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  1. Ok, it is moved to today @ 8pm est
  2. Title says it all. The meeting will be mainly in TS but we will line up in game. MAJOR stuff will be discussed will be held regarding the promotions and TRAINING. I would like ALL SGTS to attend.
  3. I agree with that, but maybe just the Infiltrator can sneak tranq. Because If there are low amount of foundation on then you tranq them all and they can't fight back.
  4. Still says Site 19 on it and a few other things that don't really fit the map we have now.
  5. +Support The tranq is op, it will stop anyone who is shot with it. I think it should ONLY be used on SCP's and to where it can only be used on Keter Class+ and Defcon 3,2, or 1.
  6. Might wanna update it @Mikedanoobgamer
  7. -Support Activity - A couple hours a week is not that active.
  8. Kade

    CI Raid Time

    And Security has almost non-stop training sometimes which is bad because we can't train new players in the dark.
  9. Name: Kade Rank: Private First Class Callsign(ex:1D12): Idk Division: L5 Concerns: None