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  1. Hello Drill Sergeants, There will be a DS meeting on saturday at 7pm EST in the TS. Officers should be in attendence. If you can't make it, then post why.
  2. Hello Borith, You have been removed from the roster.
  3. Hello Cat, It’s unfortunate that you have to leave GL but if you have priorities in real life then you focus on them. It was great to know you as you were a good leader, great staff member and have a great personality. I wish you luck to whatever you go towards in the future.
  4. Hello RUAF, Midget added to helipilot list
  5. Hello Zeeptin, So all the weapons got added except for the USAS-12 (ma85_wf_shg05) and hopefully this is the last time this is an issue.
  6. Hello RUAF, Im refreshing this to keep people reminded that there is a rolecall still going on! It ends on the 24th and started on the 10th. Please make sure you respond.
  7. Hello RUAF, Newest Helipilots, Lordinsider and Arf HQ
  8. Hello Snookie, We had this system before hand as far as I remember back in 2017 of may when I was on US, but it wasn't used as much. This is problely going to get denied.
  9. Hello Drill Sergeants, I need to address two things here in this first of Drill Sergeants issues 1. Drill Sergeants not training - Before any of you were trained to become a DS, you were specifically asked if you understood that sometimes you will have to train people when you don't want to and that it can suck sometimes. Every single one of you showed an interest in training recruits to get them into our ranks to show them how great RU is and give them an opportunity to experience the server. However, it appears that there is an issue where people are online and ignoring recruit calls or ignoring recruits in general. You guys have a responsibility to train these recruits and give them the foundation they need to be successful on this server and if you aren't willing to do this unless there is an extenuating circumstance, maybe drill sergeants isn't right for you. We understand if you have things you want to talk to about, so please talk to us before you resign but if you genuinely do not like it then do not stay if you are suffering and resign. 2. Inactivity - Please do not prioritize Military RP over your real life. If you are busy in real life, we understand life gets hectic. Please let us know if you need to take an LOA/Extended Leave or can only be on certain days/times but do not just leave for 2 months and say nothing as you will more then likely be demoted/removed. We can't read your minds or automatically know what is going on in your life, so please let us know if we need to do something or change your status on roster as we are always willing to work with you guys to accommodate situations. Officers in DS please read the above and let me know if there are any problems with DS not training, because these people know better.
  10. Accepted via Overwhelming Support Talk to an LTC+ for training and Whitelists
  11. Hello Drill Seargents, There will be a meeting tommorow at 7pm EST. Please let me know if you cant make it, its relatively important that you make it if you can.
  12. Hello RUAF, Newest Helipilot, Jack Ron.
  13. Hello RUAF, Newest helipilot, Tommy.
  14. Hello Repa, Instead of turning this into a poll, I would recommend just talking to Tagoon if he would like to see it pinned. If so, then you can just get Reborn to pin it. But you need your CMDR's perms for stuff to get pinned anyways so unless the poll was his idea, its problely the best idea to talk to Tagoon first and skip the whole voting.