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  1. Hello Everyone, Glad to see everyone getting into it! Seeing lots of stories and past historys I was completely unaware of. Its nice to get to know our high command and high officers better because all of us help shape the future of the branches and people we oversee!
  2. Hello Androntel, Very nice! Its neat to see how people got to where they were. Also Rip Navy.
  3. Hello MilitaryRP, Just for a little bit of fun, I sometimes feel that enlisted and some officers even don't see their high command enough to get to know them very well and how they got to their position. Thus, I've decided to start this forum post for high command VCMDR+ to post their introductions and story on how they came to where they are now. For example: In-game Name: Brigadier General Matricies TS Name: GL BG Matricies Faction: Russian Army (RU) Rank: Brigadier General (1 Silver star) (BG) Introduction: My name is Matricies or what many others seem to call me, "Matress, Marticles" you name it, people have said it wrong. But it doesn't bother me in the slightest because its all in good fun. I am the current and only brigadier general for RU and am the branch general for both Russian Airforce (RUAF) and the Russian Drill Sergeants (RU-DS). I started playing this server back in April of 2017 starting on the US side under the name US PVT Matrix. I switched over to United States Airforce (USAF) and eventually rose to the rank of CPT where I was promoted to VCMDR and then CMDR due to the branch having no officers by the BG of the branch, Fuurlix. I stayed a USAF CMDR from the beginning of May 2017 to the end of May 2017 in which I resigned due to real life issues. I came back in January 2018 to restart my life on the US side rising to around SSGT before deciding to tryout the RU side. I made myself a prominent force on RU as a donator pilot and eventually joined RUAF. I would eventually rise to the rank of VCMDR and then CMDR in May of 2018 and at the end of May would eventually become a brigadier general for RU. I stayed a BG until around the end of June in which I resigned from my position which I absolutely regret because I came back 2 weeks later to come off my special colonel or SCOL rank to become an RUAF MAJ. I wouldn't rise to the rank of BG again until near the end of october 2018. And that brings us to now. Most people would call me a serious, organized individual who is a constant presence on the radio, great with leading DB's and overall being great with training troops and developing skills in future leaders. But I am also friendly, approachable and understand when to have a little fun. I am a Champion rank on the server with 2 different custom classes (Tactical Aeronaut A9 and Red Sky Knight, both full slots). As noted from my branches, I enjoy training new recruits and helping enlisted and officers grow as well as piloting various aircraft with decent efficiency. Thank you for taking the time read this bio and I hope to see several others like it! -Also note: Even if you aren't high command, you can still post your bio here! Its just that the post is mainly targeted at high command but anyone can post!
  4. What you want to see? - I would like to see the CT capture point moved to what I feel would be a less ridiculous location. Or have cover added in some way along with the other cap points. Why should we add it? - The current CT and other cap points are in locations that do not at all take into account how the map is layed out. This map is like the sniper nest from hell and almost all the capture points are out in the open with very little cover. This means people getting absolutely massacred by several snipers at almost all capture points without severe levels of countersniping. The lack of cover means there is no real strategic way of not losing soldiers capturing objectives except in certain circumstances like proning/crouching. Adding cover or moving the capture points to more sheltered locations would help relieve this issue a bit. What are the advantages of having this? - Makes CT and other cap points less about who has more snipers on the hills and more about controlling the actual capture point. The actual capture point can be got by a group of people but you will suffer causalities because of where it is and its almost unavoidable in certain angles which is not at all fair for RU or US. Who is it mainly for? - RU/US Links to any content - Pictures ahead Construction Visibility from CT Mountains and Field Between US Mountain and CT Mountains Between CT Mountains/US Mountains More appropriate locations for CT Capture point Even though this point is still in the same building, there is WAY more cover and it is more reasonable to defend. This is in the center of the town and would make a good location for a cap point. Its a little confined but it makes it great for close combat/breaching strategies with troops
  5. Hello Richard, @A Friendly Russian Clarification is needed on a certain issue. Are people trying out for other branches considered transfers or just trying out as normal?
  6. Hello Drill Sergeants, So we had only 3 people attend the meeting despite few LOA's and no posts here. I like to give quite a few chances for people to get on and there is a rolecall active to, but I think I've given enough chances for people to show they;re active to DS. Please make sure you visit the Drill Sergeants roster and if your marked you need to talk to either the DSCC/DSC or a CPT+ on why you couldn't attend the meeting. If you do not, you will be removed or striked depending on your position in the roster because you should be checking the Drill Sergeants thread in RU military. Roster Link:
  7. Hello Awg, Is this every sunday or saturday?
  8. Hello Willy, While this kind of application is a little unorthodox, I do understand slightly why its being allowed. So about the following individual. I think this person shows an immense amount of potential to be a great leader who is not only active, but eager to learn more about his branch and proceed to the next level to continue helping people. He also shows professional radio etiquette and sets a good example as a junior officer for enlisted. Jumping from 2LT to VCMDR might be a bit of a jump, but I do feel that he could learn how to do it effectively if he continues showing the dedication and willingness to learn as he has now. Other then that, I have no issues with this application myself. In short, this application has my full +Support
  9. Hello RU, All RU CMDRS have been certified.
  10. Hello Spencer, Its unfortunate that we're going to be losing you as well, as you were showing great signs of becoming a great CMDR I know you have other priorities now and its good that your seeking whats better for you. I wish you good luck in your endevours and thank you for being a great officer and VCMDR.
  11. Hello RU, Please get this done today. I only have 2 CMDR's left who need certification. If you are the CMDR of your branch and have been certified, your VCMDR's need to be trained by you and then oyou need to post it here so I can take them off.
  12. Hello Reborn, A little late to the party but I still have my things to say. I expected you to stay for quite awhile and here you are leaving us what feels like so soon. However, that does not diminish the amount of effort and work you put into everything you did on this server. You were an advocate for positive changes and community improvement and have a powerful personality that is hard to match. You may leave us today but you've left your legacy on Gaminglight and it will be there until the end. So sincerly, thank you for being a fellow branch commander, thank you for being my general, thank you for being a great staff member and above all, thank you for being a wonderful friend. You will be missed Reborn and I wish you good luck to your future endeavors.
  13. Hello Drill Sergeants, We will be having a Drill Sergeants meeting on 11/4 at 5pm CST. If you cannot attend please post bellow with the following format. Enlisted will be promptly removed if they do not respond or attend and will have to talk to a DSC/DSCC about why they couldn't attend or respond to the forums post. Name: Rank: Reason for not attending:
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    Hello Jessy, You mean CMSGT.
  15. Hello Russian Army, Just bumping this.