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  1. Maybe have it as an appliable rank or that you can access terrorist weaponry for a very high price but I don't think you'd have terrorist attacks every 15 minutes in real life, in the exact same city, every day. +/-Support
  2. Please provide correct steamID, doesn't start with STEAM_1
  3. -Support Do you regularly see people robbing gas stations using LMGs in real life?
  4. I believe that 1 gas per 3 criminals would be fair since gas can take up to around 80hp off each criminal in the duration that 1 gas canister lasts. Also being specially trained in gas usage could also be good aswel so that people who have access to it know how and when to strategically use gas whilst also not making people angry at the amount of gas used.
  5. -Unknown-


    well its quite a nice one and took a big build so youd have to come to me in game to inquire about it (Bob Bob E)
  6. -Unknown-


    I have a gun dealer base, a PD killroom thing, a GL Logo and s GL badge/flag that are mostly the ones worth anything.
  7. With the new restraints (Elastic restraint) on the VIP Thief Job, there are a lot of issues involving them. i've made a video with Jeff and Jakeee outlining the main parts. please don't go shouting at Jeff for moving me with his physgun, we were proving the bug to post on here, not trying to do anything to break rules. as you can see throughout most of the video, these restraints are really bad to use as you can literally make people fly using them. you can drag players behind cars, make them fly off cliffs, hang them off cliffs so nobody can get to them, etc. you also can't put people in vehicles using them. (first few seconds are black screen)
  8. +Support Donor mod warned you instead of an OFC named John since your name had John in it, donor mod should come here and explain what happens but I don't think anyone knows their forum name.
  9. What happened to the app you posted about an hour before this one?
  10. +/-Support Although it could be good to have, it would give criminals an excuse to evade jail time and just get themselves killed instead.
  11. I would gladly help bring this back to life. Bob Bob