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  1. Hello Marines, Marine high command will be hosting a MC meeting, all officers (2LT+) must attend this meeting, this meeting will be hosted saturday (10/27/18) at 4:30 Eastern time. Enlisted are welcome but not mandatory, if u are not able to attend this meeting please fill out this format. Name and Rank: I promise to speak with an officer to get the details of the meeting (put understood): Reason (if private state private):
  2. Military Police Officer Personnel Military Police High Command will be hosting a MP Meeting, All Officers (LT+) must attend this meeting, this meeting will be hosted this Sunday (10/28/18) at 4:30 PM Eastern time, Enlisted is able to Join the meeting but it will be not be Mandatory, if you're not able to attend this meeting please reply with the following Format: Name and Rank: I Promise To Speak to an Officer To get the details Of The Meeting: (Put Understood) Reason: What you wanted to talk about:
  3. Noooooo, not the man that i would glue to a wall LMAO. Why would u dare to leave us?? if u think this is for the best then it may be. U better join ts and in game from time to time! Goodbye Taglue
  4. Sammm

    Mikes LOA

    Noted! I completely understand that school is decreasing ur activity, dont worry school is important my dood!
  5. Dont be too busy dood! Cya when yo are back
  6. I stated this time, so i will keep it like this.
  7. Sammm

    Furno's LOA

    Noted! I really hope ur girlfriend gets better as soon as possible! Dont worry and rush the LOA, in these cases IRL stuff goes over a game man!!
  8. He is on the roster and ingame. He is sorted
  9. Thats great man! Good to see you being more active!
  10. Hello Marines, As u know we are having weekly meetings, and this is on the saturday 10/20/18 4:30 PM EST. This will be mainly CPT+ and below is welcome to attend. 2LT+ may attend it will be in their benefit, not mandatory but will be appreciated. If u can not make this meeting fill out this format; Name: Rank: Reason (if private state private):
  11. Sammm

    My LOA Sadly

    Alrighty Pilgrim, i will do anything for mc i can. Keep in touch with me if possible about any update's. Stay safe my dood! I have had the same problems i know how it is man..