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  1. Lopock


    So yeah I on staff dealing with a sit like 15 minutes a go and after I typed "C" I some how pushed enter and if you were someone that was brought I'm sorry.
  2. Lopock


    See I don't approve cause like those got me off dip and even thou I have to pay like triple or double the price cause I'm underage vaping and JUULs have really help so I'm pretty sad about it
  3. Lopock

    Custom Class

    I would love to be on that class
  4. Lopock

    Custom Class

    Lemme look at it real quick
  5. Lopock


    How do you guys feel about the FDA trying to ban JUULS?
  6. Lopock

    Custom Class

    Yes(depends which class) Yes(depends which class)
  7. Lopock

    Custom Class

    Does anyone have a custom class I can buy into (got this idea from another post)
  8. Lopock


    Anytime Lol anytime
  9. Lopock


    If yall have any dupes I can buy hmu I need some new dupes