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  1. ^^ Besides, snipers arnt supposed to be able win 100% of the time against infantry. The challenge is to hid well, and move when youre found out, NOT to engage everyone that comes your way.
  2. Text Color Please - Black doesn’t show up
  3. It went from shy to passive aggressive real quick. This is why we love you :3 PS - Navy actually had the first weekly branch meetings ^-^
  4. Under the map. The elevators in DB took you to it. This is why we all keep saying no one used it. We had one before.
  5. In-Game Name: Major General Androntel / USMP HC MG Androntel TS Name: [MilitaryRP] Androntel [Senior Moderator] Faction: US Navy / US Military Police Rank: Major General (2 Stars) Introduction: My name is Androntel. Pronounced “And-Ron-Tell”, but honestly call me anything. People have called me arnold, anderall, andro,andron - Any of them work. I joined back in July of 2017. —————- On my second day, I joined the navy. From there I worked up to 1LT. I lead a navy-only PT for 2 hours, which was supervised by General Mazzy (Who was the previous branch general of the navy) and Major General Oden, who threatend to demote me if I screwed it up. Thankfully, I did not, and was promoted to CPT for my efforts. A week or so after being CPT, VCMDR tryouts were held, where I responded the best, and was promoted to VCMDR of the Navy. After getting VCMDR, I joined the SEALs (A bit late I know), and was asked to be the leader of SEAL Team Six, which at the time was one of the greatest honors on the server, since they were the “event” team, and however these “event” missions ended up, were published for the entire community to see. At the time, I did not feel I was ready, and declined. Later on, I accepted, went though a grueling tryout, and was accepted. After being VCMDR for a month or so, my CMDR was demoted for having 5 strikes, and I was promoted to CMDR. A month and a half after that, my branch general Oden was banned. I preceded to lead the navy the best as I could while being only a CMDR, and having an inexperienced VCMDR. For my efforts (And partially because of a meme I was featured in) my BG application was accepted, and I become the branch general of the navy. As a Branch General, I lead the navy to be argueably the best faction on the server for numerous months. Unfortunatly, due to a lack of well-deserving officers, I was pressured to promote VCMDRs that were inexperienced and immature. This lead to a decline of the navy. Wether it was divine intervention, or just good timing, EMT decided to remove the navy from the server due to a lack of water, and further decline was never seen. —————————- When the navy was removed, I was a LTG, along with Scheffer. To compensate for the removal of a branch, the HoS and GOA at the time instituted the rule of LTG’s commanding all branches. Eventually, the GOA promoted both me and Scheffer to General, and we lead the US together. This is where my story starts to decline. While I was a General, I pissed the wrong people off - who will remain unnamed - And they spread a story to EMT / SMT of my abusive, rule-breaking behavior, and my complete disregard for regulations. Although admittedly there were a few aspects of truth, the majority of the allargations were false. Nevertheless, I was demoted to COL. I spoke to some people in charge, and was able to reinstated as LTG. I lead as LTG for a few months, and to be completely honest, I acted unprofessionally, and I acted like I was never demoted. I lead like I was a General. Rightfully so this pissed US Management off. For these mistakes, I was demoted to 2LT. I spoke with the generals, and they generouslly gave me another chance. From here on I was an MG. ————————————- Since then, Ive rejoined the staff team, after leaving it for SWRP to be a gamemaster for a short while, and currently I am a senior moderator. I do not put in as much time as I would like as staff, due to college and work, but I aspire to get to SA one day. (No higher :P) —————- I lead the MP with a strict, demanding, but understanding attitude. My current focus is to make MP follow serious RP. Although I often charge in head-on and impulsively, I am never against taking the time to solve any problem with thought and patience. I often act as a peace-keeper between two warring parties, and I do my best to ensure both sides come out feeling satisfied. I attempt my best to make just decisions and rules, and I will never not be willing to discuss any rule you think is incorrect. ——————- If you have any questions on my story - PM me on the forums.
  6. When we had one we never used it
  7. Ill never be able to DB by myself again, because you’ll always be with me, in my heart
  8. If youd like to join an existing class, you can ask the owner of the class if they are okay with you joining it. If they say yes, then you post in this section following the player addition format. To pay for the addition, you use the 20$ custom donation option in the store. After the post has been made, and paid for, zeeptin will then add your whitelist to the class.
  9. Accepted Welcome to INSCOM Soldier. Speak with an AChief to be trained. Once you are trained you have one week to joun a regiment, or you may be removed. PS - Nice App
  10. I like it, but 100% need to have a least 1 scope to start cause iton sight suckkkkk