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    Gaminglight SCPRP Rules


    Please keep in mind that this is a Semi-Serious RP server, try your best to RP!


    If anyone is breaching the rules below please contact a staff member using the @ symbol followed by what you need.

    If any staff are not available at the time please file a player report on our forums at Gaminglight.com

    If any staff are abusing please report them on our forums at Gaminglight.com


    General Rules:

    1. Do not kill without an RP reason, this is considered random death match (RDM).
    2. Do not do FailRP, which is doing things that would be unrealistic, or not consistent with what your character would do. This includes failing to follow orders from those who outrank you, failing to comply with a department SOP, or failing to follow job specific rules.
    3. Do not metagame, which includes using OOC events/knowledge in character.
    4. Do not go into spawns/safe zones if you are involved in an RP scenario, or if you are being attacked/chased by an SCP.
    5. Do not break FearRP. FearRP is when two or more individuals are holding someone at gunpoint. The subject then must comply with any orders given by the opponents. 
      • Once FearRP has been established, if less than two people have their weapons pointing at the subject, FearRP is then broken. If the subject is actively engaged in combat or has a gun out, they can not be placed under FearRP.
    6. Do not power game. (Power gaming is anything that can be considered outrageous to gain an RP advantage). 
    7. Do not break New Life Rule (NLR). All classes, unless specified below must wait 2 minutes in their spawn location after respawning from an accidental or combat death before returning to play.
      • All classes, including D-Class cannot use information from previous respawn lives.
      • CI personnel have a 3 minute NLR.
      • MTF personnel have a 3 minute NLR.
      • Standard D-Class personnel do not have a NLR.
      • D-Class Custom Classes have a 90 second NLR.
    8. Do not spam annoying sounds or messages on your mic or in the chat. This includes using soundboards, playing music, using voice changers, etc (Unless given permission by SMT or using for events).
    9. Do not intentionally break doors.
    10. Do not intentionally exploit any glitches, nor use third-party programs to gain an unfair advantage.
    11. Do not flashlight spam.
    12. Do not use your character's body to block doorways, hallways, or other areas.
    13. Do not spam activate elevators.
    14. Do not spawn props to block doorways or hallways, or spawn areas.
    15. Never harass and/or disrespect other players/staff.
      • Gaminglight does not tolerate bullying or targeting based on race, gender, sexuality, or other identities, nor racial slurs or anything that can be deemed offensive. Gaminglight has a zero-tolerance policy towards this type of conduct.
    16. Erotic roleplay is not allowed at any time.
    17. No excessive foul language in both OOC and in-character chat.
    18. Only use “/advert” and the radio for RP purposes. Class D personnel are not allowed to use “/advert” at any time.
    19. You should always have your job in your in-game name. (Ex. Security CPL Mikedagamer).
    20. Do not make false staff calls, or impersonate any player, staff member, senior management team or executive team member. This may result in a server warning, jail, or ban from the server.
    21. Do not argue with staff, they have a final say. If you believe the staff member acted improperly, you may file a staff report on gaminglight.com/forums.
    22. Do not use the /demote command while Staff members are on.
      • Branch Command members are exempt from this rule regarding personnel in their branch.
    23. If you are playing any class besides Class-D, you should be in our TeamSpeak Server, ts.gaminglight.com. Even if playing as a Class-D, we highly recommend being on Teamspeak.

    Class Specific Rules:

    All Players:

    1. In the event of an Alpha Warhead launch, you MUST reset RP.
    2. Never combat heal (Healing yourself or someone else while in an active shootout).
    3. You should only use props to enhance an RP situation.
      • Never make doors, walls, checkpoints, use props to attempt to glitch through areas, etc. An example of appropriate use of props would be adding props to an SCP containment cell to simulate Class-D bones. 
      • D-Class are not allowed to spawn props at anytime.
    4. When restrained you are not allowed to resist being brought to different locations or attempt to break out of restraints unless you have been restrained for 5 or more minutes. If you believe you were restrained without reason, use “@” to report the incident to a staff member.
    5. No players should interrupt an active training session. Additionally, personnel participating in a training session should not interact with players actively playing. 
    6. Players are not allowed to “puppy guard” spawn areas. This includes waiting at SCP Containment Cells during their breach attempts unless called out in RP.
    7. When players are cloaked, they are not allowed to attack other players. If thermals are activated by Foundation personnel you must decloak yourself immediately. 
    8. You are not allowed to breach an SCP that is not online. (Ex. Opening SCP-096's Containment Cell while no SCP-096 is online)
    9. You are not allowed to steal the Harpoon of SCP 1245-2.
    10. Players are not allowed to intentionally shoot SCPs with the exception of SCP 035-1, SCP 049-2, SCP 076-2, SCP 194, SCP 682, SCP 939, SCP 966, SCP 1048, SCP 1048-A, SCP 1245-2, SCP 1265-A, and SCP 5208.
    11. Personnel calling a RP Arrest on Sight / Kill on Sight (AOS/KOS) are required to provide a legitimate reason with the AOS/KOS order.
    12. Any players that elect to use explosive weapons are forbidden from suicide bombing. This is classed as causing killing yourself with an explosive you use, or damaging 100 HP or more.

    Class D Personnel

    1. You can only escape the foundation as a Class D. Upon successful escape you will be granted 2000 xp. Please contact a staff member using “@” to receive this experience.
      • Note, experience may not be given under certain circumstances, such as low server population, exploiting to escape, failing to follow server rules during the escape, etc.
    2. Class D are granted 500 XP for fully participating in a test. Research staff will request this experience be granted upon the successful completion of their test.
    3. Class D personnel are not allowed to kill each other unless they are within the D-Class Fight Club area.
    4. Class D personnel are never allowed to spawn props.
    5. Class D personnel are not allowed to activate the Medbay Lockdown, Teslas, Site Lights, nor Site Lockdown.

    Foundation Staff (GENSEC, Research, MTF, Utility)

    1. No foundation staff should assist in allowing Class D or SCPs to escape. Only Dr. Maynard and CI may do this. 
    2. No foundation staff should shoot, hurt, or otherwise threaten other foundation staff without a valid RP reason. 
    3. Foundation staff should not attempt to access areas they do not have access to.
    4. Utility and research staff should only have the weapons that are allowed by their Branch SOPs.
    5. Do not turn off the lights in the Cell Block without reason (Ex of a good reason: Lockdown).
    6. You should never kill Class D unless they are clearly beyond the red KOS line, broken a rule and given a 5-second warning (or was recently warned) or have taken a hostile action, such as having a weapon out.
    7. Foundation personnel should not turn off the facility lights or generator. 
    8. You must have an RP reason to activate thermals. When utilizing thermals the initial MTF member must include the reason why thermals are being activated. Ie Thermals - SCP 966’s cell is empty. Thermals are then only active for the action you’re taking.
      • For example: "Thermals are activated for checking 966’s cell." Once the cell is checked they are now off.
      • One MTF member adverting thermals allows all other MTF members to activate their thermals for the same reason.
      • Accidental physical contact with a cloaked entity provides a valid reason to activate thermals, however intentionally making physical contact with a cloaked entity is considered FailRP.
    9. It is considered FailRP to set up explosives at gates without an active CI raid ongoing which has been called out via comms.
    10. You must have an RP reason to activate a lockdown. The D-Block lockdown may only last a maximum of 5 minutes and must be requested by a Colonel + from GENSEC.
    11. You must have an RP reason to arm/disarm the Omega Warhead.
    12. The incinerators should only be used to destroy SCP-049-02s or people infected with SCP 008. Do not use it on SCPs, CI, foundation staff, or Class D personnel.
    13. The Medical Bay should only be placed in lockdown if a Senior Medic+, ACM, or Site Administration authorizes it. No other jobs may lock it down (Including D-Class/CI). It may be locked down for D-Class breaching into LCZ, CI in the facility, outbreak of a disease, or any other reason seen fit.
      • If trapped inside, D-Class/CI may crack it open.
    14. Research staff are awarded 750 XP for the successful completion of a test. Please contact a staff member using “@” to receive this experience.
    15. GENSEC personnel are awarded 250 XP after assisting with a research test. Research staff will call staff to have the XP awarded.


    1. Players playing as SCPs take it upon themselves to comply with all rules that go with that SCP. Those rules can be found below and under the specific SCP description.
    2. SCPs are not allowed to work together at any time. SCPs are also not allowed to work with D-Class and CI personnel to gain a RP advantage. This includes leaving people alive to allow them to break through doors, protecting them, etc. Hostile SCPs are required to attempt to kill humans.
      • SCP 035 and 049 are the only duo that are exempt from this rule. They may work together, but not with other SCPs, nor D-Class.
      • If there is a situation where two SCPs are attempting to get to the same area, one of the SCPs are obligated to go a different way. If they happen to meet up while roaming, that's fine, but if they both want to go to the same place, one has to take a different route, or otherwise wait for a period of time and then return on their way.
      • If another player as an SCP continues following another SCP player, the followed player should make a staff call informing staff that they are not attempting to team, and are attempting to break away.
    3. SCPs are not allowed to kill or harm each other.
    4. SCPs 131-A, 131-B, 343, 527, and 1424 are allowed to go into D-Block. However, these SCPs are not allowed to step onto the elevator or enter lower D-Block.  
      • All other SCP's are not allowed in the hallway leading into D-Block.
    5. In general, SCPs are restricted to the Site-5 interior campus. SCPs are not allowed to escape the Foundation, but may be captured and removed from the Foundation by CI or other groups.
    6. If you're a mute SCP, you should not use your mic or chat to communicate. Rather, use “/me (your message)”.
    7. SCPs are not allowed to enter the armories, nor are they allowed to carry weapons unless they spawn with them.
      • SCP-035 is exempt from this rule, and may purchase any weapons. Donor only weapons remain restricted unless the player has the appropriate donor rank.
    8. SCPs cannot open other containment cells.
      • SCP-035 is exempt from this rule.
    9. SCPs should only use /advert for RP Situations. Examples include SCP 682 adverting his heath during a breach, SCP 096 adverting if he's seen a face, etc.
    10. SCPs are not allowed to enter the water on the surface at any time.

    Chaos Insurgency

    1. You main goal as a CI is to capture SCPs from the facility, kill foundation staff, and rescue D-Class.
      • SCPs and D-Class should only be terminated if they are actively hostile.
      • CI are not to initiate combat on Containment Engineers, Containment Cleaners, or researchers / utility staff actively testing or working in a containment cell.
        • Shades Task Forces are exempt from this rule.
    2. CI can only raid every 10 minutes. 
      • CI must advert the following when raiding: "Foundation Raid" if there is less than ten foundation staff on.
        • CI Infiltrators are exempt from this rule.
    3. CI can hold Foundation Personnel hostage to interrogate and ransom.
      • MTF personnel are not obligated to agree to ransoms on all Foundation personnel based on their rank and ransom amount asked.

    General Overview of the Classes/Branches (Along with specific rules for them):

    Class D Personnel: Prisoners from across the world who have agreed to be sent to the foundation to be used as test subjects, in exchange for a reduced sentence. These personnel are treated as expendable by foundation staff and are regularly used to feed, test, and clean SCPs and their contaminants. They are not aware of what the foundation does, nor do they know of what horrors lie ahead of them. Furthermore, Class D can choose to cooperate or attempt to escape the facility. Players start out as this class.

    Utility Staff: Low-clearance level personnel of the foundation who are tasked with maintaining sanitation, ensuring technology is working properly, or healing foundation personnel that are sick or injured. Depending on the rank of the individual, they may have some knowledge of SCPs, though not an extensive knowledge. 

    • Medical staff, in general, are restricted to the Medical Bay unless called by Foundation Staff to provide medical assistance.
      • Field Medics and Advanced Combat Medics are exempt from this rule.
    • Maintenance staff, in general, are restricted to the Light Containment Zone unless led into the Heavy Containment Zone by a Maintenance Expert+ or with a MTF Escort. Personnel ranked Maintenance Professional and above are entitled to enter the Heavy Containment Zone at any time.
      • If the only personnel online to prevent a SCP breach does not meet the Maintenance Professional rank they are authorized to enter the Heavy Containment Zone if escorted by MTF/GENSEC.
      • Containment Specialists and the Mobile Mop Force are exempt from this rule, and may enter the Heavy Containment Zone at anytime.

    Research Team: This includes all researchers of the foundation. They are to run experiments and observe SCPs, they can use Class D at their disposal to gain insight into the various SCPs contained at Site 05. Furthermore, they have varying clearance levels depending on their rank (See Clearance Level section for more info). They report to the Head of Research.

    Dr. Bright: Is well known for his unusual, social personality. He excels in the field of genetics. He is currently in the form of an ape. 

    • Dr. Bright is authorized to conduct tests on Safe and Euclid level SCPs.
    • Dr. Bright is not able to issue orders to other Researcher personnel.
    • Dr. Bright must have a GENSEC escort when conducting tests and comply with the Researcher SOP.

    GENSEC Personnel: GENSEC personnel are responsible for the overall security of the site they are assigned to. This includes ensuring that no hostile personnel breach the facility, no SCPs breach their containment cells, and no Class D escape. They should take orders from their higher-ups and work with researchers. They are led by the Head of Security.

    • Security Juggernauts are restricted to the Light Containment Zone at all times.

    Mobile Task Force Nu-7: MTF Nu-7 is a battalion strength force consisting of three company sized elements of special operations personnel, a light armored vehicle company, and various support companies. Nu-7 is generally tasked with preventing SCP breaches within Site-05, providing escorts to Foundation personnel in the LCZ and HCZ, and responding to outside security threats.

    • Nu-7 personnel may enter D-Block upon request of GENSEC personnel.
    • The Nu-7 Explosive Specialists are not allowed to set the C4 timer under 10 seconds, nor enter D-Block at anytime.

    Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11: These are the elite of the elite, a subdivision of MTF dedicated to the most serious breaches that even MTF cannot handle. E11 Personnel are flown into the Site-05 Campus when requested by the relevant Foundation Command personnel on site. Because they are the last resort of the Foundation, they have extremely large arsenals at their disposal and outrank most GENSEC personnel.

    • E-11 Personnel are not allowed in D-Block at anytime.
    • Ordinance Specialists are not allowed to set the C4 timer under 10 seconds, nor are allowed to enter the D-Block at anytime.
    • You are not to shoot/interfere with Chaos Insurgency/D-Class that are either inside, or outside the foundation unless it is on DEFCON 3 or lower, or on DEFCON 4 and have been requested by a command member of MTF, Utility, Research, or GENSEC with a valid RP reason.
      • A valid RP reason is one that would result in the DEFCON being raised to 3. 

    Mobile Task Force Omicron-9: The personnel that make up Omicron-9 are genetically modified humans, their bodies modified to be more durable and stronger. Omi-9's main mission is to protect the foundation from any GOI raids, such as CI, and also assist with rioting D-Class.

    • Omi-9 personnel are not allowed in D-Block unless it is DEFCON 3 or above, or DEFCON 4 and requested by GENSEC/Omi High Command.
    • Explosive Engineers are not allowed to set the C4 timer under 10 seconds, nor enter D-Block at anytime.

    Site Director: One of the highest-ranking personnel on site. They are tasked with ensuring that their designated site is secure, safe, and is following foundation protocol. They report directly to high-command and get word from the Heads of the different branches. They can also authorize the Alpha Warhead in extreme cases.

    • Can authorize the use of the Alpha-Warhead if the site is deemed compromised.

    O5 Council: The leaders of the foundation, not much is known about them except that they are very powerful people, that is if they are people. It is said that there are thirteen members in the council. They should NEVER come in direct contact with any SCPs and should be evacuated off the facility in the case of an emergency.

    Chaos Insurgency: The chaos Insurgency, nicknamed the CI, is a faction of defected SCP personnel. Led by former O5 council members they are extremely dangerous and will attempt most anything to breach the facility. It is unknown what their goals are, but it is clear that they wish to, ‘steal’ the SCPs from the foundation. They can and will attempt to breach the facility.

    • The CI Sleuth’s are spies sent into the foundation to gather information and provide reconnaissance for the Chaos Insurgency.
      • Only allowed to change body groups at the closets placed around the map
      • The Sleuths should work with and coordinate with the CI. They should never do anything spontaneous or outrageous and should always be trying to maintain cover.
      • Sleuth’s may kill isolated Foundation Staff, however should only be done if absolutely necessary. 
      • Sleuth’s are not allowed to breach SCP’s.
    • CI Infiltrators are equipped with a cloaking device. MTF personnel with thermal vision active are able to see Infiltrators when they’re cloaked. Once MTF has adverted that thermals are on, you are required to decloak.

    Dr. Maynard:  A very talented doctor within the foundation. However, he is secretly working for the CI and will make attempts at causing chaos in the foundation, breaking SCPs out, and breaking Class D out. He should do all of this with discretion and avoid being caught at all costs. If caught and killed, RP resets.

    • Dr. Maynard should work with and coordinate with the CI. He should never do anything spontaneous or outrageous and should always be secretive.
    • Dr. Maynard may kill isolated Foundation Staff.
    • Dr. Maynard may breach SCPs.
    • Can issue orders to members of the research department until his cover is blown.

    SCP-035-01: A keter class SCP. SCP 035 appears to be a white porcelain comedy mask, although, at times, it will change to tragedy. SCP 035 has the capability to assert control over the minds of others. He can (try) do this once every 5 minutes and if he succeeds the subject will only be controllable for that period of time. The chance of him succeeding is based on the memetic resistance of the subject. The resistance level of personal increases the higher clearance they are (for security reasons), lower level personnel (researchers and Security) have a resistance level of 60, while Higher ranking personal have a resistance level of 75 (Security cmd, MTF, and CI), and Combat leaders (MTF and CI cmd) have a resistance level of 95. Site command cannot be controlled. 

    • SCP 035-01 can attempt to control and non-SCP's it is in direct contact with once every 5 minutes. The containment glass protects personnel from SCP 035-01's influence.
      • SCP 035-01 must roll a 60+ to control a GENSEC or Research member
      • SCP 035-01 must roll a 75+ to control a MTF or CI member
      • Site Administration personnel are immune to SCP 035-01's influence
    • 035-1 can control up to 5 people at a time.       
    • Influenced personnel must obey 035-1, stay near him, and defend him at all costs. 

    SCP-049: A euclid class SCP. SCP-049 appears to be wearing the attire of a medieval plague doctor. Furthermore, it wishes to continue it’s, “Research”, which begins with the subject killing a mammal, then slowly reanimating it. The reanimated subject, labeled SCP-049-2 is almost always very aggressive and seems to take directions from the doctor. 

    • Can infect any humans except researcher staff, MTF E-11 Coldsiver units, or Maz Hatter units.

    SCP-049-2: A dangerous reanimated creature of SCP-049, they follow the orders of SCP-049. 

    • You must follow SCP-049's orders.
    • You are not to attack SCP-049 at any time.

    SCP-066: A Euclid class SCP. SCP-066 has taken many forms but has most recently taken the form of a ball of yarn with multiple eyes scattered across it. The entity is usually harmless and emits sounds, names, etc. It may wander the facility, but foundation staff must be warned that at times SCP-066 can emit extremely loud clips of music that can cause some to go deaf. This is very rare, SCP-066 generally rolls around, with curiosity.

    • There is a 2 minute cool down between using your SWEP.
    • Your SWEP can only be activated by humans saying the word, “Erik”.
    • If asked to go to a cell you may choose to comply, but may be restrained if you don’t.

    SCP-076-02: A keter class SCP. SCP-076-02 is extremely dangerous and should be contained at all times. It resembles a shirtless male humanoid with incredible strength, agility, and pain tolerance. On multiple occasions, SCP-076-02 has continued to fight despite several dozen bullet wounds. However, the SCP is not invincible, he can be incapacitated (with enough force). The SCP is not hostile until it comes in contact with a living human who is armed, at which point it will attempt to neutralize all humans in its vicinity.

    • You may only draw your weapon when you see a humanoid armed with a weapon. You then enter a rage state. While in a rage state you may kill anyone in the immediate vicinity of the armed humanoid that triggered the rage state. This includes personnel who are unarmed. The rage state ends upon all people in your immediate vicinity perishing, or after 5 minutes.

    SCP-096: A keter class SCP. SCP-096 is extremely violent and resembles a slim, humanoid figure. It gets very agitated when someone looks directly at it in close range. Furthermore, it is incredibly fast, making it the perfect killing machine.                          

    • SCP-096 is recontained by walking behind it when not in a rage state, typing, “/me Attempts to puts bag over SCP-096’s head”, or something similar, and rolls. If the roll is higher than 096’s, the attempt succeeds. If the roll fails, then 096 may kill the roller. Once bagged 096 is then cuffed and returned to its containment cell.
    • When not in a rage state 096 should only walk, using the ALT key. 096 is also unable to open doors when not in a rage state.
    • 096 enters a rage state when its face is looked at by a human for approximately 1 second. 096 may then run after the person who looked at its face, and after using the scream, attempt to kill them. During this period 096 is also able to breach any and all doors instantly while tracking its target.
    • Bursts of violence resulting from multiple personnel looking at 096’s face may only last 5 minutes. only those people that have seen SCP 096's face should be killed.

    SCP-098: SCP-098 resembles a form of crustacean crab ranging in size and variation. They possess both razor-sharp claws and tough armor.      

    SCP-106: A keter class SCP. SCP-106 can move through physical matter and is extremely dangerous. He can send people to the, "Pocket dimension" if he wishes, let's just say you do not want to go there. In the event of him escaping from his containment cell, foundation personnel are to sacrifice someone in the femur breaker. This will draw SCP-106 back to his containment.

    • SCP 106 is recontained by placing a D-Class in SCP-106’s containment cell and activating the femur breaker. SCP 106 must call a staff sit and then roll against a staff member. If SCP 106 wins the roll off against the staff member 106 is able to remain breached for an additional 10 minutes. At the conclusion of the 10 additional minutes MTF must activate the femur a second time. If 106 fails the roll off, or the femur breaker is activate a second time, SCP 106 must promptly return to it's CC. Once SCP 106 arrives, raise the containment cell to complete the process.
      • An attempt must be made to use a D-Class in the femur breaker first, however, if the attempt is unsuccessful an MTF/Security unit may take the place of a D-Class.
    • Your SWEP has a 15 second cool down between sending personnel to the pocket dimension.
    • Never use your SWEP against other SCPs.
    • You can only teleport through doors and walls, not open space. SCP 106 is not allowed to exit the playable map at anytime, and is prohibited from entering staff only areas.
    • 106 is prohibited from running.
    • You cannot leave the foundation at any time.

    SCP-131 A & B: Consists of two safe class SCPs. SCP-131 is a set of two eye-shaped entities that appear to roll across the ground. They appear to be of low intelligence and have not been seen hurting any foundation personnel. Furthermore, they have never been seen blinking and choose to stay together. 

    • Allowed to roam the facility.
    • May assist in recontaining SCP-173 by acting as an eye watching 173.
    • Should comply with any request to move or leave an area.
    • Can not be cuffed.

    SCP-173: It is constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight.

    • If one person is looking at you, you may move every 5 seconds.
    • If 2 people are looking at you, you may move every 15 seconds.
    • You may not move if 3 or more people are looking at you.
    • You must hold out your SCP 173 SWEP at all times. 

    SCP 194: SCP-194 is a Euclid class SCP. SCP 194 is a humanoid sized raven that attacks humans that approach to closely. Being too close to SCP 194 may result in becoming infected by the virus that may turn them into another 194.

    • To be recontainted, SCP-194 must die by combat or accidental means.
    • You are only allowed to use your knockback ability once every 60 seconds.

    SCP-343: A safe class SCP.  He is not hostile at all and can move through physical matter. He has never harmed any foundation staff, nor does he intend to. Furthermore, he is invincible and claims to have created the universe.

    • Allowed to roam the facility and outside the facility.
    • If requested to leave from an area, follow a foundation staff member, or assist a foundation staff member by foundation staff you should comply. 
    • You should never harm anyone.
    • Do not intentionally fly in the middle of fights.
    • SCP 343 can act as a scout for GENSEC, MTF, and CI personnel at their discretion. This includes providing false information to personnel.    

    SCP-457: SCP-457 is a Euclid class SCP comprised of fire, and he is sentient. His form is only seen through the outline of the flame he outputs, and anybody near him without proper shielding will burst into flames.

    • To be recontained SCP-457 needs to be extinguished with a fire extinguisher. If 457 is sprayed by one or two fire extinguishers it will retreat from the area. If 457 is sprayed with three or more fire extinguishers it is extinguished immediately. At this point 457 can be safely cuffed and returned to its cell.
    • You may not activate your SWEP in your containment chamber if the “Secondary Lighting” lever is turned on.
    • You are required to hold your SWEP at all times outside of your containment cell unless you are extinguished by foundation personnel.

    SCP-527: A euclid class SCP. SCP-527 is allowed to travel through the facility as it chooses. When asked about its past or if it had any abilities the SCP simply stated that it was just born and had no powers that it knew of. Therefore, SCP-527 is a humanoid creature with a fish head that is completely normal... well of course besides the head.

    • Allowed to roam the facility, however, must comply with directives from Foundation staff to leave specific areas. This includes being directed to return to the Foundation if found on the surface.
    • SCP-527 is neutral, and may either chose to assist foundation staff or ignore their requests.
    • Do not change your body group to the D-Class skin.

    SCP-682: A keter class SCP. SCP-682 has been described as the very definition of hate and horror. To this day, there is no means of killing SCP-682, his skin and organs can regenerate at an outstanding rate. Because of this personnel must either tranquilize it or flood it with acid to temporarily immobilize it. Furthermore, it will do anything in its power to kill as many people as possible.

    • To be recontained, first, SCP-682 must be lowered to 4000 HP, then, SCP-682 must be shot with a tranquilizer round. Once struck, 682 must remain in the place it falls asleep for 15 seconds upon regaining control of their character. During this time personnel may approach and handcuff 682. 682 can then be returned to its containment cell.
    • A secondary containment procedure is to have SCP-999 tickle SCP-682. SCP-999 must win a roll against SCP-682. If 999 wins, 682 must then comply and return to its cell.
    • If your containment cell is flooded with acid, you must stay static for 5 minutes.                                                                                               

    SCP-939: A keter class SCP. SCP-939 is extremely dangerous and should be contained at all times unless being tested on. It is the perfect killer as it is over 12 feet in length and has large extremities, but it has no sense of sight. It relies singularly on sound to identify its prey.

    • To be recontained, SCP-939 must be shot with a tranquilizer round after being lowered to 2000 health. Once struck and unconscious, 939 must remain in the place it falls asleep for 15 seconds upon regaining control of their character. During this time personnel may approach and handcuff 939. 939 can then be returned to its containment cell.
    • SCP-939 may attack anyone who is running, speaking, or otherwise making noise. If someone is crouch walking, they should not be attacked.

    SCP-966: A Euclid class SCP.  SCP-966 consists of four entities. All of which have skin and organs that are nearly invisible, unless under the proper light. They have elongated nails and slim humanoid bodies which make them perfect hunters. However, their skin is very weak. People injured by one of the entities (If not killed) are subject to sleep deprivation which cannot be explained. This inevitably kills them.

    • To be recontained, you must be killed in combat, or die by accidental means.
    • MTF personnel with thermal vision active are able to see SCP-966 instances when they’re cloaked. Once adverted that MTF has thermals on, you are required to decloak.
    • You should not attack players while invisible.

    SCP-999: A safe class SCP. SCP-999 is allowed to roam the facility and poses no harm to foundation staff. In fact, SCP-999 has been seen treating a patient's depression and appears to promote joy in people and entities around it. SCP-999 has the intelligence of a house cat and has a diet that consists of candy. Its favorite activity appears to be routine tickling of both humans and SCPS. 

    • Allowed to roam the facility, with the exception of D-Block.
    • May “/me Tickle” personnel and SCPs. Only succeeds if a roll of 50+ is achieved.
    • You should follow foundation staff instructions.
    • You may heal anyone you want (ONLY IF NO MEDICAL STAFF ARE ONLINE), and can not be forced to heal someone.

    SCP-1048: A Keter class SCP. SCP-1048 is a small, average teddy bear with no abnormalities. An incident occurred in which SCP-1048 let out an ear-piercing scream has caused SCP-1048's object class to go from safe to keter.

    • Generally allowed to roam the facility.
    • Can attempt to cut the ears off of personnel to construct SCP 1048-A.
      • Must roll a 50+ to successfully cut the ears off of someone.
      • Must gather 3 ears from personnel for SCP 1048-A to be constructed.                                                                                                      

    SCP-1048-A: SCP-1048-A is an instance of SCP-1048 and was supposedly constructed by SCP-1048. SCP-1048-A is constructed completely out of human ears.

    • May only use the SWEP when you or SCP 1048 are directly threatened or are picked up without your consent. You must remain stationary during the SWEP use.
    • The SWEP has a 2 minute cooldown before it can be used again, regardless of if you're threatened again.
    • Must follow SCP 1048 around the facility.                                                                                                                                            

    SCP-1245-2: SCP-1245-2 is a Euclid class SCP. 1245-2 crew member of a ship currently in Foundation custody, which autonomously hunts whales. 1245-2 routinely attempts to escape Foundation custody to return to SCP 1245 and return to its mission. A distress beacon appears to be transmitting from 1245-2’s suit, though there has been no response as of yet. Additionally, 1245-2 is armed with a harpoon, which it materializes at its behest.

    • To be recontained, SCP-1245-2 must be captured using FearRP, or die by combat or accidental means.
    • If somebody begins tracking your distress beacon, you must disclose your location to them.
    • You are not allowed to throw your harpoon through your containment chamber wall.

    SCP 1265-A: SCP-1265-A is a Euclid class SCP. Instances of SCP-1265-A are extremely hostile and are carnivorous. They tend to travel in packs and coordinate well with each other to take down their prey.

    • To be recontainted, SCP-1265-A must die by combat or accidental means.
    • You are only allowed to use the raptor claw SWEP to deal damage to your prey.
    • SCP 1265-A must travel in groups of at least 2, unless there is only one instance of SCP 1265-A.

    SCP-5208: SCP-5208 is a squad of miniaturized 'toy' soldiers that are hostile to almost all life. There is no explanation of how they got to be so small, or why they are so hostile.

    • SCP-5208 must attack all other players, but can fear-rp and utilize non-combatants (on a 3:1 ratio) such as utility for their own means (scp's and staff are exempt from this rule and are to not be shot) 
    • If there are multiple iterations of SCP-5208, they MUST move together. All iterations must move as a pack or a "squad"
    • You are required to hold your SCP-5208 SWEP at all times.
    • You are allowed to change your color via the context menu on SCP-5208, you may NOT set your color to all black or all white.

    SCP Self Breaching Rules:

    Base Rules for SCP Breaches:

    • Required server population: 75 players 
    • If the server population was above 75 when a player started the process, it may continue until the player count falls below 65. After that the self breach process is void.
    • SCPs can not breach upon spawning in.
    • Once foundation staff / MTF fulfills the need of the SCP, the timer resets.
    • SCPs have a cooldown of 15 minutes each time they are recontained or their breach attempt is interrupted
    • Containment Specialists should be the primary personnel conducting maintenance on SCP Containment Cells. In the absence of those personnel, any other maintenance personnel should complete those tasks. In the absence of those personnel, MTF Nu-7 Field Experts may conduct required maintenance.
      • In the absence of a maintenance personnel, or Field Experts, any other job can perform the task, however, they are required to roll at least a 75 to successfully complete the action.
    • SCPs can only breach their own cell doors. They cannot breach anything else.
    • SCP's must use @ to call staff when they have completed self breaching.
    • If there are multiple of the same SCP, only one should be adverting breaching statuses and requests.

    Keter Class SCPs

    SCP-035 - SCP-035 can request a Class D subject to take control of every 15 minutes. If he is not provided a subject, he will attempt to break out of his cell using his corrosive viscous liquid.

    • SCP-035's self breaching process can be stopped by giving it a new host.
    • SCP-035-01 must advert three warnings over a period of 15 minutes that it requires a new host. Example: SCP-035 requires a new host. (1/3)
    • If SCP-035-01 reaches its third warning and doesn’t receive a new host, he becomes enraged and begins to breach his cell.
    • SCP-035-01 can advert in 50% intervals every 3 minutes for 6 minutes that it is breaking through its glass.
    • If SCP-035-01 makes it out of his main containment, he can break down his door instantly.
    • Containment Cleaners must clean SCP-035’s CC if it attempts to breach with its viscous liquid.
    • If SCP-035-01’s glass is destroyed, utility staff must replace it while MTF keeps 035 in custody (in RP).
    • It is FailRP for SCP-035 to leave its cell while a new host is being provided.
    • It is FailRP to gas SCP-035 when it is self-breaching. This only applies to self breaching.

    SCP-076-02 - Needs a Challenger every 15 minutes, or it becomes enraged and attempts to break open its doors.

    • SCP-076's self breaching process can be stopped by providing him a challenger.
    • The only personnel to be used as challengers for SCP-076-2 are to be Class D.
    • SCP-076 must advert 3 warnings over a period of 15 minutes that he requires a Class-D. Example: SCP-07 requires Class-D! (1/3)
    • If no MTF is available to escort a Class D to SCP 076’s CC, Gensec/RCF needs to escort the Class D in their Place.
    • SCP-076 must advert in 50% increments every minute for each door until it breaks open at 100%.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.
    • If a challenger is provided, he must run into SCP-076-2’s containment to lure him in, which MTF/RCF would close.
    • It is FailRP for Class-D to refuse to fight SCP-076.
    • It is FailRP for SCP-076 to run out of his cell when being provided a challenger.
    • If SCP-076 manages to breach his cell he can only be recontained via combat or accidental death.

    SCP-106 - SCP-106’s Containment Cell is slowly withering away, and the base must be replaced within 20 minutes.

    • SCP-106's self breaching process can be stopped by SCP-106’s base being replaced by a Containment Cleaner.
    • If no Containment Cleaners are online, an MTF Nu-7 Field Expert may replace the base.
    • SCP-106 must give 4 warnings to clean its cell, 1 at 0 minutes, 1 at 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and a breach warning at 20 minutes. Example: SCP-106's cell is withering away. (1/4)
    • Once SCP-106 has given its final warning, its Containment Chamber immediately fails and must be lowered, allowing SCP-106 to escape.
    • A Containment Engineer must repair SCP-106’s Containment Chamber if it has failed, and a Containment Cleaner must replace the base. An MTF Nu-7 Field Expert may do both tasks.

    SCP-682 - SCP-682 must be fed at least 3 Class D personnel every 20 minutes. If this task is not fulfilled, he will break through all three of his doors over a set time period.

    • SCP-682's self breaching process can be stopped by providing it 3 Class-D as food. If he is out of his main containment area, he has to be recontained by force.
    • If no MTF are available to escort a Class D to SCP 682’s CC, Gensec/RCF needs to escort the Class D in their place.
    • SCP-682 must advert 4 warnings over a period of 20 minutes that it is hungry. Example: SCP-682 requires 3 Class-D! (1/4)
    • If 682 reaches its fourth warning, it will begin to breach its main containment doors. This is done by SCP-682 adverting in 50% increments every 3 minutes. SCP-682's smaller door is breached in 50% increments every 2 minutes.
    • SCP 682 are able to breach checkpoint doors in 3 minutes.
    • Class-D must be thrown into the acid to feed SCP-682 properly.
    • If 682 makes it to the final and third door, he may breach it in 60 seconds.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-939/939-2 - Every 20 minutes (15 if there’s 2), SCP-939/939-2 needs two Class D each to consume. If not fed, it starts to bash through its doors.

    • SCP-939's self breaching process can be stopped by feeding SCP-939 2 Class-D each.
    • If no MTF are available to escort two Class D to SCP 939’s CC, Gensec/RCF needs to escort the Class D in their Place.
    • SCP-939/939-2 must advert four warnings over a period of 20 minutes, or three warnings over a period of 15 minutes if both 939's are on. Example: SCP-939 requires 2 Class-D! (1/4)
    • SCP-939/939-2  must advert in 20% increments every minute for 5 minutes for its main Containment Door.
    • SCP-939/939-2 must advert in 50% increments every minute for 2 minutes for the outer door.
    • Class-D must jump into SCP-939's CC to feed it properly. It is FailRP if Class-D crouch/don't move while in its cell, as they do not know they need to do that.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-1048-A - SCP-1048-A lies dormant, awaiting SCP-1048 to summon it.

    • SCP-1048-A's self breaching process can be stopped by the termination of SCP-1048.
    • SCP-1048-A must wait for SCP-1048 to collect three ears.
    • SCP-1048 must collect ears by approaching a human and rolling to cut their ear off. If they are successful, they must cut the human with its knife and advert 1/3 ears collected.
    • This process must be repeated two more times. There is a one-minute cooldown per ear.
    • Anyone with a cut ear cannot report it for 2 minutes, as they are unconscious.
      • After the 2 minutes expire the affected personnel may report the incident via comms
    • Once SCP-1048 has acquired all three ears, it must use @ to call staff to bring SCP-1048-A to it.
    • It is FailRP to know that SCP-1048 is collecting ears unless it was reported or seen by Security/MTF.

    Euclid Class SCPs

    SCP-049 - Can request a test subject or reading material every 15 minutes, and if he doesn’t receive one (or any), he starts to break through his door, which is done over a 5 minute period for each door. If he has 3 or more “cured” patients, he can immediately breach.

    • SCP-049's self breaching process can be stopped by MTF terminating all 049-2 instances and FearRPing SCP-049, or it being provided Class-D or reading material before it has 049-2 instances.
    • Researchers who have the permissions to test on SCP-049 must give him reading material.
    • If no Researchers are available, 1 Class D must be used to give it to him and be terminated after.
    • SCP-049 must advert three warnings over a period of 15 minutes that it requires 1 Class-D or reading material.
    • SCP-049 must advert in 20% increments every minute for the main, heavy and outer door.
    • For every 049-2 SCP-049 has, they decrease the breach time per door by about 1 minute.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-096 -  SCP-096's doors will begin to malfunction, which technicians would have to repair.

    • SCP-096's self breaching process can be stopped by Technical successfully fixing the door malfunction.
    • SCP-096 must advert that its door is malfunctioning in 50% increments every 5 minutes, and the same goes for its outer door.
    • MTF/RCF must roll to restrain SCP-096 if it has breached out of its main containment.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-098 - SCP-098 must be given 2 Class D to perform surgery on every 10 minutes. If no Class-D is provided, SCP-098 will break down their doors.

    • SCP-098's self breaching process can be stopped by providing them 2 Class-D.
    • If no MTF are available to escort Class D to SCP 098’s CC, Gensec/RCF needs to escort the Class D in their place.
    • SCP-098 must advert two warnings over a period of 10 minutes that they require one Class-D.
    • If a Class-D is not provided to the SCP-098's, they will attempt to breach their doors. 
    • SCP-098 must advert in 50% intervals every 5 minutes for the smaller doors, and 50% every 10 minutes for the heavy door.
    • If there are two or more SCP-098's, their breach time per door is reduced by 4.
    • If there are three or more SCP-098's, their breach time per door is reduced by 6.
    • If there are four or more SCP-098's, they breach through the small doors immediately, and it's heavy door in 10 minutes.
    • If MTF brings a 2 Class D subjects and gives them to SCP-098(s), they will be distracted, causing their timers to reset.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-173 - SCP-173’s Containment Cell gets extremely dirty with blood and feces which angers SCP 173. If it is not cleaned within 10 minutes, SCP-173 will breach.

    • SCP-173's self breaching process can be stopped by its cell being cleaned by a Containment Cleaner. If no Containment Cleaners are online, a Janitor or MTF Nu-7 Field Expert may clean it.
    • SCP-173 must give 3 warnings to clean its cell, 1 at 0 minutes, 1 at 5 minutes, and a breach warning at 10.
    • Once SCP-173 has given its final warning, its cell door will malfunction within 2 minutes.
    • SCP-173 must advert in 50% intervals every minute for its main door. Technicians must fix the door if it is broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-194 - SCP-194 must be fed 1 Class-D every 15 minutes. If it is not fed, it will attempt to breach containment.

    • SCP-194's self breaching process can be stopped by feeding SCP-194 1 Class-D.
    • SCP-194 can advert that it’s hungry every 5 minutes, up to 15 minutes.
    • If it is not fed Class-D, it will attempt to breach its doors.
    • It must advert in 50% increments every 2 minutes per door, to break it open.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.
    • It is FailRP for SCP-194 to run out of its cell when it is being fed.

    SCP-457 - SCP-457 must be provided One gallon of gasoline every 10 minutes to provide to its flame. If it isn’t provided gasoline, it will attempt to breach containment.

    • SCP-457's self breaching process can be stopped by 3 MTF/Researches (That have thermal protective gear) equipped with fire extinguishers, all three need to hit SCP 457 with the extinguisher for 10 seconds if it starts to breach. If it hasn't, a researcher with a heat suit must provide SCP-457 gasoline by doing [ACT] Dumps gasoline into SCP-457's containment chamber.
    • SCP-457 can advert that it needs gasoline every 5 minutes two times.
    • If SCP-457 isn’t provided gasoline, it can advert that it is burning through its doors in 50% increments a minute, two minutes per door for it to breach.
    • If there are two SCP-457's on-site, it is one minute per door.
    • A Researcher must give SCP-457 it’s gasoline, as they are one of the only classes with a heat suit.
    • If there are no Researchers online, MTF may perform the task.
    • Containment Cleaners and Technicians must repair and clean SCP-457’s CC after an attempted breach.

    SCP-966 - Every 15 minutes, SCP-966(s) may request 1 Class D per 966 as their prey. If they don’t receive anyone to hunt, they will attempt to breach their containment.

    • SCP-966's self breaching process can be stopped by having prey be put into their containment chamber.
    • If SCP-966 is attempting to breach and MTF cannot supply it Class-D, they can terminate them as a secondary option, but there must be at least three on-site. This only applies to self breaching.
    • SCP-966 must advert three warnings over a period of 15 minutes that they require 1 Class-D per 966.
    • Once they reach the final warning, they may attempt to break open their doors.
    • They must advert in 25% increments for each door every minute.
    • If there are 2 966’s on, their breach % Increases to 40 each minute
    • If there are 3 966’s on, their breach % Increases to 50 each minute
    • If there are 4-5 966’s on, they can instantly breach after they have finished their initial adverts.
    • Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-1245-2 - SCP-1245-2 will attempt to breach its door over a period of 15 minutes.

    • SCP-1245-2 must advert three warnings that it is breaching its door over a period of 15 minutes.
    • SCP-1245-2's self breaching process can be stopped by its door being reinforced by a technician.
    • Technicians must fix the door if it is broken open, or damaged.

    SCP-1265-A - SCP-1265-A will need to be fed 1 D-Class Per instance (If 4 Instances are on, only 3 D-Class is required)

    • SCP 1265-A's self breaching process can be stopped by feeding SCP-1265 D-Class
      • One D-Class Per instance, or if there is 4 instances only 3 D-Class are required
    • SCP-1265-A can advert that it is hungry every 5 minutes, for up to 15 minutes.
    • If it is not fed, the Raptors will jump out of their Containment walls and breach.

    SCP-5208 - SCP-5208 must be provided a Class-D to play/interact with every 15 minutes. If they are not provided a Class-D, they become hostile and attempt to breach containment.

    • SCP-5208's self breaching process can be stopped by providing them 1 Class-D to interact with, or 2 if there are 3 or more 5208's online.
    • If no MTF are available to escort Class D to SCP-5208's CC, Gensec/RCF needs to escort the Class D in their place.
    • SCP-5208 must advert three warnings over a period of 15 minutes that they require two Class-D.
    • If SCP-5208 is not provided 1 Class-D (or 2 if there are 3 or more online), they will become hostile and attempt to breach.
    • SCP-5208 must advert in 50% intervals every 5 minutes to breach their main door.
    • If there are three or more SCP-5208'S on-site, their breach time for their door is reduced to 5 minutes.
    • SCP-5028 may kill their Class-D anytime but cannot attempt to self breach again until they've been killed, and the 15-minute cooldown has ended.
    • Technicians must fix the door if it is broken open, or damaged.

     SCP Categorization Levels:

    Safe: Entity can be contained safely, without any major danger. Furthermore, the entity does not appear to be aggressive or have negative intentions. Safe SCPs should still be contained and treated as if they are dangerous.

    Euclid: Entity will make multiple attempts to escape containment and will be dangerous to foundation staff and other SCPs. The Entity should always be contained properly if a breach was to occur MTF should be contacted immediately. 

    Keter: Entity is expected to cause havoc when contained and is presumed to cause extreme danger to the entire foundation. The Entity should always be contained properly if a breach was to occur NTF should be contacted immediately.

    Thaumiel: Entity is used by the foundation for the protection or destruction of another SCP. They are highly confidential and may include incredibly powerful entities. 

    Apollyon: Very few entities fall under this category. Those that do pose an ultimate threat, that may result in humanity’s inevitable destruction. They cannot be contained, some could say SCP 343 falls under this category. 

    DEFCON Levels:

    DEFCON Five: Facility secure, no threats to the Foundation are present at Site-05.

    DEFCON Four: Minor threat to the Foundation is present at Site-05. This could include a containment breach of a Euclid class SCP, or moderate, ongoing violence by D-Class personnel.

    DEFCON Three: Moderate threat to the Foundation is present at Site-05. This could include a containment breach of multiple Euclid class SCPs, a containment breach of a Keter class SCP, or infiltration by CI personnel.

    DEFCON Two: A significant threat to the Foundation is present at Site-05. This could include a mass containment breach of multiple Euclid or Keter class SCPs, or significant infiltration by CI personnel.

    DEFCON One: A catastrophic threat to the Foundation is present at Site-05 and the site is considered lost. Any surviving Level 5 personnel are to evacuate the site and prepare for the detonation of the on-site nuclear warhead. This could be caused by a containment breach of multiple Keter class SCPs, the surface breach of a Keter class SCP, or the loss of control of the facility.

    Clearance Level System:

    Every foundation member has a specific clearance level that grants them access to a variety of different things. Besides using this MOTD, you can also see what clearance level each job is by seeing what cards they have.

    • Level 1 (Confidential): Personnel have no direct contact with SCPs and do not have knowledge of them. Jobs include Class D, Janitorial staff, Technicians, etc.

    • Level 2 (Restricted): Personnel May come in contact with SCPs. They have limited information about them. Jobs include low ranking research and security personnel. Field agents, medical staff, and low ranking MTF also have this level.

    • Level 3 (Secret): Personnel are expected to have extensive contact with SCPs, as well as have lengthy info on most SCPs. Jobs include senior researchers and security personnel.

    • Level 4 (Top Secret): Personnel are regarded as high ranking officials. Level grants access to most all info about SCPs and operations. Jobs include doctors, few senior security personnel, MTF Personnel, and the Site Administrator.

    • Level 5 (Thaumiel): Personnel’s identities are secure. These personnel are to be protected at all times. The only people who have this access are O5 Council Members. 

    Alpha Warhead Info & Rules:

    The Alpha Warhead may be launched in extreme breaches in which the site has been deemed completely compromised. Only the Deputy Site Administrator can authorize this. A Superadmin+ MUST approve the use of the warhead and can launch the nuclear weapon at their discretion. If there is no Superadmins+ to launch it then you cannot authorize its use!

    Once the warhead has been launched and everyone subsequently dies, RP MUST reset, meaning all SCPs must stay inside their cells and wait for the staff to seal them. Nobody will remember anything prior to the blast, they are completely new lives.

    Roll Guidelines/RP Rules:

    This server utilizes a roll system for many RP situations. To use it simply do, "/roll" in chat. You will find that a random number between 0 and 100 will be shown. Players are encouraged to roll as often as they wish to as long as it makes sense.  To properly RP a situation, each player should roll. Whoever gets the highest roll wins that action.

    In situations involving multiple people, a single individual can assist another player if one person fails the initial roll. For example, one MTF attempts to place a bag on SCP-096’s head and fails the initial roll. A second MTF may then roll to assist. If the second roll beats SCP-096’s roll, the action succeeds. If the second roll fails, SCP-096 wins the roll off.

    1. You may not roll to complete an action if your hands are up. 
    2. You may only roll for 1 specific action every 5 minutes.
      • Foundation personnel attempting to fix a containment cell that fail the first roll must remain at that location for the entire five minutes to be able to reattempt the fix.
    3. In order to arm an explosive, you must roll a 25+.
    4. To successfully fix windows or other glass objects you must roll a 40+.
    5. In order to activate a bomb collar/consume a suicide pill, you must roll a 40+ (You may not do this if utilities are stripped prior).
    6. To successfully fix a standard containment cell door you must roll a 50+.
    7. To successfully clean a containment cell you must roll a 50+.
    8. To successfully fix a large blast door you must roll a 60+.
    9. In order to disable lights or activate/deactivate teslas you must be a C.I and roll a 60+. 
    10. In order to activate a lockdown, you must roll a 75+. 
    11. In order to steal a vehicle/helicopter, you must roll an 80+.

    SCP Tranquilization Guidelines:

    All classes who possess a Tranquilizer weapon must follow these rules.

    • You can't tranquilize humans, this is considered FailRP.
    • You can only tranquilize the following SCPs: 682, 939, 098. Tranquilizing any SCP, not on this list is FailRP.
    • After an SCP is tranquilized, it must stay immobile for at least 15 seconds after it "wakes up" and must co-operate with the captors until either the SCP has been re-contained, or it has been more than 5 minutes since they have woken up.                       

    Extra Information:

    Visit our forum for applications, questions, or to see our other servers. Gaminglight.com

    Visit our TeamSpeak (Everyone besides Class D MUST be on it when playing!) ts.gaminglight.com

    Join our steam group for special alerts and the addon collections. Gaminglight

    Visit our awesome donation store for ranks and levels by doing !donate in-game.

    If you ever wish to view this MOTD while in-game, simply do  !motd

    Check out our other servers which include: PoliceRP,  ImperialRP, Clone Wars RP, and MilitaryRP!

    We highly recommend all players read the SCP Wiki for more RP  information!

    Shout out Rookieblue for the help with the MOTD!



    If you have any further questions feel free to ask a staff member in-game, on TS, or on the forums!





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