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  1. Suspine

    Jeff M T-Mod app

    +Support I have personally known Jeff for a long time and he's come to be a very responsible and mature person as well as he knows the server MOTD and staff handbook by heart
  2. Suspine

    Fish's Ban appeal

    Hi Fish, Senior Management Team members typically review ban appeals in groups about once a week or so. So just wait till everyone else's is reviewed along with yours.
  3. +Support However, I feel like doing events would be a massive cluster f*** for everyone
  4. +Support User has previously been warned for giving another moderator a warning Clearly needs to read the staff handbook
  5. +Support Could add realism and a fun aspect for EMS
  6. Correct I paid $80 My steam ID is STEAM_0:1:76865063
  7. +Support Shows great knowledge of the rules Polite to others Mature Never had a problem with him Trustworthy Good luck