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  1. Would people who have already reached the things involved get them if this comes out?
  2. What if you wanna listen with your friends? Also not all people wanna get Spotify
  3. Suggestion - Adding a Working Discord Music Bot. the current bots on discord don't work when it comes to music and some of us would like to chill in the already made - Music Channel - that is there and want to listen to music that each over like... but we cant. My suggestion is to add a working discord music bot such as Rythm, it shouldn't make much difference to the discord, except allowing people to listen to music with each over in the music channel.
  4. Applicant was allowed to Re-Apply at any time after his Denial.
  5. Just to comment on his activity, we have spoken to Felix about his current activity and high command deem it fine as he plays at different times and is currently quite busy.
  6. I would like to see you as command, however I've had some reports against you that you may not be aware of, of you using unallowed weapons for your rank/ignoring some orders, I'd recommend re-applying in 2 week once your activity has improved and you get more used to current rules in PD.
  7. Alright, ill be on UK times - Deputy Chief Bob Bob 1K51
  8. As long as it's for GL I could talk to you about it
  9. I sent you some questions in a forum PM. @sour_doritos
  10. Ask me in teamspeak when I'm on
  11. Google translate doesn't seem to work... Hmmmmm