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    TTT Rules


    Gaminglight TTT Rules

    These rules are not designed to be super restrictive, as this server is meant to be more fun and relaxed

    You are able to report rulebreakers by using !report, or clicking "This Was RDM" on the popup after you have died.


    General Rules

    1.  You can kill someone for body blocking, as long as you give them 7 seconds to move. You must tell them verbally or in chat that they must move in 7 seconds or you will kill them.
    2.  No RDMing. RDM stands for Random Deathmatch, it applies to any damage to someone without reason. This also includes Incendiaries and Discombobulators.
    3.  No ghosting. Ghosting is when you let an outside source (steam friend, TeamSpeak chat, etc) influence the way you play the game.
    4.  Do Not Propsurf.
    5.  Do not kill AFKs. Notify staff if you see an AFK player. If there are no staff on, you may Kill AFK’s.
    6.  No advertising other servers, videos, etc.
    7.  You cannot claim areas/locations.
    8.  Do not disrespect staff members or other players.
    9.  You cannot camp an area for more than 3 minutes. If it is overtime, no camping will be allowed.
    10.  Players cannot participate in mini-games during the round.
    11.  Do not Impersonate other Players.
    12.  Do not Argue with Staff. Their decisions are final. If you believe they have made the incorrect decision, file a staff report at gaminglight.com.
    13.  Do not Cheat, Exploit, or Hack.
    14.  Do not Flashlight Spam.
    15.  Do not make False RDM / Reports.
    16.  Do not Impersonate other Players.
    17.  If you have an offensive player name, you will be asked to change it.

    KOSable/Warnable Actions

    1. Shooting other Players (Unless it is a Detective. However, if a detective is just shooting everyone randomly, you can kill them.)
    2. Traitor baiting (shooting near people, shooting in the air, shooting windows, shooting randomly or saying you are a traitor in chat/mic). You must allow a leeway of 3 shots before it is counted as traitor baiting.
    3.  Throwing discombobulators, incendiary, or HE grenades. Smoke grenades are only High Sus.
    4.  Being next to, picking up, or deliberately passing an unidentified body.
    5.  Breaking bridges, walkways, or testers(Damaging/Hitting the tester counts).
    6.  Not responding to a live check after a majority of the players have died.
    7.  Attempting to damage/kill players with props. It's okay to pick them up as long as you don't hurt, or attempt to hurt, fellow players.
    8.  Prop pushing, prop blocking or prop killing.
    9.  Damaging a detective's HP station.
    10.  Damaging players by pushing them off ledges with crowbars.
    11.  "Goomba stomping" players (jumping from a significant altitude and falling on top of them).
    12.  Carrying explosive barrels/explosive items (This includes mine turtles in community pool)

    Map Specific KOSable/Warnable Actions

    1. Throwing, hiding, or delaying when bringing the gold block/diamond blocks to the tester/furnace. (on ttt_minecraft_b5).
    2. Give a warning before blowing up barrels on ttt_community_pool_revamped. Picking up barrels is KOSable only if you bring them towards people.
    3. Hiding a Material needed to build the drill on ttt_airbus_v3

    Innocents / General

    1. You may only call suspicion on someone for a valid reason. 
    2. Valid Reasons to call suspicion on someone are: Door Blocking, Claiming to be Proven, Following close behind you, and Shooting Randomly. 
    3. There is a difference between putting suspicion on someone and KOSing someone.
    4. If it is overtime, any previous or current high sus will count as KOS.


    1. Traitors can false KOS other players.
    2. You must alert other players, either in traitor chat or traitor voice chat (Shift), if you are using traitor weapons that may harm fellow traitors (such as trip mines, RSB’s, C4 detonators, boom bodies, or any type of grenade/explosive)
    3. When using a Traitor defibrillator the following will show up in chat, "<respawned player> has been brought back to life as a traitor." If other players notice that message, the revived traitor can be KOSed.
    4. You are not allowed to camp in the traitor room for more than 4 minutes (240 seconds)


    1. Detectives can use a Golden Gun to randomly shoot players. If they shoot a traitor, it's an instant kill. If they shoot an innocent, the detective (or person using the golden deagle) dies.
    2. Players cannot ask the detective for the Golden Gun unless the detective offers it.

    Mic/chat Rules

    1. Do not mic/chat spam or play music. 
    2. Soundboards are not allowed.
    3. All caps messages are never permitted.
    4. English only, please.
    5. Do not use racial slurs or offensive jokes directed at minorities, ethnic or religious groups. Cursing is allowed in moderation, but cannot be directed at individual players or a group.
    6. You can be gagged for poor mic quality or loud background noise.
    7. Do not spam admin chat.
    8. Do not post links in the chat unless approved by SMT.


    Essential Rules.

    Kill on Sight (KOS)   

    1. Occurs when a player calls out another player as a traitor. For a KOS to be valid, the KOS must clarify who the target is, and mention in chat which person is the traitor and should be killed. If given a false KOS, a punishment will be given.
    2. For example, “Igneous is a traitor!", and "KOS Igneous". These are valid, you should only KOS someone, if you have seen suspeciousen or witness a murder. You cannot call a KOS on someone, if they walk past a body or they shoot a bullet in the air. These are invalid and will be punished by a staff member.       
    3. You are not allowed to KOS players based on the weapon they are holding unless it is a traitor weapon.
    4. You are not allowed to kill players for blocking you, unless they are trapping you on purpose and its intimidating you.
    5. You are not allowed to kill players for allegedly activating a Traitor button. Traitor buttons can have a very large range and could be activated through walls, which means you cannot always be sure who actually activated them.
    6. You're not allowed to kill players for refusing to use the tester.


    Random Deathmatch (RDM)

    1. Is the act of killing a player that you had no reason to kill. To kill a player in TTT, you must be able to ensure that the player has committed a traitorous act. You cannot kill someone if you have not seen any traitorous or suspicious acts.                   
    2. If caught or reported for a RDM, whether it be accidental or on purpose. A punishment will be given. But you do have a chance if the attacker forgives you. The staff member will still evaluate the situation and will find a better solution for the situation. We do allow chances, but if it still continues, then you will be issued with punishments.
    3. Of course there are some accidental shots, which in this case is called “Crossfire” this is when you miss a target and kill or damage another target that was just walking around for an example. Depending how you look at the situation, Crossfire is usually not punishable but if caught doing it on purpose and not forgiven, may end up with a punishment.
    4. You may not kill someone, if they accidentally shoot the air/ground. You may kill them, if they’re attending to shoot you or near you, which would count as a traitorous act. People shouldn’t be shooting randomly anyways, unless they have a valid reason or attempting to kill someone.               

    AFK Players       

    1. If you go AFK on the server, you must put yourself into spectator mode. As if you’re being AFK while playing, you might be chosen to be a traitor or a detective. Which you cannot be AFK for.
    2. AFK players may not be killed, unless there are no staff members online. If a staff member is online, you must report it to them and they will deal with the person. There will be no punishment handed out, if gone AFK. It’s a simple force to spectator mode.

    Traitorous acts       

    1. For a kill to be accepted or valid, you must be able to witness a player that has committed one of the following. 
    2. If you're attempting or purposely shooting towards a player, you will be automatically committing a traitorous act. Which people will believe that you’re a traitor and will have a valid reason to kill you.
    3. If you’re purposely or randomly shooting the ceiling, or the walls/ground around you, then you're NOT committing a traitorous act. But you’re not meant to be really shooting at all, unless you have witness suspicisions, a murder, or a valid KOS.
    4. If attempting or purposely start hitting or swinging your crowbar or any melee weapons around someone is traitorous. As that is a threat to their life and attempting to kill them.
    5. If throwing an explosive grenade on purpose, will be taken as a traitorous act. If throwing a smoke grenade or flash bag, will NOT be counted as a traitorous act. As it’s not harming anyone.                             
    6. If you’re blocking someone in a traitor trap area, and blocking someone within the radius of an explosion or blocking someone underwater to make them drown. Counts as a traitorous act, as it is putting their lives at risk.           
    7. If attempting to push someone with your crowbar, with a prop, or any other type of pushing counts as a traitorous act.
    8. That goes for pushing players into water where they may drown, traitor-traps, or areas of the map that may cause damage.
    9. Being in a traitor room, regardless if you're a proven innocent, entering, leaving or just staying in it. You will be noticed as “Suspicions” and means you’re committing a traitorous act and can be killed for it.
    10. That goes for standing near or close to the doorways of a traitor room, which is considered being inside of it.
    11. If you’re just walking towards the Traitor Room then that is NOT a traitorous act. The player can NOT be KOSable unless they’re acting very suspicious or coming back all the time.   
    12. Interacting with any kind of traitor item is considered a traitorous act.
    13. Ignoring any unidentified bodies in your area within your sight is a traitorous act.
    14. If a player cannot see an unidentified body because it's not in their sight such as a different room, behind a walls, etc. Then you cannot kill them for not identifying it.
    15. If someone is following you and blocking you when you're either jumping in mid-air or they're blocking you from leaving a room and its intimidating you, then that is considered a traitorous act.

    Prop Rules

    1. There are some rules regarding our Props on the server maps.   
    2. You are not allowed to attack players with props, this will count as RDM and prop killing.
    3. When picking up props on the maps, you need to make sure you’re not, throwing them around, swinging them around, blocking peoples vision with the prop, etc. This will be counted as Prop Killing.
    4. If caught pushing or killing players with props and doing it on purpose, you will be punished accordingly by a staff member.
    5. If a prop explodes and you’re near someone, this will count as prop killing. As you know it’s an explosive prop and it only takes someone to shoot it.
    6. You’re not allowed under any circumstances to attack players with props as a spectator you will be punished accordingly by a staff member.
    7. You may break props such as boxes, knocking down any barrels, etc. By using your crowbar that is given to you at every round.


    Random Deathmatch

    • 1st offense: 1 slay (Maybe a verbal)
    • 2nd offense: 2slay
    • 3rd offense: Is counted as MassRDM
    • When you’re slayed, you won’t be able to play until the next round. If you leave when you have been slayed, the slay will still be applied when you join back!   

    Attempted Random Deathmatch

    • 1st offense: Impair hp (25-50)
    • 2nd offense: Add 1 autoslay or impair by 50 HP
    • 3rd offense:1 autoslay
    • Note: A staff member, at their discretion, may autoslay when you hit the 2nd offense.

    Mass RDM       

    • 1st offense: 7 day ban
    • 2nd offense: 30 day ban
    • Note: A staff member, at their discretion, may extend your ban time for any other rules you may have broken.       

    Inappropriate language/slurs

    • 1st offense: Warning + Gag/mute (If necessary)
    • 2nd offense: 1 Day ban
    • 3rd offense: 1 Week ban
    • Note: A staff member, at their discretion, may extend your ban length. Depending what else you said and what else you have done, if using racist slurs, you may be permanently banned.


    • 1st offense: Warning + mute/gag (if necessary)
    • 2nd offense: 1 Day Ban
    • 3rd offense: 1 week ban
    • Note: A staff member, at their discretion, may ban for for longer for any other rules you may have broken, and depending on the harassment you have been causing   


    • 1st offense: Warning + mute/gag (if necessary)
    • 2nd offense: Kick
    • 3rd offense: 1 Day Ban
    • 4th offense: 5 Day Ban
    • Note: A staff member, at their discretion, may permanent mute/gay you. For the actions you have been causing.       


    • 1st offense: Permanent ban/Blacklist       


    • 1st offense: 1 Month Ban
    • 2nd offense: 2 Month Ban
    • Note: A staff member, at their discretion, may permanently ban you after the 1st offense.       

    Inappropriate Name       

    • 1st offense: You will be asked to change it
    • 2nd offense: Kick
    • 3rd offense: 3 Day Ban

    Posting disgusting content/Explicit Material        

    • 1st offense: 2 Day Ban
    • 2nd offense: 1 week ban
    • 3rd offense: Permanent Ban
    • Note: A staff member, at their discretion, may extend any ban lengths at any time       

    Ban Evasion

    • If you are found to be evading, your new account and main account, will be permanently banned from the server.                   



    Q: What do I do if I was RDMed?

    A: If a staff is on the server, type !report. If not, type @<message> to notify staff of the RDM.


    Q: How do I apply for staff?

    A: You must be on the server for about 48 hours (ULX time)  before applying for staff. Go to the Staff Applications section of the forums to apply. Please do not pester staff or players to review your application. People will take a look.


    Q: How do I report a staff member?

    A: We take staff abuse on Gaminglight TTT seriously. If you suspect a staff member is abusing or cheating, go to the Staff Reports section of the forums under the Trouble in Terrorist Town Section to file one.

    If you have any questions or need any other information about TTT. Please feel free to contact a TTT Staff member whether that be, in-game, teamspeak, discord, or even private message on the forums. We will be happily to assist you with any answers you need! We hope you enjoy your stay on Gaminglight TTT!

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