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  1. I'm not mad btw if you guys are wondering. I'm just upset the way promotions are going on. I really wanted to see another super admin. Granted, I know for a fact I wasn't gonna get promoted that's not why I resigned. I resigned because the lack of activity of was putting into the "game" Im not able to be active reasoning of parents going through a divorce it happens to some of us. Also when I was resigning the server wasn't the same when I came back from Being inactive due to the reason above. But yeah It was just a heads up of for the higher ups to acknowledge more staff. And with the favoritism just don't hesitate on promotions the longer you think about it the more it'll build up on you and you'll either not promote them because of you've only seen what they've done to mess up their promotion in the past, rather than seeing them do their best. Like I said I'm not mad I'm upset with what's going on with promotions and how it effects others. I'm also saying this through experience. ~best regards Chibi corbin
  2. In-Game Name: ChibiCorbin Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:116228998 Rank: Admin Reason Of leaving: 1st Reason I'm inactive. 2nd a lot of mischief has been going on far to long. I'd like to first start of by saying thank you for all the time with gaming-light and the experience. I just don't think I'm Gonna stay in a community that allows staff members to be overworked (or the ones busting their back to get promoted and not be acknowledge) That's why 99.99999% of T-mods and Moderators and a Vast majority of staff leave because they don't feel if there best was even good enough for the higher ups to even notice that. Also I'm very Upset That when (T-mods through admins) Promotions are like eh whatever. But SuperAdmins Promotions are like the real deal to SMT not trying to offend anybody. But TBH it 's more than true whether you guys want to hear it or not its the facts and it upsets me the most is when someone (Will Literally do anything to get promoted ANYTHING!!!) For a person whom is staff to put there real life time into a Game A Fricking Game. To be promoted is astonishing. I'd promote them not because (Their age,voice,Looks,attitude) But because of dedication. I'll tell you right now all people that are staff have to be dedicated, it comes with the job of being a staff member in a game. To be on As much as you can, take staff sits, make sure every one gets a fair punishments and attend meetings. But people will physically sit on there not knowing they need to sleep because that's how much a promotion means to them. But SMT will not acknowledge that..... that right there is super upsetting for me and a lot of staff members. I want to touch on one last thing is (Favoritism). It's probably the most tilting thing to talk about but hey just gotta get these things of my chest and notify you guys about it so you guys don't end up Quitting/resigning, I want to give a message to the whole staff team but mainly (SMT) to actually wake up. Anyway's Favoritism It's been hear for along time not exact but its been here for awhile now. So it short and simple (Definition: The Practice of giving unfair preferential to one person or group at the expense of another. I saw this a multiple times not gonna say who. But it happens mainly with promotions within the community. (EX: If this higher ups likes this guys voice better than this ones. That person with the better voice will most likely be promoted I'm sorry to say but its really come down to that its really sad but it happens. Also saying I like this shoe better then that shoe is still favoring the "Better shoe" Do you agree stay active for 48hrs after this post: Yes! Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48hrs notice is up: Yes! ~Peace out ChibiCorbin
  3. wolffe I'm really sad to see you go! But that was an interest that I never sought to see happen and it did. Anyways have fun Let the wind blow through you're hair and live life to the fullest. Hope you have a Great break from being staff! ~Much Love (ChibiCorbin) (;
  4. Hello everyone I will be resigning from clone Captain as of today. I made my choice, I wasn't "active"" enough I had a lot of (IRL) things to do. Yes I'm still gonna be here on the SWRP most of my time maybe not In roleplay but definitely on duty. But I will try my best to be on both to keep myself balanced upon being SWRP staff team. I loved being a captain a lot of fun and duties to do among ship. I feel that if "someone" else can take the (captain) Rank other than me. I hope not to offend anyone by doing this but thank for those who allowed me to be CT captain *cough *cough Gaur! P.S anyways thank everybody for letting me be along side this journey as a (captain)! ~ChibiCorbin Will be singing off. Aboard ship. Also one last thing please please Goofy Kick some (*ass) for me and our troops!
  5. School Is started for me 2nd day already. anyways on wont be as active thank you for those who understand. I will be on during weekends a lot more and less on weekdays.
  6. What is your Hex ID( 11000010ddb070d What is your RP Name: ChibiCorbin or Just (Corbin) How old are you: 16 Do you have a Legal Copy Of Grand Theft Auto V: (Yes) Do you have Five M: (Yes) Do you have the LAMBDA Menu: (Yes) Tell me about your self ( can be any length): I Like to do things that I enjoy rather than do this I get bored of and hate. Um I like to Uhh play PC Games of course I love The GL Community One of My favorites out there. Id to anything to Protect one another. Hate Bulling, but I do Myself make jokes or funny comments, When it comes time to seriousness I pull my own weight and get it done as a GL staff member Or as A Person. Why do you wish to be apart of the Civilian Department( minimum of 50words:): To Pretty much Have fun think about Games are here to entertain us not teach us lessons. I mean there are a lot of games to teach us things, but Gaming was designed to Make us feel something of ourselves not in a bad way more of a Happy Successful I got this attitude. That being said I would Bring (Laughter, Dedication, Respect,Faith, and Responsibility). Id also love to meet other people from other servers within the community (members & new Staff), and out of the GL community too. What qualities can you bring to the civilian department (minimum of 50 words): Me as a Human I don't know Probably the same as others but in a different way. I'm pretty much willing to Help Others in need. I stand of the words (Help Yourself Before Helping other). What It means is that Make sure your in the right position to help the other person around in your every daily life. Before your not doing so well either. I'm Not saying don't help others but just be careful of those whom will help but Not at the right time If you get what I'm saying. And I'm talking about in game role play as a Whole Do you promise to remain serious in the department and never break character: (Yes) Do you promise to abide by what each Civ Rank can do: (Yes) Do you promise to uphold all server rules: (Yes) Have you read our sop: (Yes) Do you have a working mic (MUST HAVE ONE): (Yes)
  7. +Support +Active +Well known aboard ship +Nice +CTRC (Clone Trooper recruitment Certified) ~Clone Captain ChibiCorbin
  8. +Support +Super oooober Active +Responsible +Respectful +Funny Guy ~Clone Captain ChibiCorbin 1199
  9. HUGE+ Support -Gotcha -Tooooo Active! (If he doesn't stop advertising in Chat box on the forums!) We gonna need to add 128playercount) JK! -Really nice guy -Funniest Guy ever.... I think soo at least! -Helps others -Got me in the position I'm in now. (Ingame Rank) -Amazing Roleplayer AKA (PT ENFORCER!) ~ Clone Captain ChibiCorbin 1199
  10. I'm sorry for The inconvenience guys, But I'm trying to apply for The new Clone captain Job. NOT CMDR of 35th. I'm just trying to post up and make sure everybody knows.
  11. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Chibi Corbin  2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? Clone Troopers (I think it would be clone Captain) 3. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? To command Troops In the right direction in Battle and Make sure that every single troop does there job correctly. whether your a Officer or an Enlisted. Also to Enforce the rules upon the battalion you're on. 4. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I was A former LTG of 501st (Anakin Skywalker). I would always enforce the rules of 501st on the troops, as I would be for a Captain. I will always do my best as a clone Captain and a Person to Roleplay with others. Also I will dedicate my time to do my job as a Clone Captain, (Dedication,Respect,Faith,Responsibility). Those are my 4 codes that I live by as a Person in IRL and In Roleplay. Dedication: Are you willing to put time and effort into the troops and yourself as a team as a Whole: I answer yes! Respect: Do you wish to Act like a Brother when other Fellow troops are having a Trouble in Battle, To stay clam and say I'm here for you: I answer yes! Faith: No Matter how hard things get in Battle or on the ship, With other troops or anyone... Are you willing to have promise to your Troops: I answer yes! Responsibility: Can you Take matter Into your own hands When things get rough for you and your Troops: I answer yes! It Just shows I'm willing to put time and effort to Help other battalions and Troopers, and my own. Me as A Captain I'm willing to enforce All rules that apply to Everyone aboard Ship (mainly my Battalion). I also will train my troops a Little bit more for the Roleplay of it, Not anything extreme. One Last thing I will Enforce To everybody Is Not to be Harsh on Everyone. Nothing Personal. (Everyone Deserves at least one Chance to show whom there are to be Later on). 5. How often can you be Online? : Monday: Online Tuesday: Online Wednesday: Online Thursday: Online Friday: Online (Depending on what I have on the Weekends) Saturday: Online (Depending on what I have on the Weekends) Sunday: Online (Depending on what I have on the Weekends) 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Yes all one policerp (11) About a year ago for all of them
  12. Loved The event Great TeamWork! (Fuurlix and Jeffe)