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  • How to Fix GMod Missing Textures

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    How to Fix GMod Missing Texture Issues


    Automatic Downloads

    All Multiplayer content *SHOULD* be downloadable by simply joining the server with your multiplayer server downloads turned on. 


    *HINT: Sometimes after joining the first time your GMod needs to restart to load everything properly. If you are missing a lot of content when you first join, give your GMod a restart.*


    Manually Subscribing to Collections


    What you can do for this is simply go to the server's website you are trying to join and look for their collection pack.

    Find the server you are trying to play on and hit subscribe to all at the top.



    Ensure you open your gmod and let all the files download. There should be a loading bar at the bottom of the screen showing progress.

    After the downloads finish, go ahead and restart your game so that everything is loaded properly for joining the server. 

    Join the server once you reopen your game and enjoy no errors.


    Download CSS Content

    Sometimes maps do not pack all their content into the maps the way most of us like. When they use Counter Strike Source content this is even bigger of an issue. This can be fixed by downloading CSS Content at https://gmodcontent.com/. After downloading just extra, drag, and drop it into your garrysmod folder and restart your game.


    GMOD Reinstall

    In late January 2020, GMod released an update that changed the way that workshop and addon downloads are handled. If you have not done so since then I would HIGHLY *HIGHLY* recommend that you reinstall your full gmod to ensure that there are no conflicts. 

    Now, this does not just mean going into steam and hitting uninstall and reinstall.

    You will need to manually delete some files to ensure you have the freshest install.

    First, uninstall in steam as you would normally do.

    Then, go into your program files and locate the Garry's Mod folder. Mine looks like this D:\steamapps\steamapps\common\GarrysMod

    • Delete that whole folder.

    Next, navigate to your workshop downloads folder which is now saved in a new location. Here is what mine looks like D:\steamapps\steamapps\workshop\content\4000

    • Delete that whole folder as well.

    Now you are all set to reinstall through steam and can start back at step 1 if you are missing content.



    Main Takeaways

    • Sometimes, if you can't see certain content a simple restart of your game can fix it.
    • Keep your custom downloads on regardless unless you want to be missing content on every server you go on (I know some people don't like all the storage but don't complain about missing stuff if you have custom downloads turned off).
    • Reinstall your GMod. 
      • Frees up unused addons as well!





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    7/5 stars, "Wooo prp"

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    6/5 stars great tutorial zeeptin

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    Absolutely amazing this changed my entire life. Being able to see the textures got me a wife which led us to having kids. We know have a wonderful and happy life. Just got a promotion at my job too because of this guide. Thanks Zeeptin!

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    my girlfriend broke up with me because all I can do is play Gmod now that I’m not missing textures thanks!

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