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  1. John_

    FPS fix

    1. THIS IS GMOD. 2. THIS DOES NOT TELL US WHAT TO DO TO OPTIMIZE WHAT SO EVER. 3. THIS IS GMOD. 4.Did I mention this is Gmod? P.S. This is Gmod
  2. John_

    OMON Nerf

    Last time I checked the job program code none of the donor weapons were on those jobs. If they do something against the rules then report it to an admin. I don't see how this is that difficult to do.
  3. John_

    Rule suggestion

    All officers have their mini maps disabled. I would make sure their was not a Vehicle or persons BOLO out for you. The BOLO (given to officers by dispatch and can be seen in the CAD) tells the model, color, and last place the vehicle was last seen and headed. Most likely an officer spotted you as you drove through the area and matched you to the BOLO. These officers have been apart of the SAHP for a minute now and I have heard no complaints of anything like this happening.
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  6. ACCEPTED Speak with me in ts for training and whitelisting.
  7. We need more people in the teamspeak. It makes the community look better and allows us as management to communicate with the community as a whole.
  8. Don't plan to, and you can not nerf entities unless they specifically allow so in the options. These are not weapons...
  9. +Support -Good guy -Mature -Good app -Active
  10. John_

    FiveM suggestion

    nvm. Found a mod to replace the majority of weapons including the AR and the Glock and even the attachments.
  11. +Support -Detailed App -Seems mature
  12. John_

    FiveM suggestion

    We tried replacing the pistol with the Glock and the carbine with the AR-15 but I think we were having trouble with it or something like that. Will try to make happen if possible.
  13. John_

    Matthew's Civ App.

    +Support -Pretty Active -Mature -Serious RPer -Has experience -Put effort into his Application
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