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  1. Okay, the helicopter part is understandable, but it seems weird that only ARU would get K9s, because it's not like there isn't police with K9s irl.
  2. One of two things, Helicopters for coverage of pursuits, or a K9 division for PD.
  3. +/- Support Charge backs can cause a huge damage to a pocket of a person, the money the community gets from donations help keep it running.... As for the +/- support I have some sympathy for this person, but at the same time the appeal isn't really well written, the whole appeal itself seems repetitive. I'm more leaning on - Support as of right now. With that being said, if he comes back to keep a close eye on him. If he becomes a constent problem it should be a ban straight away. I honestly think that the appeal is too soon and that chupibrandon needs more time to mature; however, he does seem apologetic in his appeal. to chupibrandon: If your appeal does get denied take a break, focus on school, etc... If you come back in a few months with a well written appeal I definitely will consider a + Support.
  4. I'm crying inside, vizz...
  5. Your In-game: SRT SSGT StackableGold 1E49 (AKA StackableGold) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 The player's name in-game: Toxix Man The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:450644652 What did the player do: Impersonated staff, Staff Diss (putting the n word in chat), Shooting in sit, Mass RDM, When asked to change their name they didn't, and they LTAPED. Evidence (REQUIRED): These pictures were taken a short time after the event(s) listed above occured. (Proof of warns being isued) (Proof of failing to change name then of LOGS for MASS RDM, Name Change, and LTAP) Link to image collection: What do you believe should happen to the player: a 10,000+ second minge or even a Ban based on their behavior as all they did was seem to want to minge and not RP. As i don't think I'm able to issue a minge to a offline player. Any extra information: I warned them for Staff Diss, Mass RDM, Imitating Staff (I should have put Impersonating but I was rushing to issue the warn out of the fear of them disconnecting and Imitating was the first word that came to mind when issuing the warn.), Shooting in a sit, and then a separate warn for LTAP as I was not able to issue a minge before they disconnected.
  6. + SUPPORT (Warn is false) Yeah I accidently warned Vizz whielist trying to grab someone else's steam ID of who attacked him. I clicked on "Copy SteamID" Instead of "Copy Attacker SteamID"
  7. StackableGold


    I've had a bit of a issue with !plogs my self. Sometimes the chat doesn't always save to it so it makes it difficult to pull up who said what in chat.
  8. Yeah I was about to say where's the gasser at, but a medic role would also be nice.