• Jedi vs Sith Rules


    Jedi vs Sith Rules

    To request help: contact a staff member in-game by typing !report, and wait patiently for a staff member to assist you

    Staff members have final say in all situations: Do not argue with the staff. Reports on unsatisfactory staff performance can be resolved in our staff reports section

    Loopholing is not allowed for any rules: Our rules are server guidelines and are there to be followed as written. No exceptions.

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    TeamSpeak IP: ts.gaminglight.com


    General Rules:

    1. To speak in the OOC (Out Of Character) Chat use '//' NOT '/ooc'
    2. Do not kill without reason. (RDM)
    3. Do not arrest without reason (RDA), When arresting you must do  /advert RFA:____ and put the reason.
    4. Do not FailRP. This means that you should not perform anything unrealistic or out of character
    5. Do not metagame. This means that you should not use any out of character influences to affect role play
    6. Do not microphone/chat spam.
    7. Do not harass/disrespect other players or admins.
    8. No staff or player may harass another person! This can be considered Bullying and is not tolerated here! Any staff caught will be given a Strike. Players disobeying this rule may be punished by a ban depending on how serious the situation is.
    9.  No foul language in OOC. Using foul language in OOC is not acceptable and is punishable by a warning.
    10. No offensive Roleplay Names or anything that is close to an offensive word in your name.
    11. No Racial/Offensive language, Respect everyone!
    12. Do not self-promote.
    13. Do not try to get yourself whitelisted to jobs you have not donated/have been trained for.
    14. /advert and /comms is to be used for RP reasons only.
    15. To change your name use '/name (Name)'
    16. Don't use stupid or unrealistic RP names.
    You may not go to the enemy planets unless a raid is active.
    18. AFK Meditating or Channel Hatred is allowed.
    19. Donation jobs do not have the same ranking status as the class/character it displays.
    20. If you escape a planet due to losing a fight, you may not return to that planet for 3 minutes.
    21. No fighting in the teleportation room.


    2. You will not know what happened in your previous life.

    3. Defenders from raids cannot leave the temple for 2 minutes once they die.
    4. NLR does not apply for Boss Battles.

    RP Rules:

    1. Always listen to those who are higher then you (Chain Of Command)
    2. Permission To Speak (PTS) is always active when in formal role-play situations or areas (Trainings, Debreifing and Briefing etc.)
    3. "/me" is a roleplay action. You may not do /me's over voice chat.


    1. Defcons are numbers at which we measure the security of both Jedi and Sith temples.
    2. Only the highest rank on each side can call them.

    Defcon 5: Temple is at no risk and normal duties are to be held out
    Defcon 4: Potential risk is detected and requires patrols around various location (determined on your branch speciality)
    Defcon 3: Immanent risk detected, all units are to be on high alert with weapons at the ready while still patrolling 
    Defcon 2: Enemies have been detected attacking the temple and all units are to be posted at their battle stations, ready for battle
    Defcon 1: Evacuate the temple

    Global Captures:

    1. Only those that are Knight V+/Lord V+ can lead global captures - such members will gather their teams before hand in briefing.
    2. Global Captures must be announced through '/advert' by leader of the team which started it
    3. A full global capture will be complete once the starting side has held all capture points on said planet for 10 minutes.
    4. All involved players may only have one life and must return once eliminated.
    5. Only one global capture can occur at a time - there is a 20 minutes cooldown before another one can be performed.

    Temple Raids:

    1. Raids can only be lead by those that are Knight V+/Lord V+ - such members will gather their teams before hand in briefing.
    2. Raids must be announced through '/advert' by leader of the team which started it.
    3. If the Temple's capture point has been taken, then the attacking side has won.
    4. If all attackers have been eliminated then the defending side has won.
    5. All involved players on the attacking side may only have one life and must return once eliminated.
    6. Raids and Global Captures must've occur at the same time - there is a 30 minute cooldown between raids.
    7. No spawn camping.

    Capturing Jedi/Sith:

    1. Sith/Jedi can only be captured if they are alone and their lightsaber is not ignited.
    2. To capture, one must sneak up on the target and use '/me captures', followed with a 'roll' ~ rolls with a result of 50 or above will lead to a successful capture.
    3. Capturing players during raids and global captures are not allowed.
    4. Sith Inquisitors and Jedi Sentinels are the branches that are allowed to capture players.

    Civilian Jobs:

    1. If an enemy miner is on your team captured land/planet, then you may eliminate them - you may also eliminate them if you are trying to take their land (capture point).
    2. Miners cannot capture land for their side.
    3. Miners cannot help with Global captures and/or Raiding enemy land.
    4. The Crime Lord and Henchman jobs are not to assist either Jedi or Sith.
    5. The Crime Lord and Henchman jobs cannot raid Sith/Jedi temples.

    The rules can change at anytime, all changes will be announced through our discord - https://discord.gg/p7hvjKW





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