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  2. it was working fine yesterday
  3. No, it was a donator moderator who placed it down trying to be funny, it was a huge pain.
  4. @[GL] Wolffe Fine, go take your vacation time but just know the 27th, you're going to be on GMOD allllll day. No dumlaglas, no destroying nexus' but in your case, getting your nexus DESTROYED LOL. But in all seriousness, take care of yourself and if you need me, talk with me. xoxo, no homo DADDYCAN BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO BE THIS BIG. LIKE MY BULGE IN THAT PICTURE
  5. Where are the officers you are missing them fix it or you will get denied.
  6. Join the discord and stay in contact with your fellow brothers!
  7. It's either 1. Your Playermodel does not have a ragdoll 2. The Playermodel Could be glitched
  8. 1. Name?: 2. Rank?: 3. Reason for LOA?:
  10. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST HAVE A POLL WITH ONLY TWO OPTIONS BEING '+SUPPORT(EXPLAIN)' AND '-SUPPORT(EXPLAIN)' All applications will be decided by Plo Koon, CMDR Wolffe, and VCMDR Jeffe. 1. What is your ingame name?: 2. Rank within the 104th?: 3. What qualities do you think a officer of the 104th should have?: 4. Why should you be a officer?: 5. Should you be trusted? If so, explain: 6. Timezone: 7. How often can you be on?: 8. Past Experiences being an officer?: 9. Combat Level?:
  11. Custom class name: Thor Steam id: STEAM_0:0:114669427 Video of what happens Whenever i die with my custom class it seems to make me crash, i tested this with the civ character, and everything was normal. Then i switched to my thor class and right when i died i crashed. I tested this about 3 times, and restarted my pc/ game twice.
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  13. @ReGen (I <3 Shroud) Nevmis no longer officerino
  14. Sad to see you go october. You where a great mate. If you want my discord is #7523 . You’ll be missed.
  15. RP Name: Dan / Solois Hex ID ( 11000010a3ab354 How many warns do you have (max is 10): None Tell us about yourself (100 words minimum): Name's Dan, 17 year old from Indonesia. Spending most of my days on Gaminglight's PoliceRP really boosted my fondness for policing, I wouldn't think I'd spend this much time and effort towards improving my skills and knowledge towards being an officer. But it looks like I was wrong, currently, a proud Master Sergeant in Rockford Police, as well as an SNR Trooper in Rockford State Police, putting in working hour amounts of time and dedication towards both Departments. Wanting as much realism and coordination pushed me towards becoming a Dispatcher as well, which, I was fortunate enough to receive. Though with the hard to drive cars and lag I face from Garry's Mod, it really took the immersion out of it, therefore I sought more realism. I then heard Gaminglight had opened a FiveM server, and here I am applying for SAHP. How will you maintain professionalism (150 words minimum): Calm and Respectful is what I stand by, maintaining a balance between Fun and Serious is very important, it's something I try to Uphold every time I go on duty for the Reputation of the Department and Myself. With the ability to process moments requiring critical thinking, while still being calm and considerate. As well as keeping a respectful attitude to all other officers and civilians to encourage a safe environment, both during and outside of work hours. With my will to support others makes for an Honest individual, striving to Improve and Learn more about policing. No matter the situation, staying focused during work hours is key. Having the Integrity of doing the right thing, no matter how small or how big, using the best of my abilities to help someone through any situation is what I plan to accomplish. I believe I act professionally when it's needed, having a chuckle now and there. Keeping positive at work goes a long way for everyone. Do you know the police codes: Most of the important ones. Learning with each day. Do you understand that you must be serious and maintain character at all times (including in the TS in the LEO patrol rooms): I understand. Have you read the SOP: Yes I have. Do you promise to follow the Community and Server rules: I promise to follow the Community and Server rules.
  16. REEEEEEEEEEE-ach for the starsss
  17. Matricies

    Druzz loa

    Hello Druzz, This has been noted.
  18. Remember when you promote somebody you MUST fill out the promotion form. If you don't you will be demoted. Also all Commanders MUST be active it is very important for commanders to be active to build their Regiment. If you don't you will be demoted. Just a heads up from your Super Admin.
  19. You must wait 2 weeks
  20. Please use CPT + 2lt does not count as an proper officer.
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    Druzz loa

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