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    CERT Tahoe Skin

    Honestly I didn't know it had a specific name. All I know that it was in the Paint job 8 slot in the VCMOD dealer (Skin 7 when changing it using context menue), was replaced by an EMS skin in this update and was added to the server with a Taurus skin and 2012 Charger skin (all dark blue with yellow writing, CERT on the side) over a year ago. I think you payed someone to make them, the same guy that made the older SWAT skins and the ARU Tahoe skin I think, as well as the 2012 and 2006 Charger that State Police have. I don't think these skins were ever put into an addon but just added directly to one of the Police RP content addons in the collection. But yeah, not sure what name you might be looking for, idk if any of this helped at all,
  2. I'm not sure if this has been reported yet but when EMS got their update with their new car skins, their Tahoe skin overwrote the CERT one we have for our Tahoe. It'd be nice if we could either have our skin moved to a different slot somehow or for the EMS Tahoe skin to be removed so we can get our CERT skin back. (Paint Job 8 in VCMOD dealer, Skin 7 in context menu)
  3. Who Death was spectating does not matter in the slightest. A rule was clearly broken and needs to be punished appropriately. It's not like it is entrapment or anything stupid like that, DURAMAX wasn't pushed towards breaking the rule, he broke it of his own free will. So, please stop bringing up who Death was spectating as a reason why this is an invalid report because that doesn't matter.
  4. I want to start by making it very clear that I have no bias in this scenario. I've known both players for a long time, have been in departments with both, and have had a lot of good times with both of them. This opinion is completely based off of what I see in the video. +Support Clearly had a firearm which Snookie witnessed. IRL you would not taze somebody you know is armed and dangerous just because they put the gun into their pocket. You hold them at gunpoint and take them into custody. There was a good minute there where verbal commands were being issued while DURAMAX was at gunpoint and under FearRP where he did not cooperate, clearly just stalling for one of this friends to get there (none of which were there to begin with). Clear breach of FearRP. It is not a staff application where he can't reply after it is posted. He is replying to everyone's -Support because they clearly aren't educated on the situation and the MOTD. I agree with him, everyone giving -supports has no idea what they are talking about.
  5. Several suggestion for a Serious RP server have been made in the past both in suggestions and the thread Zeeptin had about future servers. I think that SMT either needs to find ways to improve RP on the current server with more serious rules, or by seriously considering a secondary Police Serious RP server. A server meeting would be a good way for SMT to get feedback from the people that play on and care about the server for either idea. I'm not sure why SMT would be against doing this.
  6. I bet everyone wants to be cool like the SPMU kiddos now SNR Trooper+ to apply
  7. watch your tone, I'm your captain jk dont demote me please this is all i have
  8. mmm all those ugly tauruses, very nice
  9. There are two strips of shops to use, one across from club catalyst and one behind taco bell, none of which ever get used. There are also several warehouses, the club, the tavern, three apartment buildings, like 10 houses, taco bell, a store, and the ability to build your own building. You have so many places to run your business, just get smarter with advertisement. Unnecessary
  10. Because Nor isn't in it anymore.*
  11. Shooting and evading. Meaning if you get pulled over you have to RP the traffic stop and can not evade unless you have one of those valid reasons. This also has to do with giving up after a situation where a suspect could only end a situation lethally given certain factors like the crime committed was violent, etc.
  12. I completely agree, Valk was not nice or fair to a lot of people but at least he cared about the server enough to put out frequent updates and keep toxic players off the server. Make a rule that says that people can not evade or shoot at police unless they have a valid reasons. Valid reasons would be things like: stolen vehicle police are aware of a firearm on the driver someone in the car has a warrant suspended license (something RP'd out by an officer) the officer makes it clear that the subject is going to be ARRESTED (not just detained) drugs/money printers are present the officer draws a weapons or taser on the subject subject was involved in a VIOLENT crime or felony in the past 5 or 10 minutes etc A rule like this would make people RP things out and would substantially reduce the amount of shootouts. This was a rule on a SantosRP-like server I used to play on and it made RP way better. The only reason anyone would argue with this is if they are a completely non-serious player who isn't here for RP at all and makes them the exact kind of toxic player that we want gone. Might cause those people to leave so population might go down, but then again all of the serious, good players that have left or are leaving might stay if its more bearable because of this.