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  1. Name: Tolmes Rank: JINSP Concerns:
  2. I mean no disrespect here, but if the only purpose of mp arresting is for things that staff will punish for, whats the purpose of mp at all? If the MP don’t punish for anything else, then theres no point for them. In my opinion it would be better to set small specified lengths for the small punishments, instead of just not at all Id like to have a conversation with you about this in ts or pms, if thats okay, so we dont clutter this good informational
  3. Androntel

    Staff Report

    It is your responsibility to know the rules when you buy staff, even on the donation page it says something along the lines of you can still be removed. +support Reasons above.
  4. -support This is easily the 5th tome this was suggusted, and every time we don’t want to use it. The current system works fine, its out of the way on the screen, doesnt cover anything up, and had easy access. We shouldn’t change the system just because “its a hassel to press f2 and right click the left click”. Kicking someone out doesn’t happen often enough to that be an annoyance.
  5. REMINDER: Any officer that is not at this meeting, and has no made a post, WILL BE STRIKED.
  6. Stop posting on this thread, I can see an arguement about to happen. If you’d like to post, keep it to RESPECTFUL goodbyes
  7. United States Military Police Branch Informational The Purpose of the United States Military Police The purpose of the USMP is to protect all inhabitants of the United States Base, and to ensure that all soldiers follow the regulations and rules in place. They are also in charge of keeping the base safe from enemy intruders and traitors. Roster: Click Here Promotion Form: Click Here INSCOM Informational: Click Here USMP Training Guide: Click Here USMP Captain Application: Click Here USMP Base Operations Manual: Click Here Structure: High Command General of the Army - John General(s) - Scheffer / Tumz Major General - Androntel Chief - Sam Assistant Chief(s) - Mario / TBD Low Command Colonel (COL) Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Major (MAJ) Captain (CPT) - Can Train / Unlocks Officer Lieutenant (LT) Enlisted Sergeant Major (SM) Sergeant (SGT) - Unlocks Control Sniper Corporal (CPL) Private (PVT) Trainees Recruit (RCT) - Unlocks Infantry Arrest Limits and Sentences: /advert RFA: *Reason* *Sentance* Limits RCT ~ Cannot Arrest / In Training PVT->SM ~ All Enlisted in Main Branches LT ~ Arrest up to 1LT/2LT CPT->COL ~ Arrest up to MP Rank (Ex: CPT ~ CPT and COL~COL) Sentences (A Repeated Offense Constitutes Double Time) Breaking PTS / Disrupting Debrief - 1 Minute ARDM - 5 Minutes RDM - 10 Minutes Disrespect - 5 Minutes Fleeing from MP - 3 Minutes Leaving without PTL - 3 Minutes No Suppressor - 2 Minutes Entering Restricted Area - 3 Minutes Disobeying Orders - 3 Minutes Late to Debrief - 2 Minutes (Unless Valid Reason) Microphone Spam - Until Stopped. Rules and Regulations: The USMP has FULL CONTROL over the Base, and are allowed in ALL spaces, except the Command Center and ATC Tower, without permission. They are the final authority in base under a BG+ -Failure to Put an RFA will result in a strike -Failure to Get on Duty without reason will result in a Strike -Minging while on Duty results in an Instant Removal -Two Removals result in a blacklist -Main Branch Strikes Carry Over 1 Strike is a Demotion 2 Strikes is Removal -Baton Abuse results in a Strike 1 Hit Every 5 Seconds unless needed otherwise -Favoritism is not allowed. Allowing soldiers to bypass rules will result in a removal -Failure to Make a Meeting without a post will result in a strike Made by Major General Androntel Approved by GOA John
  8. Would’ve appreicated it if you had a bit more formality, but nevertheless, farewell. If you’d like to discuss what this “officer minge” you spoke about futher, contact me via forum pms.
  9. Noted - Good luck in your future endeavors
  10. Understood - Thank you for your service
  11. A Minecraft Server. No joke. Or a CSGO Server
  12. Accepted Speak to a regiment leader within a week.