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  1. Name:Struftdot Rank:SS SO Date of Absence (the meeting date): november 10th 2018 Reason for not attending (If private then N/A): Tho tired its 2am for me bein trainin cadets all day maybe i'l try next week
  2. i wasn't staff ever on this comunity and if you would like more information i can give it i can still remember it pritty well and jack ron how you mean i haven't learned my lesson somebody pulled a prank on me that isn't learning a lesson we where having a prank war at the time but we both decided to end it for ever because it caused to much trouble
  3. So i had my twitch open on valk's videos and i went to go get something in that time he pritty much said like hi etc and then said I just hacked this account and steal everything or something like that but it was meant for me and valk thought it was for him ... 5 days later he spoke to me about it and he didn't believe the story and as ''possible threath as hacker'' you shall be staff restricted , firstly not with the server related secondly it's not hacked its forgetting to close something n on my own pc !
  4. Steam Name: Struftdot Ingame Name: Struftdot SteamID:STEAM_0:0:85380774 Have you donated to the server?No Staff Restriction Length:Permanent , i think ?!(i wasn't told) Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: Valkyrie Reason for Staff Restriction: Because my friend pulled a prank on my twitch acount on one of his videos Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better) I haven't really done anything done with gaminglight i'd like to use my previous staff skills on this comunity and maybe improve them myself and i'l make sure my friend wont be able to use my pc anymore So as requested i'l change the full on topic to more explain what happened; So that day it happened me and my friend where having a sleep over but we had a prank war at the time(wich to be honest was a bad idea after all),so that day me and my friend where just goofing around on yt etc looking at videos and then we went to twitch because i wanted to show Valkyrie's videos because i quite liked them so we looked at a few and whilst g-mod mod was booting i let him watch and i went away because i had to go to the toilet so in that time he wrote at the beggining something as Hi ,How are you , I hope you enjoy the video and then he typed I just hacked this account and will steal al the skins it have on steam ! or something as this i can't really remember but it's pritty much something similar But yet this still doesn't have anything to do with the server and it most certantly isn't a risk and yes i might have made it seem that i took low amounts of effort into this but i actually thought nobody was going to respond wich is completely defferent if you would like to know anything else just reply and i'l answer thx btw for all the responses
  5. Name: Struftdot Rank: SS PO Reason for not attending I need to work on the 27th at the time of the meeting and after work i need to atend something IRL
  6. how am i not known to the comunity ?
  7. i have made a vid about it i explain it all in the vid i hope this is good enoug BTW no lua errors or anything @-Unknown- 2018-10-23 17-44-35.flv