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  1. All good man, i understand im doing the same thing rn, thanks
  2. In game Name: Noot From a scale of 1-10 how is your knowledge of lore? (Explain): 4- I have played SCP before in the past and know enough to play, but I wouldn't say I Know absolutely everything. I believe that this will NOT hinder my ablility to help out.  Why should we allow you to have the position? (At least 300 words): I believe you should allow me this position for many reasons, most of which have come out of pure experience and know how in this type of role. Throughout My time in GMOD as well as Gaminglight, I have put all of my effort into what I did and what I attempted to do. Often times it involved a command position. Even before gaminglight, I have a lot of experience running departments and supervising in general. But of course PRP came along and I was hooked. I believe PRP is the best example of what I can do and what I have learned. I now have over a year of experience running a department and now all of them. I have learned a lot and am very confident In my ability to replicate that. I know how people work and how to figure them out. I know what a department needs and what it doesn't. I have done so much even just in GL that its hard to believe. But I till push on. I believe I can be trusted and loyal only to running this department and fulfilling my role. I have learned when to punish and when to give a push, and when to help someone out. I firmly believe I have all the nessesary knowledge to run a department alongside others and by myself. I Know what has to be done and what people want and expect. I know I can be a very good leader and keep things running the way it should. I am prepared to work through any scrutiny , any obstacle and any problem that may arise in rp and out. Sometimes leaders can be bad, or they can be dictators or they can be just inexperienced. Drawing from my experience at PRP I believe that I have witnessed a lot of people go through the ranks and I know what ends in ruins and what ends in a prosperous department or division. When it comes down to it I believe I will serve the server with the utmost loyalty, respect and motivation to do good in what I do. I am prepared to make mistakes , but in the end all I want to do is do my job, and do it right. How would you lead the branches? (At least 100 words): I would lead this branch with absolute confidence and motivation to make it work. I would make sure everyone is following the rules to the letter, because In this position The heaviest thing I would enforce is RP. The biggest thing that drew me here was rp and I am sure it is that way for others. I would not tolerate any minges or break in RP ( when applicable) . I would try my best to lead it in a manner that is expected and would create a welcome, but organized and well planned branch. I would expect nothing less of myself and would work hard to make all these criteria met! How active would you say you could be be? (Longer the better): I would be on every day or every couple of days, but most likely everyday, maybe 3 to 4 hours and all day on weekends. ( This time would be split with police rp).
  3. I do agree, its really fustrating when i cant have a simple stop and donsome rp. We need more rp it really sucks. These rules are exactly what i think woild be good.
  4. In Game Name: Noot/Beerus SteamID: STEAM_0:1:105036982 Rank (Must be SenMod+) SMOD Have you read the MOTD? Yes. Why do you want to join the Event Team? (Must be At least 50 words) I would like to join the event team for many reasons. I first joined animerp staff only to help out a new GL server in any way possible. Since then I have loved helping in any way that I can and look forward to continueing that. That's where the event team comes in. Only adding more ways to help the server I would love to participate and put effort into the event team. I know I can bring a lot of experience and creativity to the event team in order to create a fun, fair and interesting experience fo animerp players! Do you agree to stay active on the forums and team speak and in game or risk removal? yes!
  5. ACCEPTED please speak to me
  6. ACCEPTED speak to HC for info!!
  7. Man ur gonna make me cry Feel free to come in the high command channel if ur ever in ts Good luck with everything Glad to have been ur canadian bud
  8. DENIED You should get more time Waiting the reapply should be good your a good lt Thats 2 weeks
  9. ACCEPTED please speak to admin+ for whitelist and high command for info
  10. DENIED Please apply anytime activity
  11. DENIED you are free to apply anytime though, please do inactivity