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  1. Nope. Got replaced with Arma Night.
  2. Thank you =D. I completely forgot I made that lol.
  3. I can understand for USAF, but for Tanks? You literally can make 10k easily by using the logistical specialist in a matter of minutes. (Working on getting things in place for jobs similar to Logistical Specialist for USAF & Marines.)
  4. [Added] New Referral System Plenty of New Logistical Missions That Fit The Map Polaris To US Combat Engineer Polaris To Combat Engineer Suzuki Kingquad To US Marine Forecon Scout Suzuki Kingquad To US Marine Forecon Crewmen Suzuki Kingquad To RU Spetsnaz KGB Scout Suzuki Kingquad To RU Spetsnaz KGB Crewmen [Fixed/Changed] Updated MOTD Mortars Must Wait 45 Seconds Between Each Shot The Logistical Missions Now Have Different Difficulties Added Tavor Tar To US Marine FORECON Scout Added AUG To RU Spetsnaz KGB Scout Fixed The Logistical Vehicle Spawning Underground Largely Nerfed & Buffed Some Weapons Unofficial WAC Sometimes Flying Through The Map [Removed] Old Logistical Missions The M16 From The US Marine Forecon Scout The AK103 From The RU Spetsnaz KGB Scout
  5. Never thought I would see the day of a quote within a quote within a quote.
  6. John_

    Map Suggestion

    What you think about this as a future map?
  7. CLOSED Will be considered in the future.
  8. CLOSED More donor weapons will be added in the future. Weapon skins are very likely to come to the server soon but the skins for the time being will be free.
  9. John_

    FORECON Jobs

    CLOSED This is more of a bug than a suggestion but this should have been fixed.
  10. John_

    Change Map

    CLOSED Will be considered in the future if we can have the map edited to have bases on the map.
  11. John_


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