Morty aka Orin on the forum has purchased the slot from me but it was denied since it was claimed to be "full" but it is not Here is his Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:176837362 And he has already donated
  6. Isn't cop being shot during a traffic stop also part of RP? Just google traffic stop shooting and you will find tons of news about it... Sometimes the problem is the cop arrest people for simply speeding that it no longer worth the risk to even stop for the police. This is based on my and other people's experience. I would +support if you can also say that police cannot arrest for speeding unless destructing property.
  7. I remember this back in the days and it very useful for hitman or deliver services mainly. It be pretty cool if dispatch can talk through rphone.
  8. If gaming is only the only thing during your free time. I suggest you should expand your hobbit like educate yourself on things you love to learn during your free time. Like I love to learn history on youtube or watch a documentary about WW1 or Cold War or how muscles build work. But if you just want gaming life, try to diversify yourself such as playing rust or Total war games ect...
  9. It never reduces lag. It only reduce loading time in the server if CC class remove about 30+ classes(120 mb if each class is avg of 3-4mb which takes about AVG internet user about 1-2min to download all 30 custom classes and 0.5-1 seconds to load it with HHD or SSD 0.01 seconds). This is why it won't make sense for Zeeptin to remove custom classes just yet.
  10. If we're talking about minority (minges) and why we're punishing the majority (innocent)?
  11. I'm very surprise this is actually getting tons of +support +support from me too we really need to expand more RP for all.
  12. +support But super admin needs to participate as well and not stressing the staff members to take ratio. I seen a lot of staff left because how stressful it is and have no time to relax on their favorite server (GamingLight).
  13. So why you shot the negotiator?