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  1. Remember when you promote somebody you MUST fill out the promotion form. If you don't you will be demoted. Also all Commanders MUST be active it is very important for commanders to be active to build their Regiment. If you don't you will be demoted. Just a heads up from your Super Admin.
  2. You must wait 2 weeks
  3. Nimo

    Lego's ARC applacation

  4. -/+ Support -Perma is way to long +I have seen him teaming up with SWAT and SRT a lot
  5. -/+ Support +Active +Experience -Need more effort
  6. Nimo

    Bacta Bombs(kix)

    I will get Gaur to removed the Bacta bombs and get other ones that I have in mind.
  7. -Support Gaur never gave you permission Rude Shows Attitude Doesn't deserve position
  8. Ingame name: NImo Rank: Chief Medical Officer Date: 12/8/2108 The reason you cannot attend (If private ignore): N/A
  9. I kind of imagined you would look like that Let's now stop with the Scarce memes