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  1. It's hard when you are on the phone and the sun is hitting the screen. You also have to force your vision a lot more and that is not good for the eyes. It's a simple change that can help out a lot
  2. ^ Agreed maybe a minge instead? idk ban or minge tomato tomato <- you prob read that differently eh? lol
  3. not a bad idea as long as you are willing to do it free of charge and then sign a contract that hands full 100% ownership of the app to "Gaminglight" This is the only way I could see this turning out good, as it can cause legal issues in the future for example if you get banned or if some altercation is to happen. This would have to be set up and with permission of Zep himself and with a lot of signed documents to state each role and what everyone gets out of this. Whether it is that you do it for free or get paid or do it for some sort of exchange it would all have to be documented. That being said you must also be 18+ so that you could sign the paperwork otherwise your parents would have to get involved and that is a mess on it'self
  4. look at the player report "Durmax King" this is the reason this is a thing. People quoted a -support that stated he had no gun over and over and over and even after it being proved otherwise. People are just hitting quote and not reading for themselves. Just look at the report you will bang your head against the table. ik this will be denied but I tried. I tried to make the community better and let everyone have a voice rather than people just quoting others and being followers instead of leaders. The sad part about it is when they quote obvious incorrect information and just show how they did not even bother to take a look at the report or whatever it is being posted.
  5. reorganize this: to side by side so it cuts down a bit the huge line. Add an automatic join button, that when you click it will open your Gmod and join the server automatically. I have seen this before but idk how it is done.
  6. Because people just quote people without reading or looking at the evidence. I made a suggestion to stop quoting but everyone -supported it. Feel my pain
  7. Why does it matter how it was recorded? Durmax at that time did not know if he was being recorded or not so his genuine RP reaction was to break the rule and failure to value is life. Just because it was good or bad timing depending on how you look at it. Even if he was targeted that does not excuse someone from breaking a rule. The reason to put him at gunpoint was there I took a SC for god sake. It is like saying that when an officer goes undercover and catches a criminal he can't charge him because he was "targeted" & let's just say he was, just saying, if Duramax would have not broken a rule then we would have not been here. The point is that he broke a rule and just like any player he should be warned. Even if he is a Mod, well known or whoever he is. He is not above the rest of us. It is sad to see how someone with connections can get away with doing blain rule breaks because his friends think is ok. If this report was on someone else this thread would be filled with huge ass green + support sings everywhere. But because it is someone people know they -support , even staff.
  8. @Michael Elsner I just have to ask did you look at the video or did you just quote someone without looking at the video?
  9. That is just a speculation. But would you say that this excuses someone to break a rule? I mean regardless of being targeted or not he still broke the a rule, and there was no way for him to know if it was a set up or not. Being targeted is not a problem if you don't break the rules. If you do what you are supposed to do you will be fine being or not. I go back to my question. Does it excuse someone from rules just because "they are being targeted"? With or without him knowing?
  10. People - supporting are being biast including yourself. You stated there was no reason to put him at gunpoint. DO YOU NOT SEE THE GUN????? Then you go on to state that he "backed up a fee feet" when he didn't he did the opposite. He went towards the officer. Making him go from the side of ghetto all the way to the line of hospital. Then you state he only has 6 warnings and that he shouldn't get warned. As a Moderator you should more than well know that the amount of warnings someone has does bot affect anything. I am personally very dissapointed in the way you broke down this situation. I don't want to be rude or anything but you set an example of our staff team. Making blaint arguments without looking into the evidence just only goes to show... Now you are just reaching... You are allowed to record but not upload. If it os for a report or something you can upload that small clip as evidence. This has nothing to do with the report.
  11. How is running towards an officer while at gunpoint and after being told to put your hands up not fearRP. From second 0:05 - 1:15 that is 1 minute and 10 seconds of being told to put his hands up. He told him 16 different time to drop the gun and put his hands up. At second 1:00 he tells him at gunpoint "do not come closer to me" what does durmax do for the next 5 seconds? Go towards the officer. This is blain FearRP I fail to see how others think otherwise
  12. Honestly all replys to this are biast in my opinion. Everyone quoting everyone without actually looking at the video. Love how 3 people decided to quote each other rather than look at the evidence and see he clearly had a gun out. The SC I took you can see Durmax holding a gun. So yes there was a reason to put him under FearRP. IRL this would have gone exactly this way until durmax started to gk towards the officer. Knowing he was armed durmax would have gotten shot the moment he started to make weird movements. Go try this shit irl and see how it goes. You won't live to prove me wrong. Thus is clear FailRP and FearRP from Durmax. It is sad to see how pur own staff fails to see that. Showing either biast opinion or just lack of knowledge on the rules. +Support