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  1. Gotta love how people take his side just because he said so. - Support There is no evidence proving that you did not leave purposely. Show crash logs and more evidence. Show the other staff you called for them to take you back to the jail. For now - support
  2. true but where do you call that line? Because I see people using that left and right now as an excuse to do whatever they want. Not talking about you just in general where can we say this is "semy serious" and this "isn't ok"
  3. + Support what is the point of EMS. EMS just comes in to revive and the criminal keeps their gun and $ so they are all set. This will actually give them a purpose.
  4. People have to say why they are giving a + or a - if not what is the point...
  5. @ArmyGuy usually on your side but come on man. This is annoying you through that gas behind so it would go through a wall. IRL that would never happen. Also irl they ill throw it through the soor like they are supposed to. I understand you did not want to go in there because of the awps and what not but that's the point so you don't. Also, you killed the store clerk.
  6. yo NSA should not even be on the road. No real-life department lets people run around in heels dressed like they are going to a wedding and give them teslas to crash and do 10-80s with... if you want to speak realism.
  7. yea just don't make it a ratio thing just make it a set number per situation. So like 3 per situation or whatever number you want. Both sides can keep count and when they run out they run out.
  8. element of surprise doe. Also why? that is annoying
  9. kind of kills the element of surprise.
  10. Agreed. That is why I suggested the 3 per situation rather than a ratio. Also the NLR thing it's kinda how it is now
  11. in all honesty, coming from a criminal standpoint Gass is alright as long as it is not used to go through a wall. When you purposely put one at the end of the building for it to go through a wall it is annoying. IDK if you all have noticed or not but UBC, VL, Kings they have all just given up. The basing rules already make it hard and when you hass through a wall it just kills the fun. Gass is a bit OP in my opinion. The 3 - 1 ratio would not work because the cops will say "I thought there was 6 of them" There should be a limit on how many gasses per situation. I think 3 gasses per situation is fine. Once you use all 3 you are all out and you can't use more. Also @Fame anyway we could make it so that the black market dealer sold gas masks? Also are you allowed to kidnap a SWAT member and make them drop mask for you?