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  1. Wait wtf William with a baby? Have fun?
  2. +/- support Serious offense but I’d say it should be shortened.
  3. I may be completely wrong but wouldn’t it be possible to find out who’s file is who’s if you locked the server for like 5 min and the people affected come on and their files should be at the top of you sort by last edited? Kinda inconvenient method anyways.
  4. +support +nice guy +good leader +active +/- Doesn’t train cadets a lot but does tell SGT-SM to do it. (Not like anyone else trains em anyways) - Is clearly very mean to little me
  5. The inactive ones are supposed to be removed but I don’t think Zeeptin has bothered removing them.
  6. +support Deserves second chance Sure, might seem angry at everything but still helpful and was a nice staff imo. Nice guy when he’s not angry
  7. So as far as I know I did not add anyone to my custom job “The Doctor” so who’s the second person on the job????
  8. Change texture (might be called model, not sure) settings to high.
  9. -support Chaos and not really worth to buy a Negev for 20 mill. SG is great and much cheaper.
  10. What does the console say? @-Unknown-
  11. I wanna join the rich boi club