• PoliceRP Rules



    PoliceRP MOTD


    To request help, contact a staff member in-game by type /report. Do not spam this! Just fill it out and be patient for a staff member to come to your aid.

    Staff members have final say in all situations. Reports on unsatisfactory staff performance can be resolved in our staff reports section

    Loop-holing is not allowed for any rules. Our rules are server guidelines and are there to be followed as written. No exceptions.

    PoliceRP Management includes Manager - Matthew / Head of Staff - Eternity / Head Admins -  Snar & Jayden. Please go to other staff members with issues before contacting any of them.

    PoliceRP Discord: https://discord.gg/TsnpVk3

    (Join Our Steam Group!:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GaminglightRP or by typing !steam in-game)


    All Government Officials must be on TeamSpeak (ts.gaminglight.com) while playing on the server!

    All Crips/Bloods/Families are recommended to be on TeamSpeak (ts.gaminglight.com) while playing on the server!

    This server is designed for a mature audience.

    Use Common Sense! Act like it is real life. If you wouldn't do something in real life, don't do it here!


    --- General Rules ---

    1-) The Basics

    • No RDM
    • No RDA
    • NLR (New life rule) is 3 minutes. Do not return to the place of death for that duration and you forget everything from your past life (including how you died and who killed you.
    • (ONLY CRIM) A Rule of NLR is active base raiding, no family members may return to the base being raided by the Government for 5min if you die. You may not sit around a couple feet from the active raid "waiting" for your NLR to run out. You also can not go to another building and assist in defending a raid outside of the actual base. 
    • No Metagame (using information that would not realistically be available to your character)
    • No major crimes during a PD/FBI meeting (UNLESS the highest PD/FBI Command is on AND all tactical unit commands that are on have agreed to it.)
      • **Major crimes count as the following - Hostage taking, Kidnapping. Bank raid, General store raid, PD Raid, Presidential Assassination, Money Silo***
    • Do not impersonate whitelisted members, staff, and other players.
    • No Disrespect/Racism/Inappropriate or offensive content (In anyway shape or form)
    • No Glitching/Hacking/Cheating
    • No Mic/Horn Spam/Voice changers
    • FearRP - Act as If you would in real life
      • Players must always surrender to other players’ kidnaps or mugs.
      • Players, or groups of players, may not be put under FearRP unless they are outnumbered by the opposing group.
        • The player(s) must be outnumbered when the encounter BEGINS. FearRP does not apply if others in a group arrive after a fight has begun.
          • Ex. Snar UMC pulls a negev onto a rival family member. That family member begins exchanging fire as 2 more UMC members drive up. FearRP no longer applies.
      • If your gun is on safety, you cannot put a player under FearRP.
        • This applies both ways. Other players with weapons on safety cannot be placed under FearRP.
      • If Government has you under FearRP and goes to cuff you. (Puts gun away, pulls out cuffs and starts placing you in cuffs.) You may not attempt to harm or further evade that police officer. 
        • For Example: An officer has a suspect under FearRP and right when the officer pulls out cuffs to arrest the suspect, the suspect cannot pull out a gun or run away.
    • No Fail RP
      • 1 form of failrp is rushing with a riot shield to hit a criminal with a weapon. 
      • Another is stealing weapons from a gun dealer during a transaction. 
    • Protests are not allowed at all!!!!!
    • No prop abuse (Pushing, climbing, blocking, etc.)
    • You cannot take over places. If you raid a place, you must leave after you have accomplished your goal. Do NOT stay to prevent people from returning for an extended period of time.
    • If EMS is online, you may not respawn if you were killed during a criminal activity/situation of some type (shootout, raid, etc.) Government officials MAY handcuff you as soon as you are revived and may take you to jail.
    • No /advert Counter (Ex.- Criminal vs. Criminal Bank Raid)
    • You can ONLY advert Assist if you are a Family Member (same last name in your RP name) / Or if you are all on Bloods/Crips (Bloods/Crips may NOT work together at all) OR if you have the same RP Job/RP job name.
    • Murder and hits may only be done in a secluded place
    • No vigilantism - you cannot assist police in their raids and other law enforcement activities.
    • If you are revived by EMS, then there's no NLR, therefore you remember your past life based on what happened. You MUST RP IT OUT THOUGH.
    • Gang Members are recommended to be in TeamSpeak, but do NOT have to
    • The tow truck as well as other vehicles from the job bundle (bus, taxi, truck) may not be stolen.
    • Do not advertise Twitch/YouTube channels without a Manager’s permission.
    • Families can't have alliances with other families
    • Do not sell Store Credits for money in game
    • Don't build during an Active RP Situation
    • You may only assassinate/kidnap/raid the President/Vice President when the tax average is at or above 20% OR if there are 3 or more Secret Service (including C.A.T.). If the person is mid kidnap or etc, you can not just change the taxes/And or have a Secret Service switch off, and then proceed to call the situation false
    • You Can't Steal Government Vehicles-at all.
    • Paramedics are a Neutral Faction (Can't be taken Hostage, Vehicles stolen, etc.)
    • Suicide/threatening to suicide is FailRP/CopBaiting if you Do NOT have a valid reason.
    • Weed, printers, and money silos are illegal by default. Weed can be made legal by the President.
    • You cannot build in the bank/general store. As a banker, you may build inside the bank but only for RP purposes (waiting area, flowers, etc. - no fading doors or defenses)
    • If you are handcuffed, you must comply with the officer. Not doing so can be considered FailRP. If the police officer gets distracted and leaves you alone, you may attempt an escape.
    • After changing your name to join a family, you may not assist/help out anyone in that family with any criminal activity for a total of 3 minutes
    • You may not kill someone who you are trying to break out of jail or who's in handcuffs, but you are allowed to help them escape by lockpicking their cuffs/cell.
    • Cop baiting is not allowed. Cop baiting is intentionally breaking the law or annoying a police officer in an attempt to have them arrest/confront you.
    • Do not spam your camera in game (Camera spam)
    • All Government Bases are KOS / AOS.
    • Custom Class' may NOT spawn in CC cars that the CC does not own or bought. If doing so could result in the following: Losing permission to have CC cars or Custom Class removal. 
    • Custom Class' may NOT spawn Govt vehicles if they are not a Govt CC. Doing so can result in a removal of your CC. 
    • Government Custom Class' may spawn all Default PD Cars according to your PD Rank. Department Heads may give you perms to use their dealer with your CC if they allow. Never access the Custom PD Dealer UNLESS you bought a car in there for your government custom class!!!


    2-) Government

    • All Guns are illegal (except for pistols but they still can't be out in public)
    • No Taser rushing
    • You may never interrupt training.
    • Printers, weed, and money silos are illegal by default. The President can make weed legal.
    • Bit-miners are always legal. Police cannot destroy them for any reason
    • Spike Strips are only to be used by PD Sergeant Major+ or equivalent
    • Cops are not allowed to accept bribes..
    • The Deputy Commissioner can arrest for up to 30 minutes if present.
    • If someone is wanted (sign above a person’s head) you may AOS/KOS the person. In order to KOS you must warn the criminal at least 3 times to stop moving. If they comply, you must arrest them instead.
    • You may arrest criminals after they are revived if they were involved in a criminal situation (Maximum jail time is 8 years).
    • Government can not use EMP's while on duty!
    • [Only if EMS is online] If Gas is used in a Raid (Bank, Gen Store, Base and etc.) then all criminals will be dead upon arrival and can respawn.
    • If gas is needed to be used in a situation, gas may not be used to clip/go though map walls. However gas can clip/go through player props. [https://imgur.com/K90kheE]
    • Spike strips in traffic stops can only be used if (A) Suspect is wanted with deadly weapon or (B) Suspect was in a code red pursuit.
    • Bailer NPC
      • When Martial Law is active, the Government may block off the Bailer NPC.
      • When Martial Law is inactive, the NPC may only be blocked off with Chief of Police, Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner permission.


    3-) General Adverting / Yelling

    • You must /advert raid
    • You must /advert Jailbreak
    • When Raiding Bank, you can take over the entire Bank Vault. However you may not leave the Vault at any time! When robbing a general store you must also stay inside the general store. You, or anyone involved, cannot leave.
    • You cannot close or lock the door of the vault when you are raiding it. The vault door must stay open at all times
    • You must /advert carjack
    • You cannot carjack vehicles that have just been spawned in at any of the dealers
    • You must /yell or /advert Murder.
    • You can NOT raid PD. You may only raid it when a family member is trapped and needs help escaping.
    • You are NOT allowed to /advert false or /advert bind test
    • If committing a major crime, everyone must be in the same family or same RP Job Organization and have their names correctly inputted, this does not apply to jailbreaks. Everyone involved must /advert.
    • If your family was involved in committing a crime and a family member is actively being arrested you may type /advert assist to assist that family member, you must follow all rules with NLR and FailRP.
    • You must ALWAYS try to RP out the scenario first, do not just type /advert assist and start spraying PD, try to negotiate release of your family member with guns drawn on the officer.
    • If the attempt fails there is a 10 minute cool down for all family members regardless if they were not present for the first attempt.


    4-) Martial Law

    • Any civilian/criminal seen with a weapon out can be KOS’d by PD
    • PD High Command can activate Martial Law at any time, However, a valid RP reason must be given. Example - Riots, excess violence, out of control gangs, etc.
    • Martial Law may only be authorized by PD High Command / Other Department Heads only, it may last up to 30 minutes. Reason for declaring Martial Law must be stated immediately.


    5-) Important Timers

    • Raids - 5 Minutes/Raid -- 45 Minutes/Same Base
    • Kidnaps - 15 Minutes/Kidnap -- 30 Minutes/Same Person
    • Assassinations - 15 Minutes/Assasination
    • Bank Raids - 15 Minutes/Bank Raid
    • Murder - 5 Minutes/Murder -- 30 minutes/Same Person
    • Mugging - 5 Minutes/Mug -- 30 minutes/Same Person
    • General Store - 15 Minutes/Robbery
    • Money Silo - 15 Minutes after completion/failure (Per base)
    • Only one Money Silo can be spawned per base. 
    • SS Base Raid (For City Funds) - 15 Minutes


    6-) Weapon Class'

    • Class 1(Legal Weapons): Any pistols except for Deagles, Silenced Pistols, or R8 Revolver.
    • Class 2 (Illegal without gun license): Any Silenced weapon, Deagle, SMG’s or Semi-Automatic Rifles.
    • Class 3 (Illegal): Any Fully-Automatic Rifles & Shotguns.
    • Class 4 (Illegal): Snipers & LMG’s
    • Class 5 (Definitely 100% Always Illegal): Explosives


    --- Gang Rules (Bloods, Crips and Mafia) ---

    1-) General

    • Bloods, Crips and the Mafia are always at war. This does not mean every time you see each other that you are to shoot each other. You must have a valid RP reason. They may never work together or "team up"
    • All gang members are recommended to be in TeamSpeak. (You should be in the Gang Channels and have the same name)
    • If you commit a crime, the rest of the gang in that area can be arrested for association.
      • Disclaimer - Gangs can be changed to Whitelist mode at any point if management feels it is being abused.


    --- Roleplay Rules ---

    1-) Basing

    • Max fading doors (Per Base): 4
      • Fading doors must be obvious and visible for the player (just like keypads) They cannot be placed in a way where your player model gets stuck and you are unsure where the door is (placing a pole in the corner as your fading door)
      • Fading doors can not also cross multiple props to act like multiple fading doors (EX: http://prntscr.com/r0gt9p).
      • Fading doors may not be props that impair breaching devices (Battering ram, Breaching Charge and etc.). For example, a pole prop. This prop is way to skinny and impairs breaching devices. Fading doors must be wide enough for breaching devices.
    • Max buttons (Per Base): 3
    • Keypad required for every door with a toggle or 5 secs open time.
    • Do not use your numpad to open the door, instead input the code into the keypad or use a button
    • Your base cannot force players to crouch/jump
    • Shooting windows do not count as fading doors.
      • Max of 2 shooting windows per base, buttons on shooting windows MUST be toggled and you cannot use your numpad to open it.
    • No invisible props
    • No kill boxes.
    • A kill box is when you can trap a player between 2 fading doors and you can shoot at them but they can't shoot back at you.
    • For example you are backed up against a wall and can see the players feet, but they cannot see you at all. (This is not allowed)
    • You cannot use no collide for defense/entrance purposes.
    • You may not prop block raidables.
    • All parts of a base must fit at least 2 people back to back and side to side.
    • Do NOT make bases with small peepholes (otherwise known as head glitching)
    • Half of your body MUST be shown if you are shooting over an object (Barriers, Props, etc.). This is an effect for shooting windows as well. 
    • Whiteout/Blackout and Underwater bases are not allowed.
    • If your base is going to be primarily black, the floor must be an opposite color (white). 
    • Trap bases are not allowed. This is anything that acts as a trap door to trap or damage raiders.
    • Keypads must be visible and not hidden. Fake keypads are also not allowed.
    • KOS/Building signs MUST BE CLEAR AND CONCISE
    • Bases may not be raided if there is a building or RP sign.
    • Bases with building signs can be prop blocked off. However, they may not be used as hideaways for criminals. They may also not contain any type of raidables.
    • RP Only buildings are designed for peaceful RP scenarios. No raidables are allowed here, thus they are also not allowed to be raided.
    • Maze bases are NOT allowed. The path through the base’s defenses must be obvious and accessible.
    • Text signs must be large and easily seen (80+ text size).  
    • World Glow is not allowed.
    • Roof bases are not allowed unless the building's roof has a built in access point.
    • Every bases' property line stops where the sidewalk/map road/fense starts. You may not extend your base or a KOS sign beyond your property line.
    • You may not combine one way props and a non one way prop (Fence and gates) in order to see and shoot players at the same time (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1490478705)
    • Maximum of 5 one way props per base.
    • Bases may not be built across spawn, near the hospital and the parking lot across spawn.
    • Do not make any bases or props that block or disallow access to an NPC.
    • Bases must not strain the eyes. This means no flashing props or bright colors.
    • A sky base is not allowed. A sky base is a base that is taller than the prop tube1x1x8.
    • Walkway rule
      • If you are basing you are only allowed 10 props for the walkway leading into your base. This means players who have the "zig-zag" base design can still set up their base that way, but with limited props. It is up to you to use the longer props that make the players run farther and have shooting platforms above them, or continue to have fences and attempt to shoot at Gov/Criminals. (https://imgur.com/kSNkkaQ)
      • Fading doors do not count towards this
      • Roof's and Floor's of walkways still count as a prop!
    • You can not have the same material as the un-faded material on fading doors.


    2-) Raiding

    • Must wait 5 min in between raiding different bases
    • Jailbreaks may not last longer than 10 minutes
    • Must be breaking someone out
    • Going into any government base, is considered Cop bait unless you are raiding DOC (Must be adverted)
    • You cannot build during any raid
      • When raiding bank / general stores. People can not spawn camera's to view outside and around on where Government is.
    • If the bank raid has 1 minute remaining and there is still a hostage, police can rush in and try to take down the targets.
      • Criminals may not use their bodies to block the timer to keep Govt from seeing how much time is left. 
    • You MUST advert (Bank Raid/General Store Raid) if raiding either one.
    • You must have a weapon out to rob the Bank or General Store!!!
    • Criminals may raid SS base to steal the money funds located underground, if the average tax is above 10%.
    • When building camera's, camera's may NOT be put in the sky and floating. The camera's must be supporting by a prop "holding" them up. 
    • You may not use ladder dupes to climb into bases. This is considered prop climb.


    3-) Mugging

    • Must /yell or /advert mug.
    • Max mug is $5k.
    • If you successfully mug a person you can not kill them.
    • If you mug a person, you must give them at least 20 seconds to give you the cash.


    4-) Kidnapping / Hostage Taking

    • Must /yell or /advert kidnap
    • If the person has a gun out, you cannot kidnap
    • To take a player hostage, there must be at least 10 PD online (This includes SWAT/ARU/SRT/CERT/FBI/Etc.)
    • Do not hold anyone longer than 15 minutes
    • Restraints are required to kidnap someone (or else it will be considered false hostage)
    • Kidnapping in Spawn/AFK People is not allowed
    • You may only have one person (kidnapped/hostage) per person.
    • Once you rob a store/the bank, you MUST let the hostage(s) go, you can't take him/her away out of the store/bank
    • If you are kidnapping someone in moving vehicle, they are not under Fear RP. Unless they are parked or not in motion.
      • Civilian -­ $5,000
      • Officer­ - $10,000
      • Senior Officer / Corporal ­- $20,000
      • Sergeant ­- $30,000
      • Master Sergeant/ Sergeant Major- $50,000
      • Lieutenant -­ $60,000
      • Captain ­- $70,000
      • Major - $80,000
      • Colonel - $90,000
      • Assistant / Deputy Chief - $100,000
      • Chief of Police (or Department heads) - $125,000
      • Deputy Commissioner - $150,000
      • Commissioner - $200,000
      • President - $50,000


    5-) Priority Rules

    • Criminals must have a VALID reason to run from Police. This includes but is not limited to
      • Having a warrant for shooting at government
      • Your vehicle being wanted in a prior pursuit
      • Your life is threatened by an officer
    • Criminals must have a VALID reason to shoot at police. This includes but is not limited to
      • Having a warrant for shooting at government
      • Your vehicle being wanted in a prior pursuit
      • Your life is threatened by an officer
    • Criminals may not engage in harmful and or felony acts for the following reasons
      • Merely being stopped for a traffic violation
      • An officer giving you a ticket
      • An officer bumping your vehicle
      • Any player merely coming up to you and speaking with you
    • These rules apply to player interaction as well. Do NOT randomly shoot players for stupid and or playful acts
    • RP situations out. Warnings will be handed out for breaking RP if priority situations are brought up without proper reason


    6-) Neutral Class' / Zones

    • Neutral Zones - Spawn and Inside Hospital.
      • Hospital and Spawn can not have any crime occurring in the building. Around the buildings, crime may occur.
      • Casino is a RP area. No crimes may be committed past the text screen.
      • The inside of the car dealer is considered neutral.
        • People may NOT carjack / steal people's vehicle near the car dealer. (The must exit the car dealer parking lot.)
    • Neutral Class' - Tow Truck Driver, EMS and Dispatch.
      • Tow Truck Driver, you may steal back your car, however you MUST attempt to RP it out with the Tow Truck Driver. You may NOT kill or cause injury to the Tow Truck Driver if he does nothing towards you. HOWEVER, if the tow truck decides to defend and or tries to stop you from stealing your vehicle back by violence (Gun and etc.) Then you may cause harm to the Tow Truck Driver.
      • EMS can not be killed, injured or kidnapped.
      • Dispatch can not be killed, injured or kidnapped.


    7-) Stalling

    • Stalling negotiations with a hostage is not allowed in any server robbery.
    • Definition - speak or act in a deliberately vague way in order to gain more time to deal with a question or issue; prevaricate.
    • Acts of Stalling
      • Requesting demands that do not benefit you or your overall goal.
      • Requesting the same demands repeatedly after them being denied.
      • Coming to an agreement on a demand, and then going back on said decision.
    • Valid Hostage Demands
      • Free Passage
      • Getaway Vehicles
        • Only SMT can approve getaway vehicle requests.
      • Clearing government from the active scene
      • Maximum price
        • Different jobs have different hostage prices. Located in MOTD.
      • Hands up/weapons away
      • A specific police negotiator
    • Invalid Hostage Demands
      • Uber Eats
      • Gas Masks
      • Throwing gas/grenades with no reason
      • Over maximum hostage price
      • Counting/Jumping/Physical Tasks.
      • Etc.



    --- Government Rules ---

    1-) Police

    • Listen to your superiors
    • Corrupt cops are NOT allowed,
    • You may go off the "wanted sign" above the criminal's head (You may AOS/KOS the person) To KOS the person, you need to warn the person 3 times to stop moving, if they comply you have to arrest them (Actually RP it out)
    • You must be a Qualified Trainer to train police. This is Sergeant+
    • Follow the guidelines on vehicles - https://gaminglight.com/forums/index.php?/forum/91-police/
    • During a Bank raid/hostage situation, you are to respond to the area code 3 and secure the roads to stop vehicles passing and wait for SRT/ARU/S.W.A.T to arrive on a scene and give orders.
    • You are NOT to deal with Bank Raids or Hostage Situations unless there is no S.W.A.T/ARU/SRT online.. (The Highest ranking officer on Scene takes control).ARU/SRT to stand down they must comply.
    • Any Semi Truck that is in a pursuit can be declared lethal instantly. (Command does not need to approve)


    2-) S.W.A.T.

    • You may Patrol as S.W.A.T but cannot perform traffic stops. You may only conduct traffic stops if you have seen the person with a weapon out.
    • You can call the pursuit to a stop and take over lead unit if the subject is declared Code Red or has Shot/Pulled a weapon at another Officer or Citizen
    • You can deal with Bank Raids and Hostage Situations.


    3-) FBI

    • FBI may do illegal things while undercover to gain criminals trust but may not murder, release from jail, or take drugs/Evidence.
    • To get into the FBI, you must be a VIP+ (this means you may get FBI Prob.)
    • FBI may not base with the same person within 15 minutes of catching/being caught in the act of basing undercover
    • Only undercover FBI/PD High Command can access the bait car dealer. If you're not undercover and accessing the dealer, then you can be warned for FailRP.


    4-) State Troopers

    • Performs mostly traffic stops and violations
    • You are to mainly stay on the outskirts of Rockford
    • ALE is for Raids and if given permission can attend Bank Robberies
    • You must have a State Trooper Skin on your car at all times unless you have permission from the Command Officer.


    5-) EMS

    • You must wait until the area is code 4.
    • Wait for permission to move into a situation that had a recent shootout.
    • No combat healing/reviving. (This applies to everyone!)
    • Never move into a bank raid, hostage situation, general store robbery, etc. unless given permission by the highest government official on scene. It is your responsibility to not enter dangerous situations.


    6-) ATF Agents

    • These Agents are played by Server Management, and are equivalent to the rank of Commissioner.
    • ATF Agents work alone. They do not work alongside state governments on investigations.
    • ATF Agents mainly deal with calls relating to Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
    • Agents may drive either government or civilian vehicles
      • Any vehicle can be commandeered by an agent! You must allow them to take it!
    • Agents are always unmarked and undercover, and appear as civilians. Do not metagame their government status!
    • Agents may place anyone under federal custody if they are under a suspicion to interrogate.


    7-) Global Gas Guidelines

    • Safety of Others
      • Gas cannot be used if it has a high potential to cause injury to an innocent civilian or officer.
      • Areas where gas is thrown must be enclosed.
        • This restricts you from throwing mustard gas anywhere outside.
    • Deployment of Gas
      • Gas may NEVER be deployed at a general store robbery.
      • Gas may only be deployed in 2 scenarios
        • 3 or more suspects are barricaded within an enclosed area.
        • 3 or more government have been murdered by the suspects
      • Both scenarios above do not have to happen… if one of the two occurs, gas may be used
      • Gas should NEVER be given to those who are uneducated about the proper usage.
    • Gas Masks
      • All Gov must be equipped with a gas mask if they are exposed
      • Gas masks may not be given to any non-government official
    • *This rule section above overrides all department specific SOPs and Guidelines.*


    --- Other Job Rules ---

    1-) President / Vice President

    • You do NOT control the PD, So don’t order them around.
    • You can own a house but must have protection. You can ask the FBI to protect you, But they don’t have to.
    • You cannot Raid or Commit Crime.
    • You can only have pistols and shotguns.
    • What can you make legal/illegal? (Must be stated on law board)
    • Weed can be made legal or illegal by the president. (Default: illegal)
    • Class 1 weapons came to be made legal or illegal by the president. (Default: Legal)
    • All other drugs, weapons and everything else can not be changed to legal or illegal. 
    • Tac Units have the right to protect the President (only if they have permission from a command member in that department).
    • The President can only have official government employees protecting him.
    • As Vice President, your job is to work with the President not against him
    • If there are 3+ SS currently active, the president can be assassinated regardless of tax amounts


    2-) Judge / Defendant / Prosecutor

    • You can only have a pistol for self-defense.!
    • You cannot commit a crime while in these classes.
    • Your job is to help people get out of jail, So RP situations out!
    • The judge cannot deal with a friend or individual they know this is classed as Fail RP. Your judge whitelist will be removed.
    • The judge must have a valid RP reason for setting someone free from jail.
    • If someone is not coming to a trial, you must advert a warning toward them 3 times prior to dismissing the case.
    • Adverts must be at least two minutes apart.
    • You cannot accept bribes. However, you can charge people 25k for a court case and for you to Defend/Prosecute a person. Court cases can cost up to 75k.


    3-) Gun Dealer / Advanced Gun Dealer / Black Market Dealer / Elite Gun Dealer

    • Cannot raid
    • Can not commit major crime (Ex. A jailbreak)
    • Must have a shop
    • You may have bit-miners, weed and printers
    • Can self-supply when actively running a shop.
    • Changing jobs to purchase guns then switching back is an example of self-supply that is disallowed.
    • Can only base with other dealers.


    4-) Assassin / Mafia Hitman

    • Hits must have a valid reason - random hits are not allowed.
    • You must /advert when a hit is accepted and completed.
    • You may not carry out a hit on a government official in front of other government officials or when they are in their base.


    5-) Tow Truck Driver

    • Any vehicle parked illegally can be towed (roadways, sidewalks, etc.)
    • You are a neutral class and are not allowed to carry any weapons, unless you would like to stop a person from stealing a vehicle that is in your control. 
      • For example, if a vehicle is impounded. And they (The Criminals) try to steal their car back, you may pull any weapon to attempt to stop them.
    • You may not kill a tow truck driver just because they are towing your car. RP the situation out.
    • You must RP you latching the car onto the truck before pulling away.
    • Latching moving cars is not allowed.
    • You may not tow emergency vehicles that are illegally parked. Call 911 instead.
    • Do not use your tow truck as a ramming device.
    • You may not tow a vehicle that has someone in it.
    • If you have impounded a car, you may set a price to release the vehicle back to the owner. The max price is $5,000


    6-) Inmate

    • You must stay inside of the jail while playing as an inmate. If a jailbreak occurs, you are allowed to leave.
    • Props are allowed inside of your cell, but you are limited to 5 props per cell.
    • MUST be at least 1 DOC Officer online for proper Roleplay!
    • Inmates can NOT spawn fading doors!
    • Inmates can NOT retrieve anything from their inventory!
    • Killing DOC/Police outside of a jailbreak is not allowed.
    • Inmate does not give you an excuse to mic-spam or minge in the DOC.
    • Treat the job as real life and do not ruin it for others.
    • Prison riots can be held once every hour. This is the only time where you are allowed to use the knife unless you are involved in a jailbreak.


    7-) Hobo

    • Hobos may build outside but you are not allowed to build on the roads.
    • Hobos cannot block off any buildings with props and cannot stop the access for anyone on a roadway.
    • Hobos may mic-spam music and music only. You must be stationary to play music. You are not allowed to mic-spam outside of buildings to annoy the inhabitants.
    • Hobos may only own pistols and melee weapons.
    • Hobos can mug.
    • Hobos cannot be mugged.


    8-) Drug Dealer

    • Cannot raid.
    • Can not commit major crime (Ex. A Bank Raid).
    • Must have a shop to sell goods. 
    • May have bit-miners, weed and or printers when shop is up. 
    • Can only self-supply when actively running a shop.
    • Changing jobs to purchase drugs then switching back is an example of self-supply. This is not allowed.
    • Can only base with other dealers (Ex. Gun/Adv Gun/Black Market/Drug Dealers).
    • Legal drugs are Beer (Can not change by President).
    • illegal drugs are Cocaine, Meth, Acid and Crazy Watermelon.

    9-) Bank Security Officer / Professional Bank Security Officer

    • Must always attempt to resolve the situation without violence.
    • May not base with criminals.
    • Can not do corrupt acts.
    • All Government officials rule over you.
    • If a bank is being robbed and has a hostage, you must leave and wait outside the bank for government officials.
    • If you are outnumbered (3 to 1), you must value your life and try to get out of danger. Don’t run in and try to kill everyone with a Glock when they have Negev's. 
    • You may only have a pistol or XM1014.
    • If you break the law, you can still go to jail!
    • Can never shoot or evade Government.

    10-) Banker 

    • May not base with criminals.
    • May not attempt to help criminals do criminal acts unless held at gunpoint.
    • If the bank is being robbed, you must attempt to flee the bank unless held at gunpoint.
    • Can never shoot or evade Government, unless held at gunpoint.
    • You may only have a pistol on yourself to defend yourself. (FearRP still applies!)
    • You may store bit-miners inside the vault for a price. (You may not do the same with Money Printers!)





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