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  1. SayaJin

    Jesse's Resignation

    Well that sucks, I guess bye then. I'm not gonna cry. I'm... not.. gonna... cry. *sulks in corner* *crys in bed*
  2. But you can't deny that it is HELLA better than other maps we have
  3. SayaJin

    Red Screen Effect

    True, but at least you can kill 2 or 3 soldiers before you die and not lose eyesight because of the blood red screen, either way +support I hate the red screen when you get hit and when you get low on health
  4. Most of you looking at this post, you are probably been in the milrp community for about 4 months, so I wanted to show you GL milrp in the past.., Spoiler, it was beautiful. I miss these days. I'm crying right now
  5. 160th Ranger Regiment Branch General: N/A 160th Team Lead: Sayajin 160th Co-Team Lead: TBD 160th Mottos: "Night Stalkers don't quit!", "Death waits in the dark!", "Six guns don't miss!" Purpose of the 160th "Night Stalkers" Ranger Regiment The 160th Ranger Regiment is a special operations force that is part of the United States Army Special Operations Command. The primary mission of the Regiment is to conduct direct action , counter insurgency, anti-terrorism, hostage rescue & reconnaissance. Most of the purpose of the regiment are classified and are often called on by the top brass of the US Military. The 160th engages in the most dangerous and daring missions and wars in the US Military which makes it the 2nd most elite spec ops regiment behind the Green Berets. Training will consist of Faces Formations Advanced Weapon Training Vehicle Dodging Vehicle Takedown Tank Dodging Search and Destroy Hostage Situation Scout Mission Requirements of Joining Must be a Ranger Must be a 1SG Must have high expectations Must be one of the best of the best Speak with current Team Lead of 160th to be trained for 160th!
  6. *Ranger Training Passed!* Welcome to the Rangers soldier O7
  7. *US Ranger Training Passed* Welcome to the Rangers soldier! 07
  8. The guy who got Promoted to LTCDMR and transfered to army a day after getting promoted
  9. Most of you thought I was dead and some of you dont even know me. If you dont know who I am, I dont blame you. I was on LOA since... August? I dont even know anymore because I was gone for so long but I am back now better than EVER! -Sayajin