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  1. The only thing i have had in this whole thing with cheeto, i did not really found it mature how u came up to me in that situation we have had. I was wrong but i told you how i felt about it, it was just to help you out that noone try's to tell you diffrent. For the rest i like you cheeto and i would not like you to leave. -Support
  2. +Support Interupting RP is really annoying, and after hearing he had done this several times. I need to agree that his evidence is very clear, i know this happend a couple of times. But it should be endend with this staff report.
  3. Oh my god, my mate munchies resigning??? Thanks for all the good memories! I will not forget you man, hop on once in a while! Goodbye my dude, goodluck with everything that comes on your path!!
  4. +Support Nice guy Active Mature Knows the rules! Goodluck!
  5. Sammm

    Stars LOA

    When does this end, i have no date to expect you to return??
  6. Sammm

    USMC Role Call

    Make sure, if you want to stay safely in marines without a strike, or a demotion. Please fill out this forum and then u will be safe!! Good work furno!
  7. Ahh man, my boy maloney resigning... I really did not see this coming man, it sucks that ur irl issues are blocking you from coming on. But it is understandable, thanks for being a great friend, and a great officer. Goodluck with everything that comes on your path. Cya man
  8. Alright last word said about this, this is a ingame issue staff should issue a warning, and the report poster said this aswell. So the report is being removed i guess, but i am not sure. FearRP is not a staff report worthy in my opinion. A staff member in game should have sorted this.
  9. +Support I have to keep telling people to listen to the cooldown, and i keeps happening. Or we have a longer cooldown time, or removed.
  10. +Support Great guy Active Mature Knows the rules Goodluck!
  11. Date should be changed to 12/8/18.
  12. Sammm

    Map Suggestion

    Lets stay on ghanzi for a little longer, but this map looks great! But like the rest said, no buildings? Are their bases we can use ?