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  2. @Snarlax Can you delete this Sub Forums for EMS Applications? We don't use it anymore
  3. maure and a great guy he also is good for training and great following orders
  4. Yes, John approved it.
  5. Very smart and listens to orders well Good luck
  6. Follows orders and can lead his fellow brothers in battle and base
  7. He is very Mature and know how to lead Good Luck my dude
  8. Traz Informational Discord: Applications: Rules: Suggestions Format: Ranks Owner Manager Commander Co-Commander Team Leader Team Assistant Leader Seargent Corporal Private Soldier Recruit
  9. Yes because he follows orders when given, and takes action when needed
  10. + Support Active member, however really has not been BCO that long. Good luck!
  11. Name: 327th BCO Commander Bly (Reborn) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:13970381 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Commander (BCO) Why do you want to be a general?: The main reason I want to be a general is to help. Yes I know that sound really cliché but I have had that goal since I have joined the server. when I became a commander of 327th by goal was to bring it up from the ground and show people what we are made of. I feel that myself and my fellow troops did a wonderful job of that, but I always felt that I could do more. BG I a big rank and it takes a lot of responsibility but I know that I am ready for it. For one I have the trust and respect of my troops to get me through the hard difficult times ahead, But I know that I can overcome these challenges. Being helpful to me is a second nature I love to try and help people that need help or are too afraid to ask. I also I have a strong passion to be the best that I can be. To me I have a completive nature and because of that I like to try and outdo myself in how well I can handle situations. Overall I feel that I need to prove to everyone that I have the time, the effort, and the will power to become the best brigadier general that I could be and help all the troops and battalions that need it. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I feel that I should be trusted with this rank because of how long and how much dedication I have shown. I have been with community for two years and believe that's gaming light is my second home. When it comes to trust I have been on the staff team for 9 months and have shown to the best of my ability that I can be trusted. With my staff experience I have also played on milrp and made a name for myself there. I have become the highest rank that I can achieve without staff ranks. I feel that trust is something to be earned and I feel that I need to prove myself to my troops that I can be trusted. How often can you be online?: Most everyday, but I do have HW and milrp to worry about. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: I have zero warnings I'm a good noddle Ps. If accepted I would like to be assigned to the 327th
  12. Back when you were a donor mod you were abusive and didn’t really get on duty. So -support.
  13. @^5austindoble2013 @[GL] Flame Please refrain from posting comments in the custom job posts, only the person who created it and Zeeptin should. It is in the forum rules available in the announcements section.
  14. - Huge Support He was not listening to staff. Not complying with staff. Current Minge. Does not like to comply with staff. Wasting staff time by saying that a staff sit is wasting RP time. Harassing staff members. Disrespecting staff members. Swearing in OOC. Breaking rules. Says "i do wtf i want" This could scare a newer member of staff which is not acceptable as everyone should feel safe on this server. Clearly has no regard for staff or their ruling. Doesnt even show evidence himself I have had a lot of dealing with this person and they actually muted me while in a sit.
  15. In-Game-Name: [Omega 6855 ] Current Rank: SFC Why do You Want to be 2nd Lieutenant? (75-100 Words): I would like to be a 2nd lieutenant because a fell prepared to guide my 327th brothers on the field and I also am very compromised with the 327th, and from my point of view I think the few times I have been in charge I have done a great job, I also feel prepared for this responsibility and I compromise that if I fail in my duty I will take all the responsibility of the 327th troopers on my charge. Why Should 2nd Lieutenant be Trusted to You? (100-150 Words): I think first of all I am a very active soldier, I also take this seriously and as I said in the last question I will take all the responsibility of the troopers on my charge and if I fail, I will not impose on being demoted, I already have the responsibility of being an ARC trooper and I haven't failed in my responsibilities, I respect a lot any trooper on the server and never had problems with the staff, or any conduct warning, I put this because I think that if I had followed all the rules since I was a CT PVT that can tell how compromised I am with the 327th, I think that I take good decisions, and I have great ideas for 327th trainings. Activity Schedule: everyday from 3:00 to 10:00 Are you Well Aware of the Responsibilities and Expectations that a 2nd Lieutenant Holds?: yes and i am ready for them Repeat the Following Sentence: "I adhere by the expectations, rules, and seriousness that follows an Officer position."
  16. I understand if I can use the 20 for another cc I will do items I will
  17. Hey guys, I'm making a list of reasons why state is the best department and why everyone should join. To help get new troopers in. Ive been working on it for a while and if anyone has any reasons they think state is the best please message me and give me some. Thank you all. -Pull
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